12 Best Prep School Basketball Scholarships

Prep school students looking to play basketball in college will find vital information in this blog post that will guide them to study on a basketball scholarship.

High school athletes who compete in a sport that represents their school are seriously hoping to get an athletic scholarship that will finance their college education. And they can get an athletic scholarship if they continue participating in competitions that bring success to the school team and all the while maintaining good grades.

Every student-athletes have an opportunity to get a full-ride athletic scholarship or a partially-funded one depending on certain factors such as the college they apply to and their performance in academics and in that particular sport. Athletic scholarships are available in nearly, if not all, varsity sports but the most common can be found in basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and hockey.

An athletic scholarship can finance your college education while you play sports then when you graduate you are left with a reputable degree and an opportunity to become a professional player in that particular sport. Aside from the financing, athletic scholarships bring reputation and recognition to the recipient which can get the attention of coaches and pro players from top teams.

These and many more are the reasons why high school athletes seek athletic scholarships by all means.

Now, when it comes to basketball, one of the most popular sports in the world, there are thousands of basketball scholarships offered annually by colleges and organizations from around the world and they are highly competitive as well as selective. Colleges that offer basketball scholarships want to select the best student-athletes that can skillfully combine their academics whilst representing the school in varsity competitions.

If you wish to study on a basketball scholarship, meet up with the requirements and criteria, and prepare yourself for the tough journey ahead then you should consider enrolling in prep school. A prep school or college preparatory school is a private school that prepares high school graduates for their college journey.

A college-prep school can also prepare future college athletes academically and athletically, grooming them to satisfy the requirements and criteria for athletic scholarships. Although prep schools can be costly they offer incredible benefits to college-bound students. Attending prep school is a sure way of getting accepted into your dream school and being considered for an entrance or athletic scholarship.

The truth is that there are no prep school basketball scholarships or any athletic scholarships for that matter offered by prep schools. Although there are sports scholarships for high school athletes offered by various high schools but prep schools, in particular, do not offer sports scholarships, rather they prepare students academically and athletically to be eligible for sports scholarships in college since the major requirement to be selected for a basketball scholarship are excellent academic performance and outstanding athletic ability.

However, there are countless scholarships for prep schools but they are offered solely based on the need to support low-income families who wish to send their child to a prep school but cannot afford the cost. So, in this article, you will find a list of colleges and other organizations offering basketball scholarships to help you decide on which school you will be applying for at the end of your prep school.

To that effect, you must know what and what is involved in applying for a basketball scholarship to help you prepare ahead of time.

What are the Requirements for Basketball Scholarship?

As I mentioned earlier, the main requirements for a basketball scholarship are excellent academic performance and athletic ability. But that is not all, there are certain documents you must provide as part of your application for a basketball scholarship. These other requirements are:

  • A portfolio containing images and videos of your basketball performance and achievements
  • References from your coach and teacher
  • Academic transcripts from previous institutions
  • A student visa or student permit for international students.
  • Essay and or personal statement

The above documents are submitted as part of the application then coaches and the institution’s admissions office will review and determine which of their recruited students will be awarded scholarships and ultimately gain acceptance into the university.

How to Get a Basketball Scholarship

  • Begin the application process for basketball scholarship early preferably while you are in the 8th grade
  • Talk with your current coach and also with the college coaches of your preferred institution
  • Maintain good grades
  • Visit as many schools as you can and do further research on the schools you want to attend to ensure they meet your athletic and academic needs.
  • Create a portfolio of your basketball highlight
  • Provide multiple references
  • Be ahead of deadlines
prep school basketball scholarships

Prep School Basketball Scholarships

As I mentioned earlier, there are no prep school basketball scholarships rather prep schools prepare high school athletes to be able to meet up with the requirements of an athletic scholarship in college. Instead, I have provided a list of basketball scholarships that prep school students can apply for while in prep school.

The list here contains both colleges and organizations offering basketball scholarships that high school graduates and prep school students looking to play varsity basketball can apply for. Let’s get started…

1.     Carling Muir Award for Determination, Courage, and Resilience

The Carling Muir Award for Determination, Courage, and Resilience is a basketball scholarship in Canada that offers $2,000 to support the education of a student-athlete who is newly enrolled in a university or college in British Columbia. The award is open to all student who shows incredible athletic performance and is in good academic standing.

Candidates are also selected if they show exceptional ethics, perseverance, and team dedication. It is an annual scholarship open to both international and domestic students.

2.     Kentucky Men’s Basketball Scholarship

This is one of the best basketball scholarships in the US and it is available to student-athletes from every part of the world. The scholarship awards $20,000 per semester to winners and is directed towards tuition and other expenses. This is an amazing reward for prep school athletes who have been attending basketball training and participating in basketball events in the past year at their school.

This scholarship is from the University of Kentucky so if you must apply then you must be seeking admission or have already been accepted into the institution and also into the men’s basketball team. There are also other need-based and merit-based scholarships offered by the university for you to check out.

3.     Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program is a popular sports scholarship program in the US that offers an annual $20,000 reward for high school athletes to support their college education. You will apply for the scholarship while in high school or prep school but it will only be activated when you enter an accredited college. The program aims to recognize and reward high school athletes for their athletic performance.

