15 Netball Scholarships Australia

Similar to other athletic scholarships, netball scholarships Australia are very rewarding and competitive as well. And the best part is that some of these scholarships don’t only provide financial assistance, but also mentoring, sports facilities, and some other supports that can help student-athletes balance their academic pursuit with their athletic commitments.

Moreover, full-ride scholarships are not far from students’ reach, especially students residing in the United States or intending to study there from another country.

One of the mistakes some students make is to assume that because they are applying for netball scholarships in Australia, they shouldn’t apply for academic scholarships. In Australia, netball scholarships are usually partial funding, so it’s advisable to also apply for other academic scholarships to boost the financial assistance you’ll receive. However, some organizations won’t provide you with any scholarship if you’re already receiving funds from other sources, you will likely see this information in the scholarship application, you just need to read carefully before applying.

Anyway, let’s list these Netball scholarships.

netball scholarships in Australia

Netball Scholarships Australia

I love the fact that the government is in full support of the progress of sports in the country, and this is reflected in their provision of some scholarships to students.

1. Netball WA Sports Excellence Scholarship

The University of Western Australia doesn’t only provide netball scholarships, they are undoubtedly one of the best colleges to study, they are ranked #72 in the world according to QS World University Rankings. Huge thanks to Gold Industry Group, who donated enough funds to award these netball scholarships Australia worth $5,000.

Besides the fact that you need to be prolific in the sport of netball, you also need to have an interest in a career in the mining industry. Since it’s coming through WA, you also need to be enrolled as an undergrad in the UWA.

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2. Netball Victoria Scholarships and Funding

Netball Victoria provides 2 kinds of netball scholarships in Australia, to honor the memories of two extraordinary women for their massive contribution to netball sport in Australia. The first is the Jean Cowan Fund where you have to briefly explain why you’re applying for the scholarship, your level of interest in netball, and how the scholarship will benefit your participation in netball.

The second one is the Margaret Pewtress Scholarship where you’ll also use a similar procedure you used in the first one to apply for this.

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3. Elite Athlete University Scholarships

The Australian government has always been involved in sporting activities in the country, which led them to establish the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) in 1985 with the purpose of supporting sports at all levels including netballs. Elite Athlete University Scholarships is a compilation of several Athletic scholarships provided by different organizations and universities.

4. Australian Catholic University – Elite Athlete and Performer Support

Besides the fact that ACU provides netball scholarships in Australia, the school is involved in your academics, they are so concerned for your success that several ranking factors put them among the top 2% in the world. The school’s elite Athletes including those participating in Netball are rewarded with a funding scholarship worth between $1,000 to $5,000, plus other rewards including accommodation.

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5. The Charles Sturt University Elite Athlete and Performer Scholarship

Just like ACU, Charles Sturt University provides $1,250 worth of scholarships to elite Athletes studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Even though being very good at a sport like netball is a major requirement, it’s necessary to also meet other criteria like having a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 or higher, demonstrating financial need, etc.

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6. Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund

School Sport Australia provides several sports including netball, and for you to participate, you need to be 12 years and under.

Within the next 3 years, the Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund and School Sport Australia will provide scholarships to student-athletes facing financial hardship. The $1,000 worth of scholarship won’t be used for academic purposes but for support to attend Sport Australia events.

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7. UNSW & NSW Swifts/ Academy Netball Award 

University of New South Wales provides world-class education through its seven (7) faculties which are faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture; Business; Engineering; Law & Justice; Medicine & Health; Science; UNSW Canberra. UNSW awards eligible elite student-athletes in netball sports the amount of $10,000 for one year.

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8. Western Australian Institute of Sport Netball Scholarship

WAIS is partnering with Netball Australia and Netball WA to provide netball scholarships in Australia to upcoming and developing athletes with the core purpose of graduating these athletes to a Suncorp Super Netball Team and the Australian Diamonds.

The scholarship can cover up to 100% of the day or boarding fees and will be awarded to competent athletic new students entering Years 10 or 11 who could not otherwise attend Geelong Grammar School without financial assistance.

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9. University of Queensland Sport Scholarships

UQ Sport, a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting sport, physical recreation, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle has been leading sport and recreation at The University of Queensland for over a century. For more than 3 decades they have been providing sports including netball scholarships in Australia to help outstanding student-athletes balance their studies with the demands of elite-level sports.

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10. Victorian Institute of Sport – Tier 1 Scholarship Program

VIS is another evidence of how involved the government of Australia is in Collegiate sports, the company receives most of its funding from the State Government, and additional funding from the Commonwealth Government. The VIS provides three (3) types of scholarship, and netball sport is among the first – the Tier 1 scholarships.

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11. QUT Sport Scholarships

The Queensland University of Technology offers 2 kinds of athletic scholarships to students competing in different sporting activities including netball. These Scholarships include;

  • QUT Rising Sports Scholarships valued at $5,000, paid over two years.
  • QUT Elite Sports Scholarships valued at up to $10,000, paid over two years

In addition to these benefits, scholars will also receive free access to membership to the Elite Athlete Program, membership to QUT’s College of Excellence, and others.

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12. Aranmore Catholic College Rugby/Netball Scholarships

Aranmore Catholic College is a co-educational school for Years 7-12, and with their high teacher-to-student ratio, they get to know their students, individually, including students involved in any of their 2 sporting activities. Their rugby and netball scholarships in Australia are awarded to exceptional students, and you are allowed to apply for multiple scholarships, however, you’ll be awarded only one.

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13. Canterbury College Athletic Scholarships

Canterbury is an Anglican school, operating in cooperation with the Anglican Schools Commission, and as an Anglican school, they value diversity and live out gospel values. Just like ACC, they provide both Netball and Rugby scholarships to deserving students entering Years 5–10.

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14. DPNA Rep Player Scholarship

Downey Park Netball Association provides $1,000 worth of scholarships to three players to assist with Rep fees and DPNA uniform requirements.

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15. Court Grammar School – Female Elite Sport Scholarships

FESP allows highly skilled female students in the areas of netball and basketball to apply for a scholarship based on their proficiency in these sports. Applicants need to be entering Years 7-10 at CGS at the beginning of the school year.

The scholarship is awarded in three (3) categories annually, with the first category being the most competitive and the best, which offers a 50% fee reduction.

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It’s obvious that Australia provides many netball scholarships, which range in price and other resources. You’ll also notice that being athletically competent is not the only criterion for winning most of these scholarships, you also need to be outstanding in your academic grades.

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