9 Scholarships for Women Over 30

It can be overwhelming to return to school as a woman when you’re already 30 years or above, especially if you intend to get your first degree. Because, at this age, you might have married, given birth, and probably answered to a boss, which are lots of obligations, but it doesn’t mean it’s too late to go back to school. 

Even those above 50 can still return to school on scholarship.

Some of the advantages of going back to school even at 30 are that you’ll have higher paying jobs, higher chances of being promoted, and increasing your skills. However, school expenses are not on your side, and now you still need to make other expenses like child care, and funds for family expenses, which makes it more of a serious financial burden.

Fortunately, there are scholarships for women over 30 that can help reduce this burden, some scholarships can even help you to pursue a degree in the aviation industry.

Without much ado let’s list these scholarships.

scholarships for women over 30

Scholarships for Women Over 30

You should note that these scholarships are not the only scholarships you can be eligible for, you can apply for other financial aid whether they mention “women over 30,” or not.

1. Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Jeannette Rankin Foundation has a commitment to creating better futures for American women, which has made them provide different kinds of financial aid for women that are 35 years old and older. These Scholarships and grants are meant to help them complete their college degrees and transform the next chapter of their lives.

So far, their scholarships have made 87% of their scholars either graduate or even continue their educational path toward achieving their degrees. Also, they have awarded $4 million to over 1,300 women nationwide to pursue their educational aspirations.

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2. Boston University Women’s Guild Scholarships

This is among the scholarships for women over 30 that are provided by the Women’s Guild through Boston University and was established more than 25 years ago. The scholarship provides both aid and encouragement to women 30 and over enrolled in University graduate programs.

One of the interesting things about this scholarship is that you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen or enroll in a full-time degree to apply. But you need to have completed at least one semester and be currently enrolled in a graduate program.

The scholarship can be used for any educational expenses including child care, tuition, production costs for thesis films, books, travel, and other research needs.

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3. Dorothyjean Jamieson Memorial Scholarship

In memory of long-time Fredericksburg educator, Dorothyjean Jamison, this endowed scholarship provides funds to students who are divorced or widowed with preference given to women over 30 years of age or a daughter of a divorced or widowed mother who is age 17-20 and a Business Administration major.

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4. Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship Fund

Elin Danien created the Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship Fund, unfortunately, she has passed away, but her memory still remains alive through this scholarship. The scholarship provides 25 academically gifted women over the age of 30 with the chance to earn their undergraduate degrees at the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at Penn Arts and Sciences. 

5. Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards

This school is exclusively for women that are breadwinners of their families, they don’t necessarily need to be 30 years or above. Annually, Soroptimist distributes more than $2.8 million in education awards to about 1,700 women all over the world, and this scholarship has made 87% of their recipients complete their education and improved their standard of living.

Even 74% of recipients who completed their educational degree or certification, secured higher-paying employment.

Recipients have the potential to receive up to $16,000 to help offset tuition costs, purchase books, get transportation, or find reliable childcare.

6. The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Educational Foundation

 Some of the scholarships for women over 30 provided by AWIS include;

  • AWIS Distinguished Doctoral Research Scholarship: worth $10,000 and Awarded to three AWIS members whose dissertation research project is judged likely to make important and original contributions to their field.
  • AWIS Opportunity Scholarships for Career Re-entry: Up to eight women (AWIS members with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM-related field) will receive individual awards of $2,500 to be used for expenses that will support and enable the return to a STEM career after being out of the workforce for more than two years.
  • Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award: worth $2,000
  • Dr. Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship: worth $2,000
  • AWIS Shooting Star Chapter Awards

7. ANSWER Scholarship – Sending Moms to College 

The ANSWER Scholarship is awarded to moms in Mecklenburg and eight surrounding counties in the Carolinas who intend to return to college. And the good thing is that more than 60% of those interviewed are awarded this scholarship.

Applicants need to be “nontraditional” female students that are at least age 25 or older, and can either be married or single. Also, recipients need to be the primary caregiver to at least one school-age child and must be U.S. citizens, including foreign-born U.S. citizens.

8. Osher Scholars and Fellows Program

Osher Foundation has been providing financial aid since its inception in 1977, and they are affiliated with several.

These awards are meant for women pursuing their first baccalaureate degree and are between the ages of 25 and 50.

To qualify, you need to have experienced a cumulative gap in your education of five or more years, anticipate workforce participation for a significant period after graduation, demonstrate financial need, and more.

9. HER Scholarship Program

This is among the scholarships for female students over 30 that support women to gain access to economic self-sufficiency and long-lasting financial security through higher education. Recipients need to be women who are non-traditional students, age 35 or older, who are sophomores, and who face financial barriers to obtaining their degrees.


These are not all the scholarships available for women above 30, like we said earlier, scholarships must not mention “over 30 years” before you can take advantage of it. We recommend you do additional research, if possible ask your local community for available scholarships.

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