Top 10 Grants for Beauty School

The growth of the beauty industry is something that will never end and that will continue to increase rapidly, in fact, it’s even looking better than before. A lot of the generation is seeking specific kinds of beauty products, and it’s even higher in Gen Zs.

The global Beauty industry is currently worth US$571.10bn in 2023 and the market is expected to grow annually by 3.80% (CAGR 2023-2027) according to Statista. It’s even better if you’re in the United States because most of the revenue is generated in this Country.

However, the cost of attending an accredited beauty school is not really that cheap, that’s why some students need to rely on grants for beauty school to be able to pay part of their fees. Moreover, there are beauty school scholarships and so many other weird scholarships that are not claimed that you can add to your grant as long as you’re eligible.

Without much ado, let’s go ahead to list these grants.


Grants for Beauty School

1. Federal Pell Grant

The lovely thing about the Federal Pell Grant is that it can be used in any educational program, but the unspoken word is that you should expect it to be competitive. Either way, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible.

Since this is a grant, you don’t need to repay the funds, and the maximum amount each awardee can receive in this grant is $6,895. 

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2. Empire Beauty Schools Financial Aid

Empire beauty schools are collaborating with other schools and organizations to provide huge grants for beauty schools worth more than one million. So some of these scholarships include;

  • Empire Beauty School – high school scholarship; which is awarded to more than 100 high school seniors that are interested in a career in beauty.
  • Empire Beauty School – Good Attendance Scholarship; students that had 90% cumulative attendance are eligible for a $1000 scholarship, whereas those with 85% to 89.99% are eligible for a $500 scholarship. 
  • Empire Beauty School Gives Back Cosmetology Educational Endowment Program
  • The Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program

And others.

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3. Buy-Rite’s Annual Beauty School Scholarship

Buy-Rite provides scholarships for beauty schools annually, whether you’re interested in hairstyling, cosmetology, or entirely the beauty industry. The scholarship is more like an essay contest but exclusively for U.S. residents.

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4. Beauty as a Business – Scholarships for Beauty School Students

BaaB is providing a grant designed specifically for beauty school students to cover tuition costs. Seeing the advancement of Social Media, and how beneficial it has been to the beauty industry, BaaB made this scholarship available so participants can develop the right soft skills while they’re still in school.

Whether you’re a new or current beauty school student you can be eligible for the grant.

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5. Oregon Barber and Hairdresser (B&H) Grant Program

This is one of the grants for beauty schools provided to low-income students who are attending a licensed school of barbering, hair design, cosmetology, or manicure in Oregon. Candidates need to be Oregon residents, need financial help, and are enrolled full-time in a program that is at least nine months long or 900 clock hours to be eligible.

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6. ACE Grants

This is another financial aid for beauty school students that is designed to help you begin your career in cosmetology. However, if you’re so much interested in privacy, that is, you don’t want your contact information to be used for marketing, promotional or other purposes, then you should try other grants.

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7. Professional Beauty Association Scholarships

PBA provides lots of grants and scholarships for beauty school students and licensed beauty professionals that are interested in continuing their education. And the interesting thing is that you can apply for all Scholarships you’re eligible for.

Some of their scholarships include;

  • PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship; A total of five (5) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded
  • Rosy Salon Software Scholarship; Two (2) of $250 scholarships will be awarded to students currently enrolled in a beauty program.
  • Milady Rise Scholarship; Twelve (12) – $500 scholarships will be awarded
  • Kendall Ong Memorial Scholarship; 3 – $250 scholarships for licensed cosmetologists for continuing education.

And a lot of others.

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8. Beauty Changes Lives

Beauty Changes Lives provides lots of grants for beauty school students annually, it has even created its first Bipoc Cosmetology/Barbering Student Scholarship, which is worth up to $15,000. Some of the other scholarships include;

  • The Arnold M. Miller | Find-a-Way Scholarship which is also worth $15,000
  • The Sydell & Arnold Miller Foundation | Art of Haircoloring Scholarship worth $5,000
  • L’Oréal Pro “Inspiration Through Education” Scholarship worth $5,000
  • L’Oréal Pro Empowering Diversity Scholarship worth $5,000
  • Wella Company | “Look, Feel and Be Your True Self” Scholarship worth $6,000
  • JCS Beauty “Nourish & Shine” BIPOC Cosmetology Scholarships worth $5,000
  • Green Circle Salons – Environmental Beauty Scholarship worth $4,000

And a lot more, it is advisable to always return to their website if you were or weren’t eligible for any of their current grants because they always add new ones.

9. Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation

This is among the scholarships for beauty academy students that are awarded by the Joe Francis foundation. You need to be currently applying for entrance into Cosmetology/Barber School, OR actively enrolled in a Cosmetology/Barber program to be eligible.

The scholarship amounts vary, but none are lower than $3,000 per recipient, and they are paid directly to the cosmetology school of the student’s choice.

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10. NCEA Esthetician Scholarship

This is another financial aid for beauty school students worth $1,000, and it’s awarded to students that demonstrate good performance in school as well as financial need. Applicants must have enrolled and begun classes in an esthetician-only training program to be eligible.


You can see that there are lots of grants and scholarships for beauty school students, some of which go long way to almost pay your tuition, and some are good enough to pay a small of your fee. You can apply to as many as you’re eligible, to help accumulate enough funds for beauty education.

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