9 Tuition-free Online Bible Colleges

We need to first call out the fact that there are several articles out there that claim to compile a list of tuition-free online Bible colleges, but in the end, their listing is all wrong. They list several colleges that don’t offer any free tuition education, and we have found these deceiving and annoying.

Initially, we thought there weren’t any schools that provided tuition-free programs, but we meticulously did our research and saw otherwise. We won’t say they are many, but they are still there.

Anyway, if you feel these schools don’t provide what you need, we would advise you to check out some scholarship programs like Catholic financial aid for graduates, or even other Christian scholarships, and if you’re Black, then these Catholic free funding might be perfect for you.

When choosing a tuition-free program, we would recommend you also consider your personal circumstances, for instance, if you have a tight schedule, you might need to find a way to choose a time that fits you properly and be consistent with it.

Before we list these tuition-free colleges, let’s first list some things you need to consider before choosing a free online Bible program.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Tuition-free Online Bible College

Are the Courses Relevant to Me?

It’s very important that you don’t make decision just based on free courses, that is, don’t allow due to a program is free and just dive in to their courses. You need to ensure that whatever they are providing will be relevant to your interest and purpose of taking the program in the first place.

Are the Faculty Excellent

It’s very important that those lecturing you understand Biblical Studies properly and are able to communicate them to their students even online. The good news is that all the tuition-free online Bible colleges we’ve listed do have Professional Faculty.

Is their Online Learning Platform User-friendly?

It’s important that the school makes it easy for you to navigate through their platform.

Now, let’s go ahead to list these colleges.

tuition-free online Bible colleges

Tuition-free Online Bible Colleges

1. Tennessee Bible College 

After the bad experience Malcolm Hill, the founder of TBC had as a young preacher to find the means to make it through college, he decided to build a school that no one would be turned away for lack of funds. He successfully built it and has authorized accreditation by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Not only do they offer tuition-free online programs, but they also have highly trained Christian educators with years of experience to bring about these courses.

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2. William Samson University

This is among the tuition-free online Bible colleges that only charge a one-time fee ($60) for admission and a student performance evaluation fee ($100) per online course to ensure comprehension and keep their organization operating. Besides the fact they provide free programs, they still back it up with top professors who will provide the right Bible education you deserve.

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3. Christian Leaders Institute

This college brings a lot to the table, they provide more than 150 Biblical courses for free, making them have graduated more than 525,000 from over 190 countries. All their courses are completely online and available 24/7 and the school is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission (ABHE).

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4. Carey Theological College – Canada’s Online Evangelical Seminary

Carey offers a tuition-free start program on their Masters and Doctoral level theological education, which means if you’re just admitted, you won’t pay for your tuition, however, you’ll start paying for tuition in your next year. Also, new students can now receive 8 tuition-free foundational courses in Bible, Theology, and Church History.

Carey has been providing online Theological Education for more than 3 decades making them one of the best tuition-free online Bible colleges.

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5. Pensacola Theological Seminary 

Pensacola Theological Seminary might not offer a complete tuition-free college, but they properly welcome you with a free online course. To them, the course helps you to cross-check if a graduate program in Theology is right for you.

You’re free to choose from a variety of degree programs that are convenient and flexible for you.

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6. Victorious Christian Bible University

This University is a branch of the Victorious Christian Bible Missions, accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). The University provides totally online program and is tuition-free.

Another interesting part is that their application, admission process, and course materials are all free. The only fee required is an administrative fee and no other additional fee.

So you can earn;

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

And many other Theological-related degrees.

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7. Rocky Mountain College

Through Rocky Mountain College’s online learning platform, you can study any of their programs from wherever you’re in the world. Due to RMC being a multi-denominational college, they partner with different churches and organizations to provide the courses you need.

They provide their introduction to Bible course for free, which is the first course you would take immediately after you enroll in their program.

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8. Carolina College of Bible Studies – How to Study the Bible Course

Carolina College might not totally provide a free-tuition education, but their “How to Study the Bible Course” is entirely free and the class can be taken online for 8 weeks. You only get to pay the registration fee (non-refundable), and this course has been offered for over forty years.

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9. Asbury Theological Seminary 

Asbury is one of the tuition-free online Bible colleges that provides a 96-hour Master of Divinity+ (M.Div.+) degree. You can decide to earn your degree on-campus, online, or in a hybrid format.

ATS offers scholarships throughout the program, and during your last year, you won’t pay any tuition fee. That means finals get to study for free at the Asbury Theological Seminary.

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You can see that there are just a few free tuition online Bible colleges, but we believe these few can be the answer to what you need. Sometimes, less is better!

One of the interesting things is that some of these colleges provide different kinds of programs ranging from certificate courses to free Ph.D. programs, so some of them literally have everything you need.

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