Top 17 Boarding Schools in England for International Students

There are several boarding schools in England for international students whether you’re looking for schools that could provide quality education to your kids(s), schools that have ethical moral standards, or even those that offer the best of extracurricular activities. England is home to several reputable schools and universities that have captured the interest of several people around the world.

Also, most of their boarding schools offer three options for students, which include Termly, Weekly, and Flexi boarding. It allows you to decide if your kid will stay the whole term, choose to come home on weekends, or have flexible accommodation.

Also, these schools provide rigorous education plus a wide variety of extracurricular activities so that students will have a balanced life while studying. Moreover, if you’re a Canadian student, there are some scholarships you can take advantage of to study in the UK, or you can even take advantage of one of these tuition-free universities in Ireland for foreign students. If you or your kid would want to move to another country like the United States for their college, going through some of their cheapest (but most prestigious) universities should give you a headstart.

One of the interesting things about these boarding schools is that most of them are just a 20 to 40 minutes drive away from Central London, which is a perfect destination for weekend excursions.

boarding schools in England for international students
Boarding Schools in England for international students

Can International Students Attend Boarding Schools in England?

Yes, most boarding schools in England open their doors to international students from different countries, and we have a list of some of these schools.

Boarding Schools in England for International Students

1. Wycliffe International Boarding School

Wycliffe welcomes more than 150 international pupils from the age of seven to nineteen from 30 different countries to their schools. A lovely and unique thing about this school is how small (but elegant) the size of the school is, all their pupils are just 650, and it makes them easily know and rapport with each other.

Some of the subjects your kid(s) will study in this school include English, Science, History, Geography, Information Computer Technology, Drama, Art, Music, Maths and Religious Studies, etc.

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2. Slindon College

This is among the boarding schools in England for international students that offer extra support to boys aged 8-18 with additional learning needs. The school provides 3 boarding options; Termly, Weekly, and Flexi.

Also, the number of Pupils in their classes are maximum of 10, this helps them to learn properly and also know each other.

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3. Rossall School

This is another boarding school in England that welcomes international students from more than 65 different countries and they provide tailored EAL tuition and programmes designed for these students. Depending on your son or daughter’s level of English, Rossall provides courses that match them.

At their boarding, the school provides access to medical centres, excellent facilities, close supervision from staff, etc. Your child can also decide to board as a Flexi, weekly, or full boarder.

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4. Mill Hill International

Mill Hill has 4 boarding houses and they are occupied by 195 full and weekly boarders from both Mill Hill School and Mill Hill International. The school is also not far from Central London, a 30-minute ride can get you there, which allows your kid(s) to explore the beauties of London.

They also organize fun and exciting trips to London. The school values their boarders’ views and opinions, this makes them regularly ask their thoughts on several issues.

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5. Brentwood School

This is among the best boarding schools in England for international students that provides full and weekly boarding for 13 to 18-year-olds in comfortable houses where experienced husband and wife teams ensure the best possible care for all the boarders. The school is also 40 minutes away from Central London, which of course opens the door to exploration.

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6. Queenswood School

Queenswood School welcomes girls from several countries, and the good thing is that foreign pupils still go through the same assessment process as those candidates who are residents of the UK. But if your daughter speaks English as an additional language, then she needs to submit an EAL (English as an Additional Language) result.

The school offers full boarding, weekly, Flexi, and occasional boarding.

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7. David Game College

David Game College provides both their UK Citizens and international students exceptional academic and pastoral support. Their boarders explore on weekend tours in surrounding areas including London.

Also, the school and their teachers care deeply about the well-being, academic and social progress of each student, that’s why they provide each student with an individual tutor.

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8. Westminster School

Westminster School easily fits on our list of top boarding schools in England for international students due to its reputation as one of the world’s foremost of academic excellence. The school only allows international students in the Sixth Form to board, but pupils in the lower school, i.e. from 9 to 11 years old are not allowed to board.

If your kid is more than 16 years, their application process is almost the same as for a UK-based pupil.

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9. St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School is an all-boys school that develops excellent students who are mostly admitted to Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities or equivalent. The school is also selected among the top 10 Secondary for Academic Results by The Sunday Times.

Most of their international boarders are senior boys who join as full boarders at 16+ for their Level studies. Year 9 boarders are still welcome, but only as weekly boarders.

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10. Marymount International School London

This is an independent Catholic day and boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18, that is fully committed to the academic, emotional, spiritual, and social development of its students. Furthermore, the school is among the top 10% globally and has recorded a 100% pass rate.

To ensure that boarders enjoy their stay, during weekends they usually go on a variety of excursions, whether it’s to central London, to the trampoline park or swimming, which are just a few of some of the places they can go.

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11. Kensington Park School

Kensington Park School doesn’t only provide a comfortable boarding school, they also provide an excellent education for both its citizens and international students. Recently, their year 11 and 13 came out with outstanding GCSE and A Levels results.

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12. DLD College London

This is among the boarding schools in England for international students that provide high-quality education, top-notch Learning facilities, Boarding house facilities, Gym services, and Extracurricular facilities. The level of education DLD College London provides makes it easy for students to easily join one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

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13. Taunton School

Taunton School is among the best boarding schools in England that opened its doors to international students for more than 100 years. Depending on your kid(s) age and level of English, he or she will enter the Pre-Prep, Prep, Senior or International Schools, where they offer the greatest range of educational pathways at the secondary level.

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14. LVS Ascot Private School

Depending on international students’ goals and dreams, they can fully enrol on their mainstream programmes, such as GCSE and A-level courses or design an individual programme combining EAL study with elements of the mainstream courses.

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15. Moorland

Moorland has a very strong vision of ensuring that every child achieves their true academic, social and emotional potential within a secure and happy family environment. The school has 3 boarding houses to accommodate several age ranges of boarding students.

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16. Bishopstrow College

This is an independent international boarding school offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry to leading boarding schools.

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17. Royal Alexandra and Albert School

This is a mixed boarding school that offers several extracurricular activities including sports, music, drama, and clubs and organisations.

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These are not the only boarding schools in England for international students, but we consider these as the necessary schools to give you and or your kid(s) exactly what you need. You can still do your research, and if possible visit them to ensure you’re handling your child to the right school.

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