Top 10 Short Courses That Are in Demand in South Africa

Did you know that there are several short courses that are in demand in South Africa that you can use to make lots of money (depending on your dedication and competence)? The world is changing in ways that we now see that you don’t need to follow the degree, school/college route to start working.

In fact, the best part is that you can learn several online skills from the comfort of your home and still work for companies outside the shores of South Africa. There are courses that you can complete within 4 weeks, even online courses exclusively for teacher professional development, and if you intend to take a longer course that will pay you comfortably, then an online medical assistant program might be your answer.

Note that, competence and expertise matter a lot in your income potential and whether you’ll be needed for the job. So do your homework by learning properly.

How to find good short courses that are in demand in South Africa

There are several places to find quick courses that are in demand in ZA, some of them include;

short courses that are in demand in South Africa

Short Courses That Are in Demand in South Africa

1. Digital Marketing

As technology is evolving, and the online space is rapidly growing, the digital marketing world will keep on soaring. Because a lot of people will continue to seek help on their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some are willing to pay for their Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and a lot are investing in content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, influential marketing, etc.

And one of the reasons it should be on your top list of quick courses that are in demand in South Africa is that it doesn’t require you to have a broad knowledge of all the fields of digital marketing before you can start making money. For instance, Social Media Marketing is a big world where you can find several businesses in and outside South Africa in demand for your expertise.

2. Data Analysis

Several data are being gathered per second, but you need experts that can use these data and make informed decisions for business growth or the growth of an organization. With data, several companies make more accurate predictions, and produce more effective marketing; they can analyze what customers want and provide exactly that.

3. Project Management

Several industries, especially the big ones, are looking for project managers, and they pay them well for a job well done. Even statistics from Project Management Institute show that by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.

In fact, the shocking thing is that the demand for them is projected to be higher than the number of experts in the field,  and PMI reported that shortages in the profession can potentially create risks of nearly US$208 billion in GDP over the 10-year.

4. Cybersecurity

This is among the short courses that are in demand in South Africa that you can learn from the comfort of your home. The demand for Cybersecurity will continue to rise whether in South Africa or the world, and you must not even limit your skill only to the country.

Short courses in topics like ethical hacking, data protection, and network security can equip you with skills to remotely work in any country from South Africa. One of the major reasons for the demand for this skill is due to the rate of customers’ data/information saved online, and the number of cyber attacks on these pieces of information.

5. Renewable Energy

Have you heard of the saying, “Go where the money is,” renewable energy is where the money is now, and South Africa is investing heavily in it. They recently invested $8.5 in cleaner energy.

So, you can take simple and short courses in solar, wind, hydropower, or other forms of renewable energy to be equipped for the demand in this industry.

6. Human Resources Management

A Human Resource Manager is responsible for recruiting new employees, conducting interviews, managing allowance, sometimes salaries, and payroll for employees leaving the company. A degree could be most appropriate to beat the competition, but you can still start with a short course, perhaps an online course on specific topics like employee relations, recruitment, performance management, organization, multitasking, etc.

One of the things you’re sure to receive as an HR manager is job satisfaction because you can literally see the effect of employing the right person immediately.

7. Graphic Design

This is one of the top short courses that are in demand in South Africa where you can learn and work from anywhere. With the growth of AI, graphic design is becoming easier and easier, and you don’t even need to spend lots of time learning this skill to start making money. 

You can start receiving offers even as you’re still learning, and the best part is that you don’t need to limit yourself to only South African clients. You can either choose to work remotely or for a company as a full or part-time employee.

8. Customer Service

Good businesses understand the effect of excellent customer service, and that’s why most of them invest to ensure their customer service departments do a brilliant job. You can take short courses on communication, customer relationship management, and risk assessment which allow you to start working in customer care for businesses. 

9. Programming

The programming skill is so valuable and in demand that not only tech companies or IT departments are seeking to have programmers. Even government, social services, healthcare industry, agriculture, finance, and also education industries are in demand for programmers.

10. Sales

Last but not least on our list of short courses that are in demand in South Africa is Sales skill. Sales skills can be so quick and effective that when properly done, you can start making money ASAP.

And the thing is, no one can ever get tired of hiring salespeople, but how they pay you mostly is based on commission, which I think is best. Because it puts no ceiling on your income potential.


You should know that the demand for these courses can change as time progresses, and the good part is most of them will rather have more demand than less. But, still endeavor to research current market trends to confirm the skill you intend to learn is still noteworthy at the time.

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