9 Best Cricket Scholarships In UK

Student athletes who play crickets in the UK may be eligible for a sports scholarship if they meet the requirements. This blog post provides info on cricket scholarships in UK to help interested students find them and win the award.

Scholarships are often awarded to students with excellent academic records or achievements in a particular subject or activity. Sports scholarships are awarded to students who participate in a certain sport and demonstrate excellent performance in that sport, in some cases, the student may also be expected to possess good grades.

Athletic scholarships are common in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. They are awarded annually by universities and colleges, sports associations, alumni, etc. to recognize the talents of students with athletic ability. The aim of such scholarships is to fund the higher education of the recipient while they play the sports they love.

It’s a win-win situation. Student gets funding to pursue a degree of their choice while still playing their favorite sports.

Now, sports scholarships are cut across various sports categories like basketball, baseball, football (soccer), swimming, cricket, etc. so that participants of each sport can receive a scholarship. In this article, I have concentrated only on cricket scholarships in UK.

So, if you are a student-athlete in the UK who play cricket and wishes to further your education or are already in university and plays cricket, the content of this article will be of great benefit to you. And if you are a student-athlete but do not play cricket, that’s fine, there are other athletic scholarships that you may apply for like the swimming scholarships in UK if you are part of a swimming team or you apply for one of the basketball scholarships in Europe if you play the sports.  

Back to the main topic, cricket scholarships in UK are provided by universities and sports organizations. Students who are awarded a cricket scholarship stand to gain a lot more aside from the free money. They get to represent their university in both leagues and knockout tournaments throughout the academic year.

This is an opportunity for players to showcase their full talents and potential on the field which could catch the eye of top coaches and earn them a spot in one of the top cricket teams in the nation.

Cricket scholarships in UK are awarded in different ways at each university, some scholarships may help offset the cost of tuition while others may help to provide a support package to cover the cost of specialist training and support. Also, the criteria to receive a cricket scholarship in the UK varies between universities.

cricket scholarships in UK

Cricket Scholarships in UK

The following are cricket scholarships in the UK, and they also include other sports scholarships in the UK that cricketers can apply for.

  • Bristol Rovers Community Trust BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Cricket Scholarship
  • Loughborough University Cricket Scholarships for Men and Women
  • Kent University Sports Scholarship Scheme
  • Sport Manchester Scholarship Scheme
  • The University of Exeter Sports Scholarship Scheme
  • Solent Sport Scholarships
  • The University of Nottingham Sport Scholarships
  • Gosfield School Cricket Scholarships
  • Malvern College Cricket Scholarships

1.     Bristol Rovers Community Trust BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Cricket Scholarship

Bristol Rovers Community Trust Fund provides free education to post-16 students enrolled in the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. It is a 2-year course for those who wish to continue their education and intend to study at a university or pursue a career in sports.

However, to win this scholarship, applicants must have a minimum of five 9 – 4 Grades at GCSE including English and mathematics, and an interest in playing regular cricket.

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2.     Loughborough University Cricket Scholarships for Men and Women

Sports scholarships at Loughborough University cut across a wide range of sports such as cycling, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis, cricket, swimming, and many others. The University provides annual cricket scholarships to cricketers playing in the male and female categories of the school team. The scholarship awards up to £5,000 per year.

Aside from the financial funding, there are also other perks that come with receiving the scholarship. Recipients will also get a free membership at Powerbase. Campus parking permit, and free athletic union club membership.

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3.     Kent University Sports Scholarship Scheme

The Sports Scholarship Scheme at Kent University is an annual scholarship provided to student-athletes who are active participants in sports teams at the university. Whatever sport you play at Kent University you can receive this scholarship if you meet the requirements. And since cricket is one of the sports at Kent, this means that cricketers at the institution are eligible to receive the award as well.

The cricket team at Kent University falls under men’s and women’s categories and both categories are eligible for a sports scholarship. The Sports Scholarship Scheme does not provide only financial assistance but recipients will also get a Kent Sport premium membership, supervised training sessions with Kent Sport’s specialist instructors, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs to help athletes maintain peak performance.

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4.     Sport Manchester Scholarship Scheme

The above-named sports scholarship is offered by the University of Manchester to students who compete in one of the school teams at a national level. Cricket is one of the sports played at UoM and if you are a part of the team you could also be eligible for support and funding through the Sport Manchester Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship is awarded based on the level of your ability.

To be eligible, you must be a student of UoM enrolled in a full-time or part-time degree program at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. You may also be eligible for the award if you are a prospective student who has received an offer of admission to study at UoM. The scholarship also requires that you are competing at a minimum UK Junior National level in cricket or any recognized sport in the UK and provide evidence of your performance in cricket.

The scholarship packages include financial aid, an annual gym pass, athletic union club membership, a sports kit, an ambassadorship, and many more.

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5.     The University of Exeter Sports Scholarship Scheme

This is one of the cricket scholarships in UK but not specifically for cricket players alone. The above-named scholarship is for all categories of sports played at the University of Exeter and since cricket happens to be among them cricketers are also eligible for the funding.

Winners of the University of Exeter Scholarship Scheme will receive a cash sum of £3,000 per year plus other perks and benefits up to £3,500. Players have to demonstrate excellent athletic abilities to be eligible for funding.

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6.     Solent Sport Scholarships

Solent Sports Scholarships is an annual athletic scholarship at Solent University offered to athletes who participate in a range of sports within the school team. The university also has a cricket team which means cricketers are also eligible for the funding. The scholarship cut across all sports played at the institution.

To be awarded, you have to be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Solent University and be an athlete competing at national and international levels in cricket and a variety of sports. The scholarship is aimed at giving you balance in your academic work while you compete at national and international levels. The scholarship comes with up to £5,000, focus sport services packages, and individual bespoke athlete services packages.

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7.     The University of Nottingham Sport Scholarships

Talented student-athletes of the University of Nottingham are awarded sports scholarships to provide them with an unrivaled level of support. The scholarship is awarded to a student with excellent academic performance and athletic ability. The scholar must be part of the school team and compete in national and international standards.

The above-named scholarship is awarded across all sports played at the institution which also includes cricket. This presents an opportunity for cricket players in the UK, EU, and across the world to play their favorite sports at one of the best universities in the UK while getting their education paid for.

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8.     Gosfield School Cricket Scholarships

Gosfield School embeds cricket into its curriculum from prep to senior and into the sixth form. As such, the school provides a limited number of scholarships annually to talented crickets from Year 5 upwards who qualify for the level 3 program. The scholarship covers between 10% to 90% of current fee values. It is awarded based on ability and at the discretion of the principal.

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9.     Malvern College Cricket Scholarships

Malvern College keeps a long tradition of cricket and is a haven for talented cricketers to develop their potential in the sport while engaging in their academics. The cricket team is made up of both male and female categories ranging from 13 to 18 years old.

To recognize students’ talent in cricket, Malvern College offers annual scholarships to cricketers to offset the cost of their tuition. Students are selected based on their talent and potential in cricket.

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Some of these cricket scholarships in UK are also open to EU and international students. The financial assistance may not completely cover the cost of your tuition but it will help reduce or offset it which makes it easier for you to pay the rest. Please consult with your coach before applying for any of these scholarships so that they can help make it easier for you.