15 Best Schools for High-functioning Autism

First of all, it’s not so easy to choose the right school for our kids, then, finding the right school that can properly take care of our child with high-functioning autism is a little bit daunting. Another challenge parents have is to choose whether their kid with high-functioning autism will enroll in a school where there are several typical, normal kids or in an exclusive school where they will mostly find people like them.

Well, we can’t choose for you, but we would advise you to visit these schools and personally make your own inquiries, look at the environment, and know what’s best for your kid, also scroll down to the 3rd session to know how to choose the right school.

Furthermore, each kid deserves good education regardless of their condition, and the good news is that there are schools for high-functioning autism with teachers that are specially trained to handle any form of ASD.

Another best way you can help your kid is by getting free ebooks or even buying or borrowing through an affordable website, it will really help him/her to become more academically inclined.

What is High-functioning Autism?

High-functioning autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Level 1, are Individuals that have autism, but unlike severe ASD, these people can speak, write, read, and perform some other duties like eating without the constant help of others. The difference between them and normal people is that they can stay a long time on a particular subject or idea, they find it difficult to socially relate with others, they repeat their behaviors, they hate change too, etc.

How to Choose a Good School for a Person with High-functioning Autism Anywhere

As we said earlier, choosing the right school for your High-functioning autistic kid won’t be easy, but once done right, you’ll pat yourself on the back that you did it properly. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you enroll your kid in the right school.

Visit the schools

Even though we have listed top schools for high-functioning autism, it is still advisable you visit them to see if the environment will be conducive for your kid.

Focus on Schools with Enough Experience

You also need to ensure the school has the experience and competence of taking care of High-functioning autistic kids.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

IEP has to do with a school’s commitment to personal training with students that are disabled. Ensure the school provides it.

Ensure their Teachers are Trained

It’s necessary that teachers that will be educating your kid have in-depth knowledge of autistic children. You can also inquire about their personal experience with these kids.

schools for high-functioning autism

Best Schools for High-functioning Autism

1. The Temple Grandin School (TGS)

The interesting thing about TGS is that Dr. Grandin is well-known as an individual with autism, but it didn’t stop her from achieving her goals and ambition in life. She is equally distinguished by her work as a university professor and designer of humane animal handling facilities.

Her achievement makes us believe that people with High-functioning Autism or any specific neurocognitive diagnosis are unique, with talents waiting to be nurtured. TGS is regarded by many as one of the best private schools for high-functioning autism, mostly because of its balanced educational program to support student’s academic and social development.

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2. Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy is one of the accredited private schools that specializes in the education of High Functioning Autism students. The special thing about this school is that they are the only school in the State of Arizona that supports a pure population of students with High Functioning Autism.

Based on their 35 years of experience in handling these students, they are regarded as one of the best in it.

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3. Center Academy – Asperger’s & High-Functioning Autism Schools

Center Academy provides individualized learning for students with high-functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. Another lovely thing is that their teachers completely understand how complex Asperger’s and high-functioning autism spectrum disorders are, so they are well-trained to educate, motivate and help these students manage their education and reach their individual goals.

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4. Franklin Academy 

This is one of the best schools for high-functioning autism for Grades 8-12 and PG, the school also welcomes all genders of students with Level 1 (High-functioning) Autism Spectrum Disorder. One of the unique things Franklin Academy does is to work closely with their High-functioning autistic students to help them understand their strengths and challenges, which in turn helps to promote their self-awareness and self-reliance.

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5. Aurora Group

The Aurora Group has a selection of residential schools across the UK. They take care of a range of complex needs, including high-functioning autism. The Aurora Group also helps their students to develop the skills and confidence they need to go on to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

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6. Lionheart Academy of the Triad

Lionheart Academy of the Triad recognizes that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder have different learning needs than their typically developing peers. And they realized that only 56% of students with autism finish high school.

This made them start a local private school that focuses on providing specialized programming and a social environment to high-functioning students with autism.

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7. The Victory Center

This is among the schools for high-functioning autism and related disabilities that are based in Florida. Barry and Judy founded the school due to the lack of finding the right education for their autistic kid in 2000.

What makes them unique is their focus on comprehensive individualized programs with a 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 student/teacher ratio, in a classroom setting, which builds a personal relationship between your kid and teachers.

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8. Alderwasley Hall School

Alderwasley Hall School and Sixth Form is an independent school for day and residential students aged 5 to 20 years with Autism and Developmental Language Disorder. With their over 30 years of experience, they can understand what your kid needs and provide the right education he/she deserves.

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9. Rossendale School

Rossendale School is one of the schools for students with ASD or High-functioning autism, that help their students to understand and accept their uniqueness and come to terms with it. They don’t only hire experienced specialist teachers, but they also employ Special Support Assistants whose main task is to meet individual needs.

Because the majority of students in their main school are diagnosed with ASD, they had to create a Farmhouse Unit exclusively for pupils diagnosed with high-functioning autism who require very small groups (2-3) and highly individualized programs.

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10. Unsted Park School and Sixth Form

Unsted Park School and Sixth Form provide specialist education and care to young people aged 7 to 19 years with high-functioning autism, Asperger Syndrome, and associated disorders.

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11. Eastwood Grange School

This is among the top schools for high-functioning autism that provides specialist education and care services, registered to take up to 50 children and young people aged 5-18 years with a range of needs.

12. Hurworth House School

Hurworth House School provides specialist education for boys and girls with SEMH difficulties and High-functioning autism. The school is registered to provide education to up to 80 students aged between 5 and 19 years.

13. Oliver House School

Oliver House School is an independent specialist school for boys and girls aged 6 to 19 who have mild, moderate, and severe autism. They help their pupils to learn how to manage their behavior and cope with anxieties, access a positive educational experience, become empowered to make their own appropriate choices in life, etc

14. High Grange

This school is a Specialist Independent School for Children and Young People with a primary diagnosis of High Functioning Autism.

15. Harrison College

Harrison College is one of the few specialist business, enterprise, and employability post-16 education provisions for students with high-functioning autism and special educational needs.


Even though it’s not easy to get the right school for your autistic kid, we believe one of these schools for high-functioning autism will definitely be the solution you’re looking for.

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