20 Best Scholarships for Women in STEM

Even though there has been an improvement to close the wide gap between women in STEM and their male counterparts, the margin is still very high. According to Imperial College London, STEM disciplines experience the lowest gender ratios: Engineering with 18% female authors, and Physics and Mathematics with 15%.

And, the worst part of it is that women pursuing careers in STEM are more likely to leave them than men.

That means there’s still a lot of work to be done, and several organizations and institutions are not keeping quiet about this gap. This has made them create several scholarships for women in STEM, even some financial aid exclusively focuses on female students pursuing careers in computer science or wanting to become helicopter pilots.

Moreover, if you’re an international student, it would be wise to consider STEM scholarships for foreign students.

Since we’re not providing any of these scholarships, we decided to compile as many as we can, but first, let’s learn the reason we support women in STEM.

Why We Should Encourage Women in STEM

  • First of all, it’s the right thing to do, because it makes it easier for engineering companies to fulfill their commitment to diverse hiring practices
  • It also produces better engineers, scientists and improves the economy.
  • Scientific Americans even shared that diversity actually makes people more creative, more diligent, and harder working.
scholarships for women in stem

Scholarships for Women in STEM

There are several scholarships for women furthering their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of other scholarships that might also include men. Here are some of these scholarships.

1. MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship

Worth: $1,000 to $6,000

MPOWER has been in the business of empowering high-potential global citizens to realize their educational aspirations — and become tomorrow’s leading scientists and innovators. Their commitment made them create this scholarship program which focuses on women who will use their STEM degree to benefit society and the planet and who have the potential to serve as role models and advocates for women in STEM.

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2. AIAA Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson Scholarship

Worth: $10,000

This scholarship is basically meant for female students that need financial help, priority is given to high school seniors that have been accepted into a college or university to pursue a degree in; Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics.

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3. British Council Women in STEM Scholarships

Worth: The scholarship will cover the tuition fee of recipients, stipend, travel costs, visa, and health coverage fees.

This is one of the best scholarships for women with a degree in STEM who are pursuing a master’s degree in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics program at a leading UK university.

4. Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award and Lecture

Worth: £40,000

This is among the scholarships for women in STEM that are named in honor of the biophysicist Rosalind Franklin, who made critical contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structures of DNA. Besides the £40,000 that recipients will receive, they will also get a medal of silver gilt and a gift of £1,000.

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5. Canadian Women in STEM Scholarship

Worth: $2,500 

The Canadian Women in STEM scholarship is eligible for applicants that identify as a woman or gender-diverse individuals studying in STEM. Also, applicants need to be Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, or residents of Alberta. $125,000 is available for this scholarship, and 50 women will receive $2,500 each for their studies.

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6. Elevate: Boosting women in STEM

Worth: From $30,000 to $82,000 depending on study level

This scholarship is awarded to 500 undergraduate and postgraduate women in STEM. Besides the funds that the scholarship provides, winners will also receive access to events and networking, mentoring, and ongoing support during scholars’ university studies.

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7. FGSR Women in STEM Entrance Scholarship – University of Regina

Worth: $10,000 

The FGSR Women in STEM Entrance Scholarship is eligible for fully-qualified graduate student who identifies as a woman. Priority is given to candidates that are starting their first semester in a STEM discipline, in a Master’s or Doctoral degree program.

Master’s & Ph.D. students must have a minimum of a first class average (equivalent to a minimum of 80%) when they enter their program.

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8. Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF) Undergraduate Ambassador Awards

This is among the scholarships for female students in STEM that provides 4 awards to study Engineering programs within Canada, applicants must not be in their final year of study.

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9. New Zealand Women in STEM Scholarship

The Women in STEM scholarship in New Zealand is awarded to 3 female students annually, who are pursuing disciplines such as computer science, cyber security, data science, engineering, or maths.

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10. ​​The Women in STEM Academy Scholarships at Rowan College

Worth: $1,000

This is among the scholarships for women in STEM that were created with the purpose of recruiting and retaining top-performing women interested in entering a STEM field of study. The awards are renewable for an additional year.

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11. TXST Scholarships for Women in STEM

Texas State provides 3 Scholarships for women in STEM which include;

  • Gwen S. Durrenberger Scholarship For Women In Science: Worth $1000 to $6000
  • Griggs/mounce Strong Women in Science Endowed Scholarship
  • Suzanne Barry Patenaude Endowed Scholarship
  • GCPA Empowering Women Scholarship

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12. Bucknell Women in Science & Engineering Scholarships

Worth: $20,000 per year

This scholarship is awarded to high-achieving women who plan to major in engineering, biophysics, chemistry, environmental geosciences, geology, or physics. And you don’t need to have financial need to apply.

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13. Dell Scholars

Worth: $20,000

Dell Organization understands how college costs can greatly affect students’ pursuit of careers, so 500 Dell Scholars are selected each year to receive a scholarship plus lots of non-monetary support. Besides the monetary funds that recipients will receive, they will still receive a laptop with a 4-year warranty, Chegg credits, join Scholars Resource Network and many more.

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14. Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

SWE provides more than $1.5 million in scholarships to over 300 female students pursuing ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate student programs in preparation for engineering-related careers.

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15. CSBSJU Women in STEM Scholarship

Worth: $5,000 for each of four years. 4-year value of $20,000

This scholarship is awarded to women pursuing their bachelor’s degree in seven eligible academic fields (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, and Physics).

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16. Tech in Government Abie Award

The Tech in Government Abie Award is exclusively for women technologist within the federal government in the U.S. who has worked behind the scenes in improving governmental services through technical innovation and modernizing the functionality of government.

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17. Avenade STEM Scholarship

Avenade STEM Scholarship invests in the future of young women and offers internships, mentoring, and a support network to help recipients achieve their education and career growth. And, they are partnering with 16 prestigious universities around the world to provide this scholarship.

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18. King’s College London Women in STEM Scholarships 

The scholarships are designed to offer financial assistance to outstanding female candidates throughout their undergraduate program (for a maximum of three years of study) and to introduce them to various initiatives and activities taking place across the university in response to the issue. 

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19. Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Worth: US$10,000

The Amelia Earhart Fellowship awards Scholarships to 30 women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering and space sciences. And, since the program’s inception, Zonta has awarded 1,704 Amelia Earhart Fellowships, totaling more than US$11.3 million, to 1,275 women from 76 countries.

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20. Warwick – Women in Engineering Scholars Programme

Worth: £2,000 per year for each year of your course

Warwick understands that the proportion of female engineering professionals in the UK is amongst the lowest in Europe, so this made them create this scholarship. Besides the monetary funds, you’ll still get extra support, advice, and mentoring within the University and from Warwick graduates, and opportunities for career development.

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We know that the gap between women in STEM and their male counterparts is still high, that’s why several organizations and institutions are fighting to reduce such gap. We tried our best to provide several scholarships for women in STEM, but you should also make your research.

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