13 Healthcare Scholarships for High School Seniors

Even though the cost of education is increasing, there are many healthcare scholarships for high school seniors that can help you reduce or even totally waive the fees spent in college or university.

Well, it’s no longer news about the importance of furthering your education in healthcare, from the fact that you have job stability and a high salary to the fact that you might be involved in making research that can be new cures.

In reality, there are even some very high-paying medical jobs that require little schooling.

We can’t fail to mention the high demand those in healthcare fields are, in the world, in fact, according to the Telegraph, “In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) projected that by 2030, low- and middle-income countries will have a deficit of 14.5 million healthcare professionals.”

However the demand and how promising the future is for healthcare professionals, we can’t shy away from the cost of studying. In fact, according to Education Data Initiative, the average cost of a public medical school is $51,812 per year, whereas, the average cost of a private medical school is $63,337.

Moreover, looking at this cost we would advise you to diversify, i.e. to go beyond this scholarship search, you can explore more scholarships exclusively for Medicine and Surgery students, or if you feel like studying in China, some of their Chinese Medicine Scholarships might interest you.

Let’s get straightaway to list these scholarships.

healthcare scholarships for high school seniors

Healthcare Scholarships for High School Seniors

1. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science – Grants and Scholarships

For more than 150 years Mayo Clinic has been providing outstanding care to patients and offer superior educational programs that ensure the success of the next generation of medical, scientific, and allied health professionals. For a school that has stayed for this long, you should expect to provide several scholarships and financial aid for both general and different fields of study.

And, you’re not wrong the provide various healthcare scholarships for high school seniors which include;

  • Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • P.E.O. International
  • Ron Brown Scholar Program
  • Fulbright scholarship

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2. ACI Medical And Dental School High School Senior Scholarship

ACI Medical And Dental School provides a $500 scholarship to graduating high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in the Medical and Dental field. Two outstanding graduating seniors are chosen from each high school.

The school on its own, “acts the talk,” they have a 96% Pass Rate on National Credential Exams, 94% Employment Rate, etc.

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3. Washington State University – Pre-Health Undergraduate Student Scholarships

WSU is partnering with Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) to provide Scholarships to Washington students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, math, and health care. They provide graduating high school seniors with a scholarship worth up to $22,500.

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4. Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS Science Scholarship

This is among the healthcare scholarships for high school seniors that provide $1,200. The firm reviews all eligible applications and shortlisted candidates will be awarded based on academic merit, community service, and financial need.

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5. Gladys Carol Scholarship

The Gladys Carol Scholarship is worth $2,500 and is awarded to high school seniors pursuing a healthcare, science, technology, engineering, or math degree, who have demonstrated extraordinary academic excellence. Applicants also need to possess a strong sense of civic duty and believe their education is no one’s responsibility but their own.

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6. Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital Scholarships

This University provides two scholarships for high school seniors which are;

  • The Anthony Bennardo Memorial Scholarship for High School Seniors: is worth $2,000 and is awarded to students planning a career in medicine.
  • Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital High School Scholarship: worth $500 and awarded to high school seniors from the North Fork and Shelter Island pursuing an advanced degree

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7. Porter and Chester Institute – EDvestinU® Quarterly Scholarship Giveaway

Each quarter, EDvestinU awards three (3) $1,500 scholarships to randomly selected high school seniors and current college students that are or will be attending any Title IV-eligible college or university.

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8. Abbott & Fenner Scholarships

Annually, Abbott & Fenner have been providing $1,000 worth of scholarships to both graduating high school seniors and students currently registered in any accredited post-secondary institution. Applicants need to write a 500 to 1000-word essay and submit it to the firm’s email.

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9. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

One of the interesting things about applying for this scholarship is that Candace Krell, TGKVF’s Grants Manager will completely direct you on how to register for the scholarship. Annually, the foundation awards up to 500 scholarships with $1.5 million to high school seniors including those furthering their education in healthcare.

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10. Navy Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)

This program provides a monthly stipend worth $10,000 (paid in two installments of $5000 each) for full-time students in accredited Bachelor of Science Nursing programs. Recipients will also receive $1000 a month for up to 24 months.

However, after you’ve graduated from University or College, you’ll join the Navy Nurse Corps as an Officer, with the opportunity to earn a competitive salary, regular promotions, medical and dental coverage, low-cost travel opportunities, plus other benefits.

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11. Montana STEM / Healthcare Scholarship Program

This is one of the healthcare scholarships for high school seniors created to provide an incentive for Montana high school students. Winners will receive $6,000 worth of scholarship spread within their 4 years ($1,000 the first year, $1,500 the second year, $1,500 the third year, and $2,000 the fourth year).

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12. Mary Greeley Medical Center Scholarships

One of the interesting things about Mary Greeley Medical Center scholarships is that you don’t need to separately apply for all the eligible scholarships, you just need a single application for all Foundation scholarships and a single application for all High School scholarships.

Here are some of their scholarships for high school seniors;

  • Anna May Allan Endowed Nursing Scholarship: worth $2,500
  • Ben Buck Scholarship: worth $1,000
  • J. Elaine Hieber Scholarship: worth $1,500
  • Mary Ann Carr Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship: worth $1,250

and many others.

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13. College of Health Care Professions – Texas High School Senior Scholarships

To be eligible for this Scholarship, you need to be graduating high school senior that resides in Texas and has maintained a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants also need to be enrolled within six months after graduation.

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You can see there are a handful of healthcare scholarships for high school seniors, however, don’t limit your search. You should explore other scholarship opportunities and don’t be scared to apply for fully funded scholarships.

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