15 Conservation Biology Scholarships

We believe that everyone wants to get the best of anything, whether is a house, car, or education. We also believe anyone pursuing any career should get the best education, & training, receive the best experience, and even conduct the best research.

But, we have seen time and time that money is the major factor limiting us to get what we want. 

On one hand, there is this person that has no serious interest to further his/her education but has the resources and funds. On the other hand, there is this brilliant person that is dying to have a fraction of quality education and is willing to return back the educational investment made.

So to lessen this gap, there are scholarships made available to students in different fields, whether it’s ladies in aviation, disabled students in law school, or fashion students intending to study abroad, or even conservation biology scholarships.

What is Conservation Biology?

Conservation biology is a field in ecology that focuses on the study, preservation, and protection of biodiversity and our ecosystem that has been negatively affected by human intervention.

Benefits of a Conservation Biology Scholarship

  • One of the biggest benefits of conservation scholarships is that it reduces or eliminates your financial burden, depending on the one you won.
  • Secondly, you don’t have to accumulate loans after graduation.
  • Also, you have the chance to study abroad, which opens the door to a more developed education
  • You will have access to some other privileges like free conferences, free trips, etc.
  • It increases the chances of getting employed immediately after graduation.

Now we’ve discussed these benefits, let’s list the scholarships.

conservation biology scholarships
conservation biology scholarships

Conservation Biology Scholarships

1.  Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department Scholarships

The University of Florida provides lots of financial aid and scholarships to its students to pay college costs, regardless of their class and college. One of their scholarships is the Mcknight Doctoral Fellowships which is awarded to African-American students newly admitted to select doctoral programs at institutions in the State of Florida’s university system.

It includes a stipend of $12,000 funding for a maximum of five years. Applicants must be US citizens.

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2.  Middle Tennessee State University – Scholarships and Grants for Biology Undergraduates

Middle Tennessee State University provides several conservation biology financial aid and scholarships which include;

  • Incoming Freshman Scholarships: which is worth $1,500 for freshmen students in the department of Biology
  • Kurt E. Blum Scholarship: Awarded to support educational expenses, research activities, supplies, or travel for meritorious students.
  • George Davis Scholarship
  • Kevin Driver Memorial Scholarship
  • John D. Dubois Scholarship
  • J. Gerald Parchment Biological Field Station Scholarship

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3. UMass Amherst – Department of Environmental Conservation Scholarships

The Department of Environmental Conservation has a variety of scholarships in support of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in the department. Though, you need to apply through the school’s AcademicWorks to be considered.

Some of their awards include;

  • Summer Forest Research Internship Fund
  • Charles Mason Powell Restoration Fund for the Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Ned Taft Internship Fund in Environmental Science
  • W. Roy Elliot Memorial Fund
  • Brian Moeckel Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Donald L. Mader Natural Resources Conservation Memorial Award
  • Blodget Fund for Ornithological Studies
  • Richard Cronin Fisheries Research Fund

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4.  The University of Queensland Australia – International Scholarship in Conservation Biology

This scholarship is for graduate students that have received an unconditional offer to study the Master of Conservation Biology and Master of Conservation Science at The University of Queensland on a full-time basis. Furthermore, The value of the scholarship is set annually by the Head of the School and may vary from year to year.

The scholarship is for the duration of the program (12 months) and will be paid in two instalments that will be used to reduce the student’s fee liability. If the student withdraws from the program before completion they may be required to repay the amount of the scholarship.

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5. The University of Maine – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology Scholarships

This is another University that provides different scholarships for its Conservation Biology Students. To start with, they have three funds to support travel to professional events by undergraduate and graduate students.

Also, they provide a general academic scholarship that is worth $48,000 to support approximately 35 undergraduate students each year based on academic achievement and/or financial need. 

