7 Track And Field Scholarships For High School Students

If the cost of high school education is too high then it’s best you seek financial aid that will cover or offset the cost of tuition. In this blog post, I have compiled a list of track and field scholarships for high school students who are track and field athletes. These scholarships will considerably help in lowering the cost of tuition for high school and increase their chances of getting athletic awards for college.

Participating in an extracurricular activity like participating in a particular sport actually pays off. Firstly, colleges use it as a criterion for admitting new students and also to assess new incoming students for entrance awards. Secondly, you can be significantly rewarded for your participation in that particular extracurricular activity. This reward can range from anything to grants, scholarships, awards, and other prizes.

As a high school student or a parent reading this, I’m assuming you must have heard of athletic scholarships and if you haven’t, read below to see what it means.

What Are Athletic Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded across different categories and you will instantly know whom it is meant for just from the title. For instance, scholarships for women in STEM already tell you that this scholarship is meant for women who are about to study or already studying a STEM-related program. But then, there will still be further eligibility criteria and requirements that interested candidates must still meet to be awarded the scholarship for the above-named scholarship or anyone for that matter.

There are so many other types of scholarships meant for some specific people and if it is not meant for you, you don’t have to feel bad because yours exists somewhere and you just have to look harder. And that is another thing, scholarships are difficult to find but here at Scholarships to Study Abroad, we make it easier by bringing various scholarship categories under one umbrella for those who need them.

Forgive me for derailing from the main subject matter, let’s back to it. So, what are athletic scholarships?

Athletic scholarships is another category of scholarship that are awarded to students with academic excellence and outstanding athletic performance. To be awarded an athletic scholarship, you would have to be a student-athlete, that is, be part of a particular sports team in your school be it basketball, volleyball, track and field, or the swimming team, and participate in every competition representing your school.

Athletic scholarships are available both in high school and college but it is more common in college and makes much sense at that level. In fact, the majority of athletic scholarships you would see around is for college, there are very few for high school athletes but they exist.

There are general athletic scholarships whereby it doesn’t matter which sports you participate in you can be eligible for a scholarship like sports scholarships for high school students in Australia. And then there are others that are specific to a particular sport like swimming scholarships for high school students, that is, if you are not on the swimming team you need not apply for this one.

Now, this blog post is about the track and field scholarships for high school students, meaning that only high school athletes participating in track and field competitions at their respective schools can apply. The aim of the scholarship is to help finance their education while in high school and for the student-athlete who receives such a scholarship there is a high chance that you will equally get more to sponsor your college education.

Such a feat will be recorded in your transcript and any college you apply for would want to have and some may even offer you scholarships to attract you.

Requirements for Track and Field Scholarships for High School Students

  • Good academic standing, that is, have a good grade
  • Outstanding athletic ability and performance.
  • Active participation in all track and field events that represent your school
  • Essay or personal statement
  • Portfolio of your performances and achievement in track and field
  • Complete application
track and field scholarships for high school students

Track and Field Scholarships for High School Students

If you feel you can earn a track and field scholarship as a high school athlete, apply for the scholarships below.

  • NSHS Student Athlete Scholarships
  • Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship
  • Sports Lover Scholarship
  • Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
  • David G. Sutton Memorial Scholarship
  • TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award
  • Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship

1.     NSHS Student Athlete Scholarships

NSHS stands for National Society of High School Scholars established in 2002 to support young students looking to continue their education into college and beyond. The society now has over 2 million scholars from more than 170 countries.

As part of its mission to recognize and honor outstanding high school students, NSHS awards a $2,000 scholarship to ten high school athletes with exemplary excellence and passion for their respective sports. As a high school track and field athlete you qualify for this award if you meet the application requirements.

These requirements are a 3.5 GPA or higher, recommended by a teacher, a 500 – 800-word essay, an academic resume, a current transcript, color headshot photographs, and pictures and/or videos of your leadership in action. You must be within grades 9—12 to apply.

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2.     Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship

Girl Up is an initiative that focuses on equity for girls and women in spaces where they are unheard of or underrepresented. As part of its goal to support young girls and women around the world through financial awards, the initiative launched the Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship awarded to female athletes between the age range of 13—24 years old.

Female high school athletes in track and field at their respective high schools are also eligible to apply for the Girl Up Sports for a Purpose Scholarship. You may also apply if you are a full-time student in a college or technical school.

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3.     Sports Lover Scholarship

Here is another sports scholarship that high school athletes in track and field can leverage. The scholarship is meant for all sports and all educational levels – high school seniors, undergraduate students, and graduates – who are citizens or permanent residents of the US. The scholarship award is $500.

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4.     Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

The above-named program was established to recognize talented high school athletes in their chosen sports. Athletes must have good academic standing and strong leadership skills in their chosen sports whether in their respective schools or within their communities, have at least a 3.0 GPA, be a graduating high school senior, be currently involved in high school sports, and be citizen or permanent resident of the US, to be eligible for the Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program.

If you are a high school athlete in the track and field program of your school you are also eligible to apply for this scholarship provided you meet the requirements above. The scholarship is awarded to 20 student-athletes. Each student may receive up to $20,000 to cover the cost of their college education. The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program scholarship is awarded annually.

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5.     David G. Sutton Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of David G. Sutton, an athlete turned coach with the biggest heart and an amazing sense of humor always trying his best to get the best out of the kids he coached. The scholarship is awarded to a high school athlete living in Pennsylvania that exemplifies Dave’s fighting spirit and supportive nature.

If you happen to be a high school athlete in track and field at your high school you can apply for this scholarship and receive $500 to support the cost of your education.

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6.     TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award

TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award is for high school seniors who demonstrate kindness, compassion, or sportsmanship. Now, if you are a high school senior with athletic ability in track and field you can apply for this scholarship and probably win the award if you meet the requirements which include having a minimum high school GPA of 3.25 on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent.

The scholarship award does not support your high school education but your first-year college tuition when you eventually finish high school and enter college or university. Documents required for application include a copy of a high school transcript, a written statement, and two written references. The TrophyCentral Sportsmanship Scholarship Award is available every year.

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7.     Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship

Byron Krieger Athletic Scholarship is offered annually to a Jewish male or female participating in a high school sport and intending to attend college. Whether you are attending a private school, public school, or homeschooled you can apply. Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and plan to keep up their passion for sports in college.

High school track and field athletes who are Jewish can apply for this scholarship and receive $550 to finance their college education after high school. Scholarship application materials include a complete application form, a photo of yourself, and one recommendation letter from your coach, teacher, or rabbi.

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Track and field scholarships for high school students may not be very common to find online but there are a truckload of them that are available offline and you don’t have to go through the stress of finding them on your own. All athletic scholarship typically goes through the head coach of that specific team and they are also disbursed by the head coach.

So, every track and field scholarship for high school athletes equally comes through the coach. You will need to speak with your coach concerning your intent to get a scholarship and they will help you prepare accordingly to be eligible for a scholarship offering. Just talk with your coach because you never know the number of scholarships on his desk.