The program awards scholarships across any sport which also covers basketball and it presents a huge opportunity for prep school athletes who have been participating actively in basketball events in the past year to finally get a huge reward. To be selected among the winners, applicants must possess strong leadership skills in their chosen sports – basketball in this case – whether at their schools or within their communities and be in good academic standing with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Foot Locker award is also open to only citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Only 20 students are selected for the award but it is an annual program so if you do not get it this year, work harder and apply again next year.

4.     The Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Scholarship

The Virginia Cavaliers varsity basketball team of the University of Virginia and has a reputation for winning one NCAA championship, three ACC Tournament titles, and two NIT titles. From its achievement, this is the dream school/team of every high school basketball athlete in the US and to top it all, they offer scholarships.

Since the team is under the NCAA Division 1, they provide 13 full-ride athletic scholarships to high school athletes joining the team as well as to returning students. Aside from the regulated scholarship, there are also about 12 endowments offered to each basketball player who meets the requirements.

5.     TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award

Here is another scholarship that can support your dream of playing basketball in college whilst studying for a world-class degree at your preferred institution. The TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award is not tied to any specific college, it is applied at any college of your choosing but you will start applying for the scholarship while in high school.

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates kindness, compassion, or sportsmanship and has a minimum high school GPA of 3.25 on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent. If you don’t know where your GPA lies, simply speak with your coach or teacher. Other documents required include a high school transcript, a written statement, and two written references.

6.     The University of Essex Basketball Scholarship

The University of Essex Basketball Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for high school athletes who wish to study on a basketball scholarship in the UK. Of course, this means you will have to apply for admission into the University of Essex and intend to join the varsity basketball team to be eligible for the basketball scholarship.

The scholarship is open to UK and non-UK citizens. All applicants are required to submit a portfolio containing images and videos of their basketball performance so that the Head Coach and Admissions Office can assess their chances of getting the basketball scholarship.

This scholarship is for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Undergraduates will receive £2,500 and a fee reduction of 25% while postgraduates will also receive £2,500 and a fee reduction of 100%.

7.     Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship

Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship is offered annually to a Jewish male or female participating in a high school sport like basketball and intending to attend college. You can apply if you are homeschooled, or attending a private or public school, of course, those in prep school can equally apply. Applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and intend to keep playing basketball in college.

The scholarship award is $550 and is not tied to a particular university or college. Application requirements materials include a complete application form, a photo of yourself, and one recommendation letter from your coach, teacher, or rabbi.

8.     Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for female student-athletes between the ages of 13 and 24. Whether you are in prep school, high school, technical school, or college but as long as you are a female that plays basketball or any sports for that matter you can apply for the Girls Up Sports for a P

Girl Up is an initiative that focuses on equity for girls and women in spaces where they are underrepresented. As part of its goal to support young girls and women around the world through financial awards, the initiative launched the Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship awarded to female athletes.

9.     NSHS Student-Athlete Scholarships

NSHS stands for National Society of High School Scholars, it is a society established in 2002 to support young students looking to continue their education into college and beyond. The society has over 2 million scholars from more than 170 countries and counting.

As part of its mission to recognize and honor outstanding high school students, NSHS offers an annual $2,000 scholarship award to ten high school athletes with exemplary excellence and passion for their respective sports. To apply, you must be within grades 9—12 with a minimum of 3.5 GPA or higher, be recommended by a teacher, and write a 500 – 800-word essay, academic resume, current transcript, color headshot photographs, pictures, and/or videos of your leadership in action.

If you meet the above requirements and play basketball in high school, you can apply for the NSHS Student Athlete Scholarships and get free funding to support your college education.

10.  The University of Michigan Basketball Scholarship

The University of Michigan basketball team is one of the best in the US for winning an NCAA championship, two NIT titles, 14 Big Ten Conference, and two Big 10 Tournament. It is a Division 1 school and thus provides an annual 13 full-ride scholarship. You already know that this college would be a competitive one to get into and to win one of the full-ride sports scholarships.

The basketball scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, athletic performance and potential, and talents. The application requirements for the basketball scholarship at U-M include high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and registration in the NCAA Eligibility Center. You must be applying to the University of Michigan and have an intent to join the basketball team to apply for the basketball scholarship.

11.  Derby University Basketball Scholarship

Here is another opportunity for you to study in the UK on a basketball scholarship. High-achieving athletes with good academic performance can apply for the above-named scholarship and get a financial award of £6,000 and other support services.

This is also one of the best basketball scholarships in Europe for UK, EU, and international student-athletes. Remember that you must be applying for admission into Derby University and intend to join the basketball team to be considered for the award.

12.  Duke University Basketball Scholarship

Duke University has one of the best varsity basketball programs in the US. Its basketball team, the Blue Devils, has won 5 NCAA Championships, has 71 players in the NBA Draft, and 11 players named as the National Player of the Year. This is a team and a university that high school athletes wish to join.  

Basketball scholarships are available for members of the Blue Devils but the selection process is highly competitive. There is no application for this scholarship, recipients are selected when the Head Coach informs the Office of Admissions about their proposed candidate for the scholarship then the candidate will be notified about their admission into the scholarship program.

These are basketball scholarships that prep school students can apply for and due to how well they are prepared, there is a high chance that they can qualify for the award.

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