Some other Scholarships include;

  • Inez Boyd/Bangor Nature Club Quasi-Endowed Scholarship
  • The Malcolm W. Coulter Wildlife Alumni Scholarship
  • The Penobscot County Conservation Association Annual Scholarships

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6. University of Wisconsin – Conservation Biology Major Scholarship

Some of the conservation biology undergraduate and graduate scholarships provided by the University of Wisconsin including;

  • Becker Scholarship -Conservation Biology: this is a one-time award to help support a conservation experience in the summer or fall semester related to the major
  • Demeter Summer Research Support: Support provided to a Botany or Conservation Biology undergraduate student working on a summer research project in the areas of Plant Ecology and Conservation Biology
  • Hilldale Research Fellowships
  • John T. Curtis Ecology Scholarship
  • Holstrom Environmental Scholarships

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7. Undergraduate Scholarships at QUBS (Queen’s University Biological Station)

QUBS also provides several scholarships to help support undergraduate students wishing to conduct field research at the college. Some of these scholarships include;

  • The Wes and Dorletta Curran Memorial Award: is worth approximately $5,000 and may be shared among several awardees.
  • J. Allen Keast Lake Opinicon Undergraduate Research Fellowship: also worth approximately $5,000
  • The Alexander and Cora Munn Summer Research Award: worth approximately $2,600
  • The Kingston Field Naturalists’ Award
  • Karen Huntley Memorial Award

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8. Christopher Bayduza Memorial Award

The Christopher Bayduza Memorial Award is provided to students with satisfactory academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA) entering the third or fourth year of the BSc. in Agriculture or the BSc. in Environmental and Conservation Sciences. Preference will be given to students who are members of the Range Management Team and who participate actively in planning or volunteering for extracurricular activities.

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9. Suzanne Elizabeth Abele Memorial Award

This is another conservation biology scholarship provided by the University of Alberta in memory of Suzanne Elizabeth Abele. Applicants need to have satisfactory academic standing entering the fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Science.

Selection based on academic standing and demonstrated interest in and commitment to the discipline and practice of conservation biology.

10. Marsha Van Den Enden Memorial Scholarship in Conservation Biology

Also, another scholarship is provided to Conservation Biology Students with superior academic achievement at the University of Alberta. Applicants need to be entering the fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences with a major in Conservation Biology in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences.

11. Nicholas and Mabel Cuthbert Scholarship

The intent of the Nicholas and Mabel Cuthbert Scholarship is to provide awards to incoming freshmen who intend to major in biology and who have outstanding high school academic backgrounds. When they speak of outstanding high school academic backgrounds they mean a minimum high school GPA of 3.5, a strong background in biology and chemistry, three years of mathematics, and a minimum composite score of 25 (ACT), or 1200 (SAT).

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12. University of Minnesota – Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Scholarships

The University of Minnesota provides some conservation biology scholarships that are available to undergraduates who need support for undergraduate field experiences and for regular courses. They include;

  • Joseph Alexander Scholarship
  • Dayton P. Kirkham Sr. Scholarship Fund
  • International Scholarship
  • Jay C. Hokenstrom Memorial Scholarship
  • J. Donald Smith Memorial Fund

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13. Rutgers School of Graduate Studies – Conservation Biology scholarships

Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation are providing another $80,000 worth of scholarships through the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies. Their emphasis is on activism, local citizen participation, education, field research, technical assistance, and training workshops. 

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14. Texas A&M University – Ecology & Conservation Biology

Texas A&M don’t just provide several scholarships, they also provide their students with a world-class education at a reasonable cost. They award over $200,000 in scholarships annually to undergraduate students in the Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology and support graduate students through scholarships, assistantships, fellowships, and travel and research grants.

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15. PennWest Clarion – Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences Scholarships

Some of the conservation biology financial aids provided by PennWest Clarion include;

  • Anthropology, Geology, and Earth Sciences Scholarship
  • Dr. Bruce Dinsmore Ecology Scholarship
  • Dr. Peter and Barbara Dalby Ecological Studies Scholarship
  • Biology Fund Scholarship
  • Kim Rutherford Memorial Scholarship

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In summary, Conservation Biology is very beneficial to our world, and students have a handful of scholarships to help them out here.

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