9 Scholarships for Black Students at PWI

America is now becoming a country that preaches and practices diversity, it speaks loudly on its race population which now has 58.9% citizens who identify as Whites, unlike in 1610 when it was totally 100% white race. Now we can boast of 12.4% of Blacks, 18.7% of Hispanic, and other races all citizens in the United States.

As time goes on, some kids might not even know that America was once an all-white nation, in fact, some projections have it that in 2055 there won’t be a single racial or ethnic majority in the country.

However, some schools, still maintain a very high level of both white students and workers, and there are still schools that have very high levels of blacks mostly known as HBCUs. You might be interested in attending a PWI (Predominantly White Institution), but before you make your conclusion, I would love you to read Kayla Johnson’s story, a lady that also went to PWI.

As an aspiring student in a PWI, it might be hard to fund your education, in fact, it’s not easy to fund education anywhere especially seeing the rise of fees. The bright side is that there are scholarships for black students at PWI, which can help you fund your expenses.

We would advise you not to limit your search just to scholarships for blacks, go for full-ride law scholarships if you can, or fully funded agricultural scholarships. And, if you’re very skillful in a particular sport, don’t hesitate to take advantage of athletic scholarships, especially sports that provide full scholarships.

If none of these financial assistance interests you, almost all of these PWI provide general scholarships which you can apply for, endeavor to take advantage of them too – the idea is for you not to restrict your search.

scholarships for black students at PWI

Scholarships for Black Students at PWI

1. Yeshiva University External Scholarships

First of all, you need to know that Yeshiva University is one of the universities with the least diverse students where 91.5% of their students are white. Which is a lot higher than the nationwide 50.8%.

Well, they still provide scholarships to their 2.64% (290) black or African American students. 

Even though blacks can enroll in other scholarships, the one exclusively for them is the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW). The external scholarship is for active paid members of NABSW that has a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have demonstrated community service.

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2. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Financial Support

On our second list of scholarships for black students at PWI is UW-La Crosse Financial Support, first of all for the number of Whites in the school. 76% of their staff are whites while 5.5% are Blacks or African American.

The school has a foundation that provides scholarships to first-year students, transfer, and continuing students. Another interesting thing is they created an “Outside Scholarship” database that can help you to search for scholarships similar to your identity and your major.

One of their scholarships exclusive to blacks or other underrepresented groups is the McNair Scholars

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3. University of Wisconsin EAU Claire

This is another University that is predominantly dominated by whites with 86.6% of their students being White, while Blacks or African Americans have the least number of students at 1.2%. However, the school does well to provide MSS (Multicultural Student Services)  Scholarships that involve extra financial assistance exclusively for blacks. Some of the scholarships for black students at PWI include;

  • Alumni of Color Social Justice Fund worth $600
  • Clarice Chase Dunn Endowed Scholarship worth $450
  • Dr. Tamara A. Johnson Black Excellence Scholarship worth $1,000
  • Dr. Tamara A. Johnson Success Scholarship worth $500
  • Encizo Family Multicultural Scholarship worth $500

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4. Morehead State University Scholarships

This is another PWI university that provides some scholarships solely for blacks and other minorities. 86.9% of their students are Whites, whereas 3.22% (which is the second largest in the school) are Blacks.

Morehead State awards about $18,000,000 in university and MSU Foundation Scholarships. Just like other scholarships for black students at Predominantly White Institutions we have listed, most of the scholarships provided by MSU are for general students, which means no race is regarded.

The most prestigious scholarship exclusively for Blacks is the Black Achiever scholarship which awards full tuition to 6 outstanding recipients, you should expect this to be very competitive. There are still other external scholarships for blacks like the;

  • EduBirdie African American Scholarships
  • National Black Nurses Association Scholarship
  • Elevate Black Entrepreneurs Scholarship


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5. University of Wisconsin-Platteville – Education Abroad Scholarships

UW Platt Is also predominantly dominated by whites with 86.8% of their students being Whites and just 1.2% being Blacks. They provide some number of scholarships solely for blacks or other minorities some of which include;

  • Boren Scholarship: worth up to $20,000 to undergraduate students to study abroad.
  • DiversityAbroad Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) Scholarships: awards up to 100 scholarships annually.

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6. Michigan Technological University Scholarships

Our list of scholarships for black students at PWI won’t be complete without us naming this school, not just because of the number of White students (78.6%) in the school, but also because of the number of scholarships they provide.   

They might not provide any scholarship uniquely for Blacks or African Americans, but they provide several scholarships that even blacks can take advantage of. “The Leading Scholar Award,” is one of my favorites because recipients will not only receive full tuition but will also receive free accommodation, plus annual stipends.

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7. UWRF – Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (LUMRG) & AOP

UWRF (University of Wisconsin-River Falls) has 88% number of White students and just 1.26% of Black students making it a very high White Institution. The school provides two grants solely for African Americans and other minority students which are;

  • Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (LUMRG): amount varies depending on the number of applicants and the number of available funds.
  • Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowship

8. Cedarville University External Scholarships

Cedarville University is dominated by Whites with 88.7% and just 2.5% of Blacks. The bright side is the number of scholarships and financial aid provided both to Blacks and other Minority Students.

Some of the scholarships exclusively to minorities include;

  • The Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship worth $5,000
  • Sallie Mae Fund’s Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program worth $2,500
  • AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students worth $3,000 to $5,000
  • The National Society of Professional Engineers

And many others

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9. Fairmont State University

  • Whites: 88.9%
  • Blacks: 4.04%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 1.71%
  • Asian: 0.365%

On our ninth list of scholarships for black students at PWI is Fairmont State University’s Hunt-Arnold Diversity Scholarship which is open to incoming freshmen. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of eight semesters or until program completion.

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We would always emphasize that you shouldn’t restrict your search just to scholarships for blacks in these Predominantly White Institutions, also apply for other general scholarships that you’re eligible for. The good part is that most merit-based scholarships don’t need to be applied for, you’ll be awarded any meritorious scholarship you’re eligible for once you’re admitted to the school.

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