Top 9 Trap Shooting Scholarships

Students involved in all kinds of rifle shooting activities such as trap shooting, hunting, and other shooting competitions can apply for the trap shooting scholarships curated in this blog post. These scholarships can go a long way in offsetting the high cost of tuition for you.

College education in the US is expensive, which, of course, is no news, and cripples the dream of many students who wish to further their education. While some students cannot afford college tuition others drop out as they cannot continue to pay the huge fees.

You’re probably thinking “But there are student loans, why don’t they just take one?” or “Why can’t they just apply for FAFSA?”

Well, not everyone can meet the requirements for FAFSA or student loans. And the fact that students will spend many years of their life paying back student debt scares them and they just completely stay away from it. Now, where does that leave them?

You don’t have to give up on your academic and career dreams because of a lack of finance when there are a wide range of scholarships to apply for. Unlike student loans, you do not have to pay back a scholarship when you receive it. Scholarships are basically “free” money that is given to students who qualify for them and are applied towards their college tuition. The scholarship aims to recognize students for their hard work and to encourage others to work harder.

While there may be thousands of scholarships you should understand that there are different categories of scholarships and if you apply for them anyhow then you won’t get it. What I mean is that if you are not a widow but applied for a scholarship for widows rest assured that you will not be considered for that scholarship award. The same applies to scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad, if you do not meet the criteria but still went ahead and apply then you have just wasted your time.

So, for every scholarship that you come across ensure that you meet the criteria before applying for them. Knowing the criteria is super easy too, you simply need to read the title of the scholarship or grant and there you have it. Just like this one that says “trap shooting scholarships”, if you are not involved in any kind of rifle or pistol shooting activity then you shouldn’t apply for them.

Rather than wasting your time and resources applying for a scholarship that you won’t get simply go to Scholarships to Study Abroad where you will find a wide range of scholarship opportunities that cut across different categories and seek for one whose criteria you can meet.

Having said that, this blog post provides updated information on trap shooting scholarships that students involved in marksmanship or hunting activities can apply for. Students who meet these criteria can get even more funding by applying for hunting scholarships so that “free” money can flow from different directions and support their college education without worrying about finance.

And without any further ado, let’s get into the main topic.

trap shooting scholarships

Trap Shooting Scholarships

Before we get on with the scholarships, I’d like to, very quickly, quote what my colleague, Dan, wrote in his recent article on colleges with shooting scholarships and I quote:

“The thing about being good at something is that it opens several doors. For instance, if you’re talented in marksmanship, it opens doors to athletic scholarships. It also opens doors for some college competitions, which allows you to win more money.”


Now, the thing about these trap shooting scholarships is that they are mostly offered by associations which you must be a part of to apply for the scholarships. If you want to win any of the National Rifle Association scholarships, for instance, you have to be a member.

And the good thing about being a member is that you don’t just get to apply and win scholarships but also get access to more opportunities such as ambassadorship, free workshops and seminars, free trips to related conventions, and many more.

Having said that, let’s waste no time and jump into the list and details of the trap shooting scholarships that are available annually.

The trap shooting scholarships are:

  • Junior Shooting Sports Scholarship
  • AIM Scholarships
  • Marion Creech Memorial Scholarship
  • PLEXUSS Foundation Marksmanship Scholarship
  • Trapshooting Hall of Fame Scholarship
  • SSSF Scholarship Program
  • Ohio State Trapshooting Association Scholarship
  • Hillsdale College Scholarships
  • Texas Trapshooters Association (TTA) Scholarships

1.     Junior Shooting Sports Scholarship

Junior Shooting Sports Scholarship is provided by The American Legion and The Sons of the American Legion. It is awarded to winners of the Annual American Legion 3-Position Junior Air Rifle Championship. The scholarship is also awarded in two categories; Precision and Sporter where the winner will receive $5,000 in college scholarships.

Those who come in second place will receive a $1,000 scholarship each. The winners of the scholarships will be eligible to receive their funding when they enrolling a 2-year or a 4-year college or a vocational institution. And aside from the scholarship find, winners will also get an expense-paid trip to the American Legion National Convention to be honored as part of the Youth Champions Delegation.

You must be a member of The American Legion to have a shot at this scholarship.

