7 Swimming Scholarships in Canada

If you are a swimmer who wants to go pro and still earn a reputable degree then you should consider applying for one of the swimming scholarships in Canada. You need not go through the hassle of searching for these scholarships as they have all been curated here. All you need to do is read through and apply for the one that suits you best.

Swimming is one of the most popular and successful sports in Canada. The sport – swimming – is also common in nearly every Canadian college allowing students to participate and win scholarships, titles, and other awards. Aside from these awards, varsity swimming also gives student-athletes the opportunity to go pro while earning a reputable degree.

Nearly every varsity sport in Canada offers scholarships although some are limited compared to others like basketball for example there are way more basketball scholarships in Canada compared to cricket scholarships. As for swimming scholarships, there is a substantial number of them.

The swimming scholarships in Canada, which I have discussed in this article, are usually provided by athletic organizations and associations, universities, and other individuals through donations. You can apply for any swimming and general athletics scholarships that come from any of the sources mentioned above.

Also, the swimming scholarships in Canada curated here are from the above sources. However, you have to meet their requirements to qualify for them.

Requirements to Apply for Swimming Scholarships in Canada

Before you apply for a swimming or general athletic scholarship in Canada, you must meet the requirements below:

  • If you are entering college for the first year as a student-athlete, you must have a minimum GPA of 80% to qualify for a swimming scholarship.
  • Those already enrolled in college and want to join the varsity swimming team must acquire a minimum GPA of 65% (or 70% if you are in Ontario) to qualify for swimming scholarships.
  • Exceptional athletic performance and excellent academic performance/record are major criteria to qualify for the scholarships and contribute to the amount of scholarship that the student-athlete will receive.

Swimming scholarships are disbursed at the discretion of the coach. To also know about any available scholarship for swimming, you may talk to your coach to assess your chances.

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How Much are Swimming Scholarships in Canada

The value of a swimming scholarship in Canada depends on the type of scholarship that you get. If you get a full-ride swimming scholarship then the fund will cover the entire cost of your tuition and study materials for the duration of your degree program at the university.

However, if you get a partially-funded swimming scholarship it will pay some of your scholarship for an academic year and you will have to cover the remainder.

For the sake of clarity, swimming scholarships in Canada may range from $500 to full-ride.

Participating in varsity swimming does not limit you to applying for only swimming scholarships. You may apply for other general athletic scholarships and also for other scholarships, bursaries, and grants whose requirements you meet. In essence, you can apply for a swimming scholarship in Canada while also applying for a computer science scholarship if you want to study computer science in Canada.

How to Apply for Swimming Scholarships in Canada

Note that you must have been accepted into a degree program at an accredited college/university in Canada and have joined the school’s swimming team before you can have the chance to apply for a swimming scholarship. You may also qualify to apply as a high school senior but with active participation in your school’s swimming competition.

The following are the requirements to apply:

  • Talk to your coach or a professional swimming coach concerning your aspiration. The coach will assess your chances of receiving a swimming scholarship.
  • Ensure that you apply to a Canadian institution that meets your academic and athletic needs.
  • Get high scores in standardized tests like SAT/ACT, IELTS, etc.
  • Create your swimming portfolio which may include photos and videos which you will present as part of the application for the scholarship.
  • Gather other necessary materials which may include transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, essay, and a personal statement.
  • Complete the scholarship application form

 These are general requirements for swimming scholarships in Canada, some of the requirements here may not be needed while more may be added. Speak with your coach.

swimming scholarships in Canada

Swimming Scholarships in Canada

As I mentioned earlier, swimming scholarships in Canada are offered by swimming associations, universities, swimming organizations, and donations from the public. Below are these scholarships:

  • SFU Swim Endowments
  • The University of Toronto Varsity Blues Swimming Scholarships
  • The University of Calgary Swimming Award
  • Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
  • Character Athletes Awards
  • SFU Athletic General Endowments
  • McGill University Athletic Awards

1.     SFU Swim Endowments

Simon Fraser University (SFU) one of the top Canadian universities is offering high school seniors who want to swim at college level to apply at one of the top universities in the world and be placed on a scholarship. However, you must meet the requirements I mentioned above, demonstrating excellent academic performance, high standards of leadership, and athletic ability.

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2.     The University of Toronto Varsity Blues Swimming Scholarships

Here is another chance to earn a reputable degree from a world-class institution and never worry about tuition for the entire duration of your undergraduate studies. The University of Toronto Varsity Blues Swimming Scholarships offers 19 scholarships annually to incoming students with an 80% grade 12 mark who were swimmers in their former school and want to join the swimming team at U of T.

To be eligible for the scholarship in subsequent years, students must have at least a 70% average. The maximum scholarship value is $4,000.

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3.     The University of Calgary Swimming Award

International and domestic students can win the University of Calgary Swimming Award provided they meet the 80% required GPA for new students or 65% for transfer students. Current students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the previous fall and winter sessions as full-time students at the University of Calgary.

It is an internal scholarship and is offered every year.

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4.     Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) in memory of Brian Maxwell, a former distance runner, wrestler, basketball guard, and entrepreneur. The scholarship is awarded annually to three male and three female student-athletes who want to further their education at a Canadian college or university.

You can also apply for this scholarship if you are on a swimming team or want to join a swimming varsity team. The scholarship recipients are selected by coaches. The value of the scholarship is $5,000 for each winner. It is offered annually and the application deadline may vary.

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5.     Character Athletes Awards

Character Athletes Awards is offered by OFSAA to two male and two female student-athletes who embody the values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect, and sportsmanship of OFSAA. You can apply for this award if you are competing in an individual or team high school sport.

The award is offered annually and winners will receive a $500 grant, a profile in the OFSAA Bulletin magazine, a website, and a seasonal e-newsletter. Only teacher-coach must nominate winners, applications from students will not be reviewed.

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6.     SFU Athletic General Endowments

The Athletic General Endowments from SFU provides athletic scholarships to student-athletes competing across all sports at SFU which also include swimmers. So, swimmers at SFU who need a scholarship can apply for one through this endowment. The requirements include leadership qualities and outstanding academic performance.

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7.     McGill University Athletic Awards

McGill University provides athletic awards to sponsor the education of student-athletes competing in all sports at the university. Whether you are entering or enrolled in an undergraduate program you can apply for this scholarship as long as you meet the specified athletic criteria.

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 There are 7 swimming scholarships in Canada discussed here but there could be more that may not be on the internet, so, speak with your coach.