Top 8 Medical Schools in Philadelphia (Plus their Fees)

Outside the fact that Philly has some of the best medical schools in the United States, and the world, this state still has other academic history like building the world’s first electronic computer at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. The medical schools in Philadelphia provide remarkable education and research work to students who either want to join the world of producing groundbreaking discoveries or join medical practitioners to take care of patients.

Philadelphia has a century-long history of producing excellent medical education, whether through online programs, on-campus, or on-field research work. Moreover, graduating from these schools has a promising career, you might desire to focus on medical professions that will make you happy.

In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the most prominent medical universities in Philly, also highlighting some of their special strengths and the cost of study in each of them. But first, let’s know if Philadelphia really has a good medical school, then understand how many medical schools they have, before we list these schools.

Does Philadelphia have Good Medical Schools?

Yes they do, they have several amazing medical schools. For instance, UPenn Medical School and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are the 3rd best and 11th best medical schools in the United States respectively according to U.S. News and World Report.

How Many Medical Schools Are in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia doesn’t have so many medical schools especially when compared to New York with 17, there are about 9 medical schools in Philadelphia.

medical schools in Philadelphia

Medical Schools in Philadelphia

1. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Average Tuition Fee of UPenn Medical School (MD): $65,940

UPenn Medical School is one of the best places to study Medicine in the world, no wonder they are ranked the 3rd best medical school: research, by U.S. News and World Report, behind Harvard University, and Johns Hopkins University. This shows that the annual $982 Million sponsored on medical research to better understand the fundamental mechanism of disease which leads to more precise and personalized treatments is not in vain.

UPenn Medical School is among the medical schools in Philadelphia that have different interesting departments like Biochemistry and Biophysics, Cancer Biology, Neurology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, Radiology, etc.

2. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh

  • Average Tuition Fee: $61,194

This is among the medical universities in Philadelphia that are popularly recognized for their research prowess; they are ranked as the 13th best medical schools in research by U.S. News Rankings. Some of their programs include;

  • MD Program
  • MD/PhD Program
  • Physician Scientist Training Program
  • Clinical Scientist Training Program

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3. Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Average Tuition Fee for Doctor of Medicine: $31,282

What makes Drexel University College of Medicine so special is its approach to flipped classrooms, where you have to do your personal study then when in class you’ll work on live problem-solving with your classmates. Through this strategy, it made their students tackle their studies at their own pace, and to now come to class with better knowledge, armed with questions, and confidence to share their knowledge with both their classmates and faculty.

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4. Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

  • Average Tuition Fee for Doctor of Medicine: $54,340

This medical school is known to be Pennsylvania’s first co-educational medical school. Some of their undergraduate medical programs include; 

  • Biomedical Sciences Program
  • Physician Assistant Program
  • Narrative Medicine Program, etc.

They also accept 200 students who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated a commitment to serving others to pursue their Doctor of Medicine program.

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5. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Average Tuition Fee for Osteopathic Medicine (DO): $19,828

This is among the few Osteopathic medical schools in Philadelphia that are training healthcare professionals to see the whole person—not just the symptoms. And they have been doing this since 1899.

Their focus is on preventative health—developing attitudes and lifestyles that help prevent disease—as part of our comprehensive approach to providing high-quality, holistic care.

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6.  Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Penn State University College of Medicine provides MD programs in the curriculum such as the patient navigator program and a longitudinal humanities curriculum. The school also provides Three-Year MD Accelerated Pathways, which gives you the chance to complete medical school in three years with a directed pathway into one of Penn State’s residency programs.

Furthermore, they provide combined degrees, such as the JD/MPH joint degree, JD/DrPH joint degree, MD/Ph.D. Program, MD/MBA, MD/MPH, Ph.D./MBA.

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7. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

  • Average Tuition Fee for Undergraduates: $43,100
  • For Doctor of Medicine (MD): $61,520

This is one of the medical schools in Philadelphia that has been training future medical leaders for 2 centuries and has fortunately awarded more than 31,000 medical degrees. Also, they claim to have more living graduates than any other private medical school in the United States.

One of the reasons I love them is their balanced approach to Medical College, and not just me, several aspirants do the same, that’s why approximately one out of four to one out of five applicants throughout the U.S. apply to Sidney Kimmel.

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8. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science

  • Average Tuition Fee: $51,140

The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science is home to programs in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmacology and toxicology. It was the first college of Pharmacy in North America and has produced some of the students that built top Pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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Even though medical schools in Philadelphia are not so much, they are recognized for their quality education and groundbreaking research works. 

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