10 Best Football Scholarships for 16-year-olds

Here are the top football scholarships available for 16-year-olds to key into. Have you wondered if you could find anything like this before? Well, this article answers your question. Follow me closely as I unveil all you need to know about the scholarships.

The truth about this topic is that it is rare to find football scholarships at 16 while still in high school, but that does not negate the fact that there are such scholarships. Some outstanding junior players and top-notch athletes do get noticed and recruited early by great coaches who understand the game.

And because it is somewhat difficult to juggle a dual career path, these students are offered scholarships to make it easier for them to excel both in academics and sports. Today, we have tons of college athletic scholarships that students from all walks of life can key into.

In this article, we will be exploring not just the football scholarships for 16-year-olds, but the best ones they can apply to. We will also see how to position oneself in order to get scholarships as a student-athlete. This I know will go a long way in helping the 16-year-olds.

Do you know about the track and field scholarships awarded to outstanding high school students? what of the swimming scholarships? I think it is important you check them out too as you may need them.

What is a Football Scholarship?

I know you are already acquainted with this term, however, for emphasis’s sake, I would like us to look at it again. A football scholarship is simply a non-refundable money/aid/support given to a student-athlete to pay his tuition fees and others as the case may be.

It may be renewed yearly till the completion of the duration of study, and it can come in two forms which are the fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships.

How to Get a Football Scholarship as a 16-year-old?

There are certain things you need to do to position yourself for scholarships. Your skills are not enough, you also need to be noticed, and that can be done strategically. Below are some tips.

  • Do your training with clubs and camps that have a great repute for excellence in sports, especially football.
  • Keep a record of your videos or tapes showing your skills, speed, and game footage.
  • Try to tick the box of good academic grades as this will make you eligible for NCAA competitions.
  • Use your social media accounts well to engage in football brands and accounts.
  • Regularly attend competitions or camps organized by colleges you are interested in to see how they do their things.

With these tips, you are surely going to be spotted, and this will lead to a better chance of securing a scholarship even as a 16-year-old. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the various scholarships available.

Football Scholarships for 16-year-olds

Here are the various best football scholarships you can key into as a 16-year-old. I will list and give a brief overview of them so that you can gain full insight.

It is essential to note that our data is obtained from deep research about the topic from trusted sources. Do follow me closely with your undivided attention.

  • EMC Post 16 Football Scholarships
  • The Eastleigh FC Football Scholarships
  • Foundation of Light Football Scholarship
  • ProSoccerGlobal Pre-University Soccer Scholarships
  • Sheffield FC Football Scholarship
  • The UCFA Scholarship Programme
  • European Football Scholarship Programme
  • The TSC and Ursuline College Football Coaching Scholarship
  • Barking FC Scholarship
  • Cambridge United Football Scholarships

1.      EMC Post 16 Football Scholarships

EMC Post 16 Football Scholarship is the first on our list of outstanding football scholarships for 16-year-olds. This scholarship focuses on supporting 16-19-year-old students who want to make waves in football history. The scholarship provides the opportunity to train with UEFA A-standard coaches as well as assist you in completing a 2-year degree program in sports.

Other benefits of the scholarship include an international summer tour, physio sessions, nutritional programs, weight programs, access to first-class training materials, goalkeeper coaching sessions, and many others.

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2.      The Eastleigh FC Football Scholarships

This is the next on our list of football scholarships available for 16-year-olds. It is specially designed for under 17s to under 19s and aims at helping students not only to develop as footballers but also as individuals.

The scholarship program runs for a duration of about two to three years and is delivered in collaboration with other professional and Non-league football clubs. The awardees get the opportunity to garner awesome experiences that will help them greatly on and off the pitch.

It is good to note that this scholarship is fully funded.

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3.      Foundation of Light Football Scholarship

The Foundation of Light Football Scholarship is also on our list. The scholarship provides students aged between 16 to 19 years with the opportunity to represent Sunderland AFC and acquire qualifications that are both nationally and internationally recognized.

Awardees will study a full-time level 3 BTEC in sports coaching and be supervised by the Foundation’s Light’s expert education officers. The classes will run for about a period of two years coupled with practical sessions, presentations, discussions, workbooks, and others.

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4.      ProSoccerGlobal Pre-University Soccer Scholarships

Another on our list is the ProSoccerGlobal Pre-University Soccer Scholarships. This is specially designed for players around 15 to 17 years of age. The scholarship provides an opportunity to study in the UK or USA while still playing football.

The duration of the program is about 2 years, and there is a collaboration with preparatory schools across the US and the International Soccer Academy of America to offer outstanding residential programs to the students. There is also a partnership in the UK with Steven Gerrard Academy to provide residential academic learning and football programs.

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5.      Sheffield FC Football Scholarship

Sheffield FC Football Scholarship is geared at helping talented 16- 18-year-old footballers acquire awesome experiences and secure a realistic pathway into professional football even while studying. The scholarship program provides students with all it takes to excel greatly in both sports and academics.

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6.      The UCFA Scholarship Programme

The UCFA Scholarship Programme is open to students of age 16 to 18 years. It was created to help students in the Leeds area play and study at the same time in a professional environment.

The scholarship program makes it possible for students to study A-level and BTEC qualifications, as well as train with UEFA and FA outstanding coaches in first-class training facilities. The students will also go on competitions, national and regional alike.

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7.      European Football Scholarship Programme

This is another one of the best football scholarships that any 16-year-old can key into. It gears at recognizing great soccer players and offering them assistance. The scholarship comes in different tiers. They are

Tier 1 – this covers your full tuition fee, and has a loyalty reward. Tier 2 caters to 75% of your tuition fees and also pays loyalty. Tier 3 sponsors 50% of the tuition fee, while the last tier which is tier 4 covers 25%.

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8.      The TSC and Ursuline College Football Coaching Scholarship

This scholarship is available for students between 16 to 19 years who want to thrive in the football industry even while studying. The scholarship provides the opportunity for one to engage in a dual career and excel in both.

There are world-class coaches, a professional environment, and first-class training equipment available for the students. Get started with the link below.

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9.      Barking FC Scholarship

Barking Football Club in partnership with Dagenham Park School offers a football scholarship programme to students between 16-18-year-old. The program is a league A level and BTEC Education and runs for a duration of 2 years.

It is a full-time education and football development program, hence all applicants must be those who are football enthusiasts. It is good to know that the scholarship is offered based on merit as there will be playing trials to test abilities.

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10.  Cambridge United Football Scholarships

Cambridge United Football Scholarships are geared at helping students to thrive in the dual career of playing football and studying at the same time. The program is a two-year extended diploma in sports studies combined with a football development scheme.

It is good to know that the scholarship program is equivalent to three A levels, as it includes 12 different units of which 7 are mandatory. The program is run in partnership with the Cambridge United Football Club.

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You have seen that acquiring a football scholarship as a 16-year-old is very much possible as there are a lot of them available. However, you need to stand out and position yourself well, and most importantly acquire good grades that will aid you to have NCAA eligibility.

I wish you the best of luck as you apply for the scholarships that best match your interest from any of the ones I listed above.