15 Theology Scholarships for African Students

Theology has to do with the study of religion, which we believe lots of students, especially those who intend to be spiritual leaders in a particular organization would love to enroll in. However, getting a Theological Degree doesn’t come cheap, especially for African students who desire to study outside their home country.

The good news is that there are several theology scholarships for African students that can help ease these financial burdens. And the best part is that there are other scholarships solely for international students to study in a faith-based school like the Catholic free funds for Int’l Students or even Christian scholarships for foreign students

We would advise you not to only apply for theology scholarships exclusively for African students because this can limit the number and amount of funds you will receive. There are several full scholarships just for African students you can apply to if you’re eligible.

Meanwhile, applying for theology scholarships will help you to focus less on the financial aspect of your journey and more on becoming one of the best students. Let’s list these scholarships right away.

theology scholarships for African students

Theology Scholarships for African Students

We would advise you once again to learn some basic requirements before you can apply for any scholarship.

1. The Desmond Tutu/Church of Scotland Masters Scholarship

Award Amount: Full overseas tuition fee

Eligibility: This scholarship will be awarded to a student from Africa who is accepted on a full-time basis for a one-year postgraduate Master’s program of study within the School of Divinity. Applicants need to have an official endorsement from the General Secretary or Principal Clerk of their Church and need to be a member of a Church of Scotland partner church in Africa.

Besides the full tuition scholars will receive, they will also receive free accommodation, visa costs, one return airfare, and insurance.

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2. West African Theological Seminary Scholarships

Award Amount: Varies

Eligibility: You can either be eligible for the Friends Of Wats Scholarship (FWATS), the Wats Alumni Scholarship, or the Parker Maxey Preaching Scholarship. The common requirements are that students MUST be duly registered and pay all the one-time charges, and need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

This is among the theology scholarships for African students provided to well-performing and outstanding students in all aspects of the school activities ranging from. 

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3. Educating Africa’s Next Ecclesial and Theological Leaders Scholarships

The Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame has established two annual scholarships at the MTS (Master of Theological Studies) level and one scholarship every second or third year at the Ph.D. level. Preference will be given to those candidates who would teach in African theological institutes, seminaries, or religious studies departments.

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4. Talent Grant 1-year MA programme in Theology and Religious Studies

Award Amount: €5,000

Eligibility: This grant is for international students from OUTSIDE the European Economic Area (EEA) including African students who want to do their Master’s in Theology and Religious Studies. Applicants also need to have excellent academic performance and grades during their bachelor/ undergraduate studies.

Just like every other scholarship, the Talent Grant doesn’t require you to pay back the financial resources.

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5. TCD – School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies Scholarships

Trinity College Dublin is partnering with two organizations to provide theology scholarships for African students, these scholarships include;

  • The Beit Trust Scholarship – for African students
  • Canon Collins Trust Scholarship – for African students

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6. Van der Veen-Schenkeveld Scholarship for Promising Female African Theologians

Award Amount: Full Scholarship

Eligibility: This scholarship is eligible for African women students who are admitted to the international Master of Theology program of the PThU (University of Amsterdam). Preference is given to students below the age of 35 who have an excellent study record and are committed to furthering the cause of African women.

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7. Zonneweelde scholarship for master’s and doctoral students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe

Award Amount: Up to €5,000

Eligibility: Applicants need to be residents of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe, and must have completed basic theology or similar training. Also, applicants need to pursue a master’s degree or doctoral program at a government-recognized applied science, academic, or postgraduate program in the Netherlands in the field of church and theology.

8. Union Theological Seminary International Scholarships

International Applicants, including African students, are eligible to receive institutional scholarships and grant awards from the School. Although most of their scholarships to international students are partial funding, they still allow students to source other scholarships from external sources.

Also, 2 kinds of scholarships can waive your tuition fee, they include;

  • Doctoral Scholarship and Stipend (Ph.D.) – provides full tuition plus a $30,000 living stipend for all admitted Ph.D. applicants.
  • Ecumenical Fellowship Program (STM) – full tuition plus cost of living for an STM student from an African country

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9. Africa Theological Seminary

Award Amount: Varies

Thanks to generous donors interested in assisting students in Africa Theological Seminary, some students get to receive financial assistance in paying their fees. ATS advises you to first explore all options available to you for payment of fees and other costs, prior to requesting consideration for financial assistance.

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10. Bishop Global Scholarship at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Award Amount: 100% Scholarship | One recipient annually

Eligibility: This is one of the theology scholarships for African students and other students outside of North America who intend to focus on a Master of Divinity. Applicants need to be committed to returning to ministry in his or her home country or serving outside of North America upon graduation.

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11. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary – International Scholarship

Award Amount: 100% Scholarship | One recipient annually

Eligibility: This scholarship is awarded to one student who demonstrates exceptional promise in academic work and for ministry in their home country upon graduation from Gordon-Conwell. 

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12. DTS – “Do All to the Glory of God” Scholarship Fund

The “Do All to the Glory of God” Scholarship Fund is awarded by Dallas Theological Seminary and was established by Mark and Rosanna Carvajal to provide tuition, books, and health insurance assistance for qualified international students from Africa or India, and/or working professionals while attending DTS.

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13. The Celestin and Bernadette B. Musekura Scholarship Fund

This is another theology scholarship for African students provided by Dallas Theological Seminary and was established by Ms. Melanie J. McNutt in honor of the Reverend Doctor and Mrs. Celestin Musekura and the ministry of ALARM. This award will provide tuition assistance for qualified international African students.

14. Radboud University – Master’s programme in Theology International Scholarship

Award Amount: €15,000 (renewable)

Eligibility: This scholarship is for an excellent female student from Asia or Africa, who wishes to start the three-year Master’s programme in Theology.

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15. African American Baptist Scholarship at Baylor University

Award Amount: Varies

Eligibility: To be eligible you have to Identify as African American, African, Caribbean, Black, or of African descent, demonstrated involvement in Baptist ministry and/or church, and have a minimum of 3.25 GPA.

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In summary, you can see there are a number of theology scholarships exclusively for African students, which can help African students pursue their studies in Theology, mostly outside their hometown. You should note that even though being of African descent is a guarantee for these scholarships, which also reduces competition, you also need to have good grades plus other requirements to pursue them.

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