17 Cheapest Community Colleges in USA for International Students

One of the reasons I love most of these cheapest community colleges in USA for international students is that they still provide the quality education you deserve. Though their highest degree is mostly a 2-year associate degree, what you can do if you intend to get your bachelor’s degree is complete the associate program then transfer to a 4-year higher education and complete the remaining 2 years.

Another interesting thing is that most, or even all of these community colleges have partner universities that help you to easily transfer there. By starting your higher education in community college it saves you a lot of money which increases your chances of graduating debt-free.

For you to even reduce your expenses further, it’s advisable to get your textbooks from cheap college websites or even take advantage of government scholarships, which can even cover your complete tuition fee. If you intend to get one of these scholarships, it would be nice if you also know the right grades you need to acquire them.

Before we list these cheapest community colleges in USA for international students, let’s first understand what a community college is, then we understand if international students are allowed to study in community colleges. We’ll also see how as an international student, you can join community colleges, then finally, list these colleges.

What is a Community College in the USA?

A community college is more like your typical public institution, but the difference is that their highest degree is usually an associate degree program, and they are more affordable than the usual higher education. They mostly receive state and local government funds, which help them to reduce their fees.

One special thing you should note is that most of these community colleges accept almost all students that have completed their GED.

Can International Students Study in Community Colleges in the USA?

Yes, international students are admitted to most – perhaps all community colleges in the United States.

How to Join a US Community College as an International Student

Here are some steps you need to follow to join a community college in the United States.

  • First of all, you need to complete the school’s admission application
  • Secondly, you need to submit all application documents required by the college such as;
    • Your high school record or graduation certificate.
    • An affidavit of support
    • Financial documents
    • A copy of your passport photo page
  • Also, you need to submit English language proficiency test results
cheapest community colleges in usa for international students

Cheapest Community Colleges in USA for International Students

1. Garden City Community College (Kansas)

GCCC don’t only provide very affordable education to both their citizens and international students, they also provide scholarships and financial aid to even reduce their fees further.

Residents of Kansas$118 per credit
Out-of-State Residents$137 per credit
International Students$155 per credit

2. El Paso Community College (Texas)

El Paso Community College is one of the cheapest community colleges in USA for international students that provide more than 130+ programs and more than 300 continuing education courses you can choose from. Another interesting thing about the college is that 74% of its students receive financial aid. 

Residents of Texas$116 per credit
Out-of-State Residents$201 per credit
International Students$201 per credit

3. Dallas County Community College District (Texas)

Dallas College is one of the largest community colleges in Texas. Since 1965, they have helped almost 3 million people on their educational journey. They provide more than 300 academic and technical degrees and certificates, plus more than 100 high-demand career programs and training.

Residents of Texas$135 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$200 per credit

4. Indian River State College (Florida)

Indian River State College doesn’t just provide affordable education, but they are also recognized for its excellence, such as winning the prestigious Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence for the 3rd time.

Residents of Florida$103.83 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$390.49 per credit

5. Valencia College (Florida)

Valencia College offers more than 100 programs of study to international students. More than 50 of them are degree programs such as General Studies, Engineering, Hospitality Management/Tourism, Business, and Information Technology.

Residents of Florida$103.06 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$390.96 per credit

6. Hillsborough Community College (Florida)

Besides being one of the cheapest community colleges in USA for international students, HCC also performs tremendously in athletics – for athletics lovers.

Residents of Florida$104.39 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$379.61 per credit

7. Palm Beach State College (Florida)

For the past 90 years, Palm Beach State College has been providing excellent education to its students. Growing from three classrooms and 41 local students to five campuses and more than 40,000 students from more than 150 countries.

Residents of Florida$101 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$363 per credit

8. Santa Fe College (Florida)

Santa Fe College is one of the most affordable community colleges in Florida for international students that provides some of the best students. They have an 84% Current SF Overall Student Success Rate, and they are #1 In the U.S. for Workforce Development by 2030.

Residents of Florida$106.77 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$382.90 per credit

9. Broward College (Florida)

Broward College is one of the few community colleges in Florida that provide a Bachelor’s degree. Some of them include;

  • B.Sc in Aerospace Science
  • B.Sc in Information Technology
  • BAS in Nursing
  • BAS in Technology Management
Residents of Florida$117.90 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$373.00 per credit

10. CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College (New York)

BMCC accepts several students from more than 155 countries, and they provide several programs in their 19 departments which include Accounting, Business Management, English, Computer Information Systems, Music and Art, Nursing, Teacher Education, etc.

Residents of New York$ 210 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$ 320 per credit

11. City College of San Francisco (California)

CCSF provides more than 300 degrees and certificates to enable you to reach your career goals. They still provide different kinds of financial aid and scholarships to complement their low cost of education.

Residents of California$290 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$358 per credit

12. Los Angeles City College (California)

This is one of the most affordable community colleges in USA for international students that provide Career & Academic Pathways in fields like Business, Entrepreneurship, & Law; Health Science; Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM); Visual Arts & Design, etc.

Out-of-State/International Students$332 per credit

13. Montgomery College (Maryland)

MC has become so competent and popular in their level of education that 97% of first-year students recommend Montgomery College to their friends and family. Also, the college is ranked as the #1 most diverse community college in the continental US.

Residents of Maryland$201.00 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$467.80 per credit

14. Houston Community College (Texas)

To add to the low tuition Houston Community College provides, they still provide scholarships, and even work-study programs that can help you to further reduce their fees.

Residents of Texas$107.50 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$322 per credit

15. Northern Virginia Community College (Virginia)

NOVA easily earned its spot among the cheapest community colleges in USA for international students due to the additional financial aid they provide. NOVA provides an average of $7,298 in financial aid to its students.

Residents of Virginia$180.40 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$359.65 per credit

16. Community College of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

This college is known to stay current with trends in its regional job market, which helps to ensure the quality and relevance of its programs. That means everything you learn aligns with the demands of our society.

Residents of Philadelphia$159 per credit
Other Pennsylvanians$318 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$477 per credit

17. Tulsa Community College (Oklahoma)

Due to how affordable TCC is, 67% of their graduates complete it without owing any debt, this is not just for the sake of their cheap tuition rate, but also for the level of scholarships they provide.

Residents of Oklahoma$116 per credit
Out-of-State/International Students$341.55 per credit


Please note that these fees can vary depending on the field of study you’re choosing. Also, they are subject to change as time passes, so it’s recommended to visit their website to confirm their current fee.

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