Ulta Beauty Scholarship Requirements And Application

Have you been nursing the idea of studying in the beauty industry using Ulta Beauty Scholarship? Then this post is for you. This article gives a full view of everything you need to know concerning the scholarship. It also covers the scholarship requirements and application criteria like who is eligible to apply, the award value, duration, degree type, etc.

It is a common thing today for people to give up on their dreams especially when it comes to career achievement. This can be caused by many things but most times, financial incapability takes the lead.

The students interested in the beauty industry are not left out on this as the cost of studying to become a licensed professional has never been an easy job. However, instead of opting out due to financial issues, it is good to know that there are many financial aid options where you can study freely without paying the tuition fee yourself.

In some cases, you could even get a fully-funded scholarship where your tuition fee is not only paid but accompanied by other allowances such as travel allowances, insurance allowances, accommodation, etc.

Ulta Beauty Scholarship is one of the scholarships available for students interested in studying the beauty industry, but do not have all it takes financially. Just like we said above, all that it takes to be an awardee of the Ulta Beauty Scholarship have been carefully arranged together in this blog post.

You might ask, what is Ulta Beauty Scholarship and why should I even apply for it? Well, the answer to this question among others is what we have carefully put together in this post for you to understand fully what Ulta Beauty Scholarship is all about, where it started and how it started.

There are tons of information in the internet space which sometimes makes it easy while researching, however, getting the wanted result can really be frustrating and tedious especially when you lack direction and guidance. That is why we have put together this article to help out solving the problem; saving time and energy.

Now, if you’re interested in Ulta Beauty Scholarship, I enjoin you to take a good look at this post as we do justice to all that partakes in it.

What Is Ulta Beauty Scholarship?

The increasing rate of demand for professionals in cosmetology or esthetics programs resulted in a high increase in study fees in the beauty industry. Consequently, there was a high drop in intake of students making Ulta Beauty award scholarship for prospective or current students in cosmetology or esthetics programs.

Ulta Beauty Scholarship is one of the scholarships provided for students in the beauty industry to study stress-free without paying tuition fees and some other things themselves. The scholarship is managed and sponsored by Ulta Beauty, one of the largest retailers of hair, skin, and beauty products dedicated to improving the earning of salon professionals thereby creating a better life and accelerating growth.

Why Was Ulta Beauty Scholarship Created?

Ulta Beauty Scholarship was created and established to bridge the gap between the demand of cosmetologists, estheticians, etc., and the students pursuing a career in the beauty industry, thereby providing scholarship opportunities for students interested in the beauty industry.

Who Can Apply For Ulta Beauty Scholarship?

This is an important question to ask while applying for a scholarship opportunity to ensure you are doing the right thing.

Ulta Beauty Scholarship is open and available to students pursuing a career in the beauty industry, majoring in cosmetology or esthetics.

How Much Is The Ulta Beauty Scholarship Worth?

There are many benefits of being an awardee of Ulta Beauty Scholarship. These ranges from cash prices, tuition fees, recognitions, etc.

The worth of Ulta Beauty Scholarship is $1000 for the exclusive annual scholarship totaling $5000 as the total scholarship worth.

The scholarship sometimes also includes special trips to countries like Chicago for awards luncheon and a shopping spree at ULTA.

What Degree Level Is Ulta Beauty Scholarship For?

Ulta Beauty Scholarship is for high school students with an interest in the beauty industry, specifically in cosmetology and esthetics.

Full Requirements Of Ulta Beauty Scholarship

This section talks about the full requirements when applying for The Ulta Beauty Scholarship. It is an important thing to note when applying for scholarship opportunities.

The requirements when applying for a beauty school scholarship alongside that of Ulta Beauty Scholarship are shown below as there are just a few requirements for the Ulta Beauty Scholarship. Read through carefully.

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old.
  • Applicants must be pursuing a career in the beauty industry.
  • Applicants must be participating in community developments and leadership
  • Applicants must possess a high school certificate or GED or be in the process of completing them.
  • Applicants must apply for financial aid.
  • Applicants must be affiliated with a minority culture.
  • Applicants must provide proof of enrollment and the program must start prior to the announcement of the scholarship awardees
  • The beauty school enrolled in must be an approved school with less than 50% of the program completed.
  • Applicants must have an excellent academic record.

There are also endless opportunities for beauty industry students across different parts of the world. Some of these career opportunities are:

  • Salon stylist
  • Platform artist
  • An educator for a school or product line
  • Men’s hairstylist
  • Nail technician
  • Lash technician
  • Salon owner
  • Salon manager
  • Skincare specialist
  • Editorial stylist
  • Professional makeup artist
  • The sales consultant, etc.

How To Apply For The Ulta Beauty Scholarship?

Applying for Ulta Beauty Scholarship entails involving and participating in community developments, showing leadership qualities, and possessing a good academic record.

To apply for the Ulta Beauty Scholarship, you need to provide all necessary details such as uploading of transcripts, proof of participation in community developments, etc.

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How To Contact The Ulta Beauty Scholarship Organizers?

The Ulta Beauty Scholarship organizers and committees can be contacted or reached in case of any inquiry using their website. Click Here

Alternatively, visit their office address at Tonawanda New York, New York 14150


This section talks about the frequently asked questions that may hinder applicants from applying for the scholarship. They have been carefully highlighted and answered to help out massively.

Below are the questions and the answers. Pay rapt attention.

Which Countries Can Apply For The Ulta Beauty Scholarship?

High school students from all nations who are interested or pursuing a career in the beauty industry, specializing in cosmetology and esthetics can apply for the Ulta Beauty Scholarship, having met all the eligibility requirements.

How Do I Know When Ulta Beauty Scholarship Is Open For Application?

Ulta Beauty Scholarship is an annual scholarship, however, there is no specified opening date. Always keep in touch with the website to know when the scholarship is open for application.

What Is The Ulta Beauty Scholarship Deadline?

Just like we said above, there is also no specified date for the closure of the Ulta Beauty Scholarship.

However, when you are applying for any scholarship, it is good to start the application weeks or even months before the deadline. This will help you escape some things which might come up later when it is already approaching the deadline.

These things can be website shutdown, preference of earlier received applications, network issues, technical issues, etc.

Hence, all scholarship applicants are advised to start their application immediately after the scholarship opens to avoid some heartbreaking stories.