6 Cosmetology Grants for Single Mothers

There have been so many quotes and speeches regarding turning your dreams into reality. But, one thing we can’t ignore is the fact that all fingers are not equal.

A child that grew up in a financially balanced home already has an advantage over someone that grew up in a low-income family. The former will find it easier to go to school, while the latter might need to depend on scholarships, grants, or any other form of financial aid to go to a good school.

It even gets tougher for a single mom that has her kid(s) to take care of, and she still desperately wants to pursue her dreams but the cost of doing so is high. 

First of all, we respect your effort thus far, and for that reason have decided to compile this list of cosmetology grants for single mothers, which will enable you to pay part of your fees. Moreover, there are still other beauty school scholarships that can go a long way to reduce your educational financial burden.

So, let’s go ahead to list these grants.

cosmetology grants for single mothers
cosmetology grants for single mothers

Cosmetology Grants for Single Mothers

One thing you should note before going through these grants is that both grants and scholarships are almost the same things because none of them requires a refund of the collected money. Here is the list of these grants;

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Beauty Changes Lives Grants and Scholarships
  • Esthetics Entrepreneur Award
  • Keller International Grant
  • The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation
  • Sally Beauty Scholarship

1. Federal Pell Grant

The lovely thing about the Federal Pell Grant is that it can be used in any educational program, but the unspoken word is that you should expect it to be competitive. Either way, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible.

Since this is a grant, you don’t need to repay the funds, and the maximum amount each awardee can receive in this grant is $6,895. 

This is one of the cosmetology grants for single mothers that depends on your financial need, costs to attend school, status as a full-time or part-time student, and plans to attend school for a full academic year or less. We know most Single moms attend cosmetology school part-time, so this grant is also convenient for them.

So the grant is strictly for Single undergraduate moms who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree.

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2. Beauty Changes Lives Grants and Scholarships

Beauty Changes Lives provides lots of scholarships and cosmetology grants for both single moms and other students interested in cosmetology. One of the reasons I love this company is that they always add new beauty scholarships, so even if you’re not eligible for any of their recent scholarships, you can still check again a few weeks or a month later.

Some of the recent scholarships include;

  • Bipoc Cosmetology/Barbering Student Scholarship: which is worth $5,000 and $15,000
  • The Arnold M. Miller | Find-a-Way Scholarship which awards up to $15,000
  • The L’Oréal Pro “Inspiration Through Education” Scholarship worth $5,000
  • L’Oréal Pro – Elevate Salon Institute Cosmetology Student Scholarship worth $5,000
  • L’Oréal Pro Empowering Diversity Scholarship worth $5,000
  • JCS Beauty “Nourish & Shine” BIPOC Cosmetology Scholarships worth $5,000

3. Esthetics Entrepreneur Award

The Esthetics Entrepreneur Award is one of the grants provided by Bioelements, a clinical skin company that was established in 1991. Their aim is towards estheticians pursuing a professional skin care entrepreneurship.

For single moms to be eligible for the grant, they need to;

  • Have an esthetics or cosmetology license
  • Be located in the USA
  • Be 18 years and above
  • Be opening a NEW esthetic spa business within the next 6 months after receiving the award. (this award is not open to those who currently own an esthetics spa business and carry a different skincare line)
  • Show proof of lease agreement upon being selected as a winner

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4. Keller International Grant

The Keller International Grant or Scholarship is awarded to one cosmetology, barber, nail, or esthetician student each year to support their educational journey. Whichever school the applicant is choosing has to be within the continental United States, and the grant is worth $1,500.

5. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation

This is another cosmetology grant for single mothers, low-income women, and children that was established in 2003. It was created in memory of Patsy Takemoto Mink who was the first woman of color elected to the US House of Representatives.

6. Sally Beauty Scholarship

The Sally Beauty Scholarship is one of the scholarships for the beauty industry majoring in cosmetology, that awards annually seven $1000 scholarships to high school students interested in cosmetology and six $500 scholarships to industry professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

The downside of this grant is that the applicant needs to be under 26 years old, so if you’re a single mother above that age, you can try other grants or scholarships we have provided.


You can see that there are not so many cosmetology grants for single mothers, and some of the ones we have provided can also be applied by other students. If you have information regarding more cosmetology grants for single moms you can let us know in the comment session.

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