11 Gymnastics Scholarships in UK

Sadly, when people experience financial hardship, it mostly makes them miss out on some important opportunities that are likely to transform and improve their lives. For instance, when there is a financial constraint, we find it difficult to send our kids to the best schools, we find it difficult to invest financially, and we even find it difficult to receive the right education for our career journey.

The same applies to those that have passion or participate in gymnastics, we find it difficult to pay for the right coaching and training when there isn’t enough money.

Fortunately, there are a handful of gymnastics scholarships in UK that will not only provide funds, but students will also gain access to the schools’ training facilities, their nutrition, and a chance to compete in local, national, and international competitions.

Moreover, this is not the only kind of sports scholarship provided in the United Kingdom, you can still enrol in Cricket scholarships, soccer, basketball, swimming scholarships, etc.

We would still advise you to not only try scholarships only within the UK you can still try other sports scholarships in the United States, or even athletic scholarships in Canada

Let’s go straight away to list these scholarships.

gymnastics scholarships in UK

Gymnastics Scholarships in UK

1. Kingsley School Devon – Gymnastics Scholarships

Besides the fact that you need to have regularly attended gymnastics training (which we believe you must have done) to be eligible for this scholarship, you also need to have already competed in a local, regional, national, or international competition. 

This is one of the gymnastics scholarships in UK that will give you access to lots of things like;

  • Training and instruction from their gymnastics coach at Kingsley School;
  • Access to their sports nutrition programme designed for Kingsley by a doctoral research team at the University of Exeter;
  • Individualised training programme focusing on the acquisition and development of skills, S&C, and prehab-rehab;
  • You will compete for the school in local, national and international competitions;

And many more.

2. British Gymnastics Foundation – Hardship Grants Programme

BGF is providing financial assistance through grants or scholarships to British Gymnastics members that find it difficult to fund their passion. This grant will financially support recipients to continue to be involved in gymnastics through exceptionally difficult times. 

Moreover, even if you’re not a member, but you’re experiencing difficult times, you might still be eligible to benefit from their support, whether through getting access to their gymnastics leadership courses, gymnastics classes or even inspirational gymnastics experiences.

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3. Belmont School Sports Scholarships

Besides providing gymnastics scholarships in UK, Belmont School has created a rich and rigorous curriculum that supersedes the national curriculum, which enables your kid to be successful in so many other areas. Talented individual athletes including those in gymnastics are invited to trial for their two-tiered Sports Performance Pathways, involving up to four places as a Sport Scholar and 20 places in the Performance Pathway.

Recipients will receive access to the school’s top-level facilities and excellent mentoring, which gives them the privilege to enjoy both gymnastics and school careers at the same time.

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4. Putney High School Sport Scholarships 

Putney High School provides quite several sports scholarships to female pupils of 11 years and above or those in their year 7 entry. 

To be eligible, you or your kid need to demonstrate that you’re playing (or have the potential to compete) at club, region, county or country level or have a recognised ranking in their sport before applying. Also, candidates need to be an outstanding ‘A’ team player or equivalent at their current school and/or an excellent club-level performer.

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5. Ruthin & Denbigh Gymnastics Club Scholarships

This club, in collaboration with Myddelton College, provides several gymnastic scholarships in the United Kingdom for their members. The scholarship is awarded to 6th-form students from their club to study at Myddelton College with reduced fees. 

Also, recipients will receive training in Clwyd House Gymnastics Centre as part of the strong emphasis on gymnastics in their curriculum of study.

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6. London Gymnastics – Platten Scholarship

Unlike other gymnastics scholarships in UK we have listed, this one is exclusively for coaches, judges and volunteers involved or working with a London Gymnastics affiliated club. Also, applicants must have enrolled on a British Gymnastics course and paid for it and must be involved with, or working with a London Gymnastics affiliate club. 

The scholarship or grant covers approximately 25% of the full cost for coaching courses, with some variation for disability modules, welfare courses and judging courses.

7. Hardship Grants for Disabled Gymnasts

British Gymnastics provides different kinds of hardship Grants, and one of them is for disabled gymnasts. They are providing an additional £18,000 to specifically support disabled British Gymnastics members, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Peter Harrison Foundation.

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8. University of Nottingham Sports Scholarships

The University of Nottingham provides three sports scholarship packages as well as a range of specialist options. 

First of all, scholars, including students in gymnastics will receive a University of Nottingham Kit including a branded scholarship jacket, training jersey and backpack. Then they will receive some funds, which varies depending on what you won.

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9. University of Portsmouth Sport Scholarships 

The University of Portsmouth provides different sports and gymnastics scholarships in UK to around 20 talented student-athletes every year. Their scholarships are worth between £2,000 and £6,000 each. 

And one of the interesting things is that it is available to all students regardless of their nationality, year of study or academic course.

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10. University of Aberdeen Sports Bursaries and Scholarships 

The University of Aberdeen awards elite student-athletes seeking to combine academic and sporting excellence during their time at the university approximately 20 bursaries annually. Awards are made on a one-year renewable basis and are open to both undergraduate and shockingly, to also postgraduate students.

Scholars will receive a cash award (usually between £250 and £1000), gym membership at Aberdeen Sports Village, etc. Sports they support include athletics, rowing, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, rifle, boxing, weightlifting, rugby, modern pentathlon and more.

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11. St. Mary’s University Sports Scholarships

This school provides both financial support and a comprehensive support service package, including strength and conditioning and rehabilitation services to scholars of these awards. The award varies depending on the type but doesn’t exceed £2,000.

There 3 types of sports scholarships awarded by St. Mary’s University, they include; Gold scholarship, Silver scholarship, and Bronze scholarship.

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You can see that there are a handful of gymnastics scholarships in the UK, you just need to see those you’re eligible for and apply. But, be observant of their deadlines.

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