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2.     AIM Scholarships

Academics, Integrity, and Marksmanship (AIM) is the official youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) – the official governing body of the sport of trapshooting. Every year, AIM offers scholarships to eligible members who are enrolled in college or about to enroll.

The scholarships offered by AIM are:

  • Academic Scholarship Application – $2,500 scholarship worth
  • Integrity Scholarship Application – $2,500 scholarship worth
  • Marksmanship Scholarship Application – $2,500 scholarship worth
  • Trap & Field Journalism Scholarship Application – $2,000 scholarship worth
  • Amerigo Pagliaroli Memorial Scholarship Application – $1,000 scholarship worth

To qualify for these scholarships, you must be a member of the ATA and AIM between 16 and 22 years old, be a shooter with an average of 90% or higher, shoot at least 2000 registered targets in two years combined, and three reference letters one each from your coach, an ATA member, and your teacher, and an essay on “How have your successes on the trap field shaped you as an individual?”.

If you meet all of the criteria above, you can apply for more than one of the scholarships but you can only win one per year.

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3.     Marion Creech Memorial Scholarship

Marion Creech Memorial Scholarship is tenable only at the University of Kentucky. This is a scholarship awarded annually to one graduating high school senior who has been active in the Kentucky 4-H Shooting Sports Program and demonstrates leadership qualities. The $1,000 fund is disbursed to a post-secondary institution that the winner is attending.

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4.     PLEXUSS Foundation Marksmanship Scholarship

If you are involved in rifle shooting sports, hunting, trap shooting, or any marksmanship sports you can apply for the PLEXUSS Foundation Marksmanship Scholarship and win $250 fund. In addition, with the above criteria, you will submit an essay with a minimum of 2,000 words and must have completed your PLEXUSS profile to be eligible.

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5.     Trapshooting Hall of Fame Scholarship

This is the most popular trap shooting scholarship. The Trapshooting Hall of Fame scholarship is offered annually to a total number of 7 students and split into five $5,000 awards and two $1,000 awards. You must be an active member of ATA and a full-time college student or a graduating high school senior.

The five $5,000 award is given to college students and paid out over 4 years while the $1,000 award is given to graduating high school seniors who are Wyoming or Idaho residents. Applicants are required to provide copies of their high school transcripts and SAT/ACT results, two recommendation letters, trapshooting records, a complete application form, and a 100-word essay describing their financial need.

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6.     SSSF Scholarship Program

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) launched a scholarship program in 2013 and has awarded over $700,000 to more than 700 student-athletes from nearly all 50 US states. The program aims to reward deserving, graduating seniors in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). You must be an SCTP or SASP member to qualify.

Applicants must have been accepted into college in a full-time program to receive the scholarship fund, have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or higher, and have participated in the recent SCTP/SASP state championships, national championships, or regional events in trap shooting, skeet, sporting clays, Olympic bunker, Olympic skeet championships, pistol or rifle. Required documents are high school transcripts, an essay, and a resume.

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7.     Ohio State Trapshooting Association Scholarship

If you are a resident of Ohio and in your final years in high school or college freshman you can apply for the Ohio State Trapshooting Association scholarship. Of course, you have to be a member of the association to be eligible to apply. Required documents for the application should include a complete application for the scholarship, an essay outlining your plans and goals for college and beyond, a recommendation letter, a high school transcript, and your photograph.

To increase your chances, you may provide further recommendation letters from your shooting coach, employers, clergy, school counselor, principal, or teacher and a brief history of your involvement in the shooting. Your grades, ACT/SAT scores, past shooting participation, and need will be considered before winners will be selected.

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8.     Hillsdale College Scholarships

This is one of the few shooting scholarships you will find around offered by a college. Hillsdale College offers a variety of scholarships set aside, especially for those passionate about shooting sports and participating in the sport. This means that as a trap shooter, you can also be eligible for one of the scholarships from Hillsdale College.

There are about 7 different scholarships that those who meet the criteria above are eligible to win. Of course, you have to be applying or enrolled in a program at Hillsdale College to be considered.

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9.     Texas Trapshooters Association (TTA) Scholarships

TTA awards college scholarships or two $2,000 per year to Texas residents with a minimum of a B average in high school. The applicant must have shot ATA-registered targets for the last 3 years with at least 1,000 targets shot. The award is renewable for a period of 3 more years provided the recipient carry at least 12 hours per semester and maintain a minimum of 2.5 overall GPA.

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