8 US Sports Scholarships For UK Students

The United States is the best place for sports scholarships as there are opportunities for every student in nearly all sports. Curated in this blog post is an updated list of US sports scholarships for UK students and without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

The US has made a name for itself when it comes to sports scholarships, it is an opportunity of a lifetime that will transform your life both in academics and the sports industry. This is why many students from far and wide participating in athletics and sports of any kind seek sports scholarships in the US. The US is generous enough to even offer sports scholarships to international students but, of course, its citizens come first.

The sports scholarships in America for UK students can cover full or part tuition, there are also a few full-ride sports scholarships in the US. Whichever type you get all goes towards making your college expenses affordable and cheaper while you continue playing and, of course, studying for your degree. Aside from financial aid, sports scholarships in the US also offer other perks and can be a platform for you to sign professional deals and become a pro player after college.

Getting a sports scholarship is such an exciting opportunity and in this blog post, I have curated an updated list of US sports scholarships for UK students who wish to study in the US on a sports scholarship. This is an opportunity for UK student-athletes to study at a prestigious higher institution in America without spending so much, thanks to the sports scholarship while pursuing their love for sports, building a career, and exploring the country at the same time. Pretty cool, right?

Let’s go straight away to list these scholarships.

US sports scholarships for UK students

US Sports Scholarships for UK Students

Here are US sports scholarships for students in the UK:

1.     Stanford University Sports Scholarship

Stanford University is one of the best universities in the world, often confused with the Ivy League. As a UK student-athlete, you have the opportunity to study at Stanford University on a full-ride sports scholarship if you show excellent academic performance and exceptional athletic abilities. Stanford University excels so well in sports that it has won over 130 NCAA team national championships in 20 different sports, the most of any Division I school in the NCAA.

Getting into Stanford as a UK student is highly competitive to begin with. You will be required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher to qualify for the varsity team. There are numerous sports scholarships offered at Stanford for the men’s and women’s teams. Among them is the Women’s Volleyball Scholarship which comes with not just financial aid but also prestige as the women’s volleyball ranks in the top division.

2.     Kentucky Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Kentucky Men’s Basketball Scholarship is one of the sports scholarships for UK students in USA to look out for. If you compete in basketball in high school back home and want to continue in college then you should consider applying for the Kentucky Men’s Basketball team and receive a full-ride sports scholarship that will cover the entire cost of your education in the US.

This is a scholarship that you do not want to miss out on because the basketball program is among the best and most sought-after in the country offering over $20,000 per semester to cover tuition and other necessary expenses. They recruit student-athletes all around the year. There is only a handful of such scholarships in the US for UK students so you already know that is highly competitive.

3.     Alabama Football Scholarship

Alabama Football Scholarship is one of the US sports scholarships for UK students as well as for other international students. It is made available by the Alabama Crimson Tide’s football organization and no football scholarship in America comes close to what Alabama Football Scholarship offers. Football being the most popular sport in the US and also the most played sport is played at both professional and collegiate levels.

There are numerous scholarships in football in the US, so, if you are considering which sports you should play in the US that has bigger opportunities you should consider football. The team that this organization hosts competes for national championships, so receiving a scholarship from such an organization would surely bring you more than just financial funding for your education but do a lot more for your sports career.

However, this scholarship falls under the NCAA Division I, therefore, scholarships, sports teams, and colleges under this division are highly competitive and have a rigorous selection process.

4.     The University of Michigan Basketball Scholarship

The basketball scholarships offered by the University of Michigan are another amazing opportunity for UK students looking to study in the US on a scholarship. This opportunity is reserved for UK students who play basketball and participate in competitions back at home. You will be properly assessed by the basketball coach at U of M and go through other processes to qualify for the scholarship.

The basketball scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, athletic performance and potential, and talents. The application requirements for the basketball scholarship at U-M include high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and registration in the NCAA Eligibility Center. You must be applying to the University of Michigan and have an intent to join the basketball team to apply for the basketball scholarship.

The University of Michigan basketball team is one of the best in the U.S. for winning an NCAA championship, two NIT titles, 14 Big Ten Conference, and two Big 10 Tournament. It is a Division 1 school and, therefore, provides an annual 13 full-ride scholarship. You already know that this college would be a competitive one to get into and to win one of the full-ride sports scholarships.

5.     Wake Forest Men’s Soccer Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the best soccer scholarships in the US for international students which means UK students also qualify to apply. The scholarship award is offering over $49,000 to cover tuition and other expenses. As you may have already guessed, it is a highly competitive and selective scholarship even more so for international students.

If you are a UK student-athlete who wants to play soccer in the UK at the collegiate level on scholarship then you should consider looking into this scholarship. And aside from the financial reward, you get to enjoy other benefits.

To be eligible for this award, you must be a high school graduate with an intent to study at Wake Forest University or newly accepted into the institution to pursue a degree program and play soccer with the varsity team.

6.     St. Cloud State Ice Hockey Scholarship

If you play Ice Hockey back home in the UK and looking for opportunities to expand abroad, there is an opportunity you may want to consider which is the St. Cloud State Ice Hockey Scholarship in the US. The school, St. Cloud State University, holds the mantle of one of the prestigious hockey schools in the US and is the dream school of every hockey player.

To recognize its players, the university offers multiple scholarships annually to hockey players enrolled in the institution. The hockey scholarships at St. Cloud are not so competitive because an abundance of scholarships is provided yearly and it goes around but it is awarded based on ACT score and overall GPA. So, the higher your score, the higher the amount of funding you will get.

7.     The University of Florida Softball Scholarship

Softball is a popular collegiate sport and colleges participating offer scholarships to athletes who show academic and athletic performance. The University of Florida has a softball team and if you are an international student with an interest in the team there is room for you to join and even be eligible for the scholarships.

UK students wishing to expand their horizons may consider coming to the US, applying for the University of Florida, joining the softball team, and being eligible for scholarships. To get this scholarship, you must have actively participated in competitions at your former school.

8.     Notre Dame Football Scholarship

Here is another wonderful sport scholarship for UK students in the US whose goal is to play football as student-athletes. The Notre Dame Football Scholarship is a full-ride sport scholarship and is highly competitive. Joining the varsity team, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, is already competitive enough talk more about getting the full-ride scholarship. You must excel both in sports and academics to qualify for this award and intend to study at the University of Notre Dame.


There may probably be more US sports scholarships for UK students but these are the updated and available ones online. One thing I know about sports scholarships is that the majority of them are not mentioned online and you have to speak with your coach and class teachers to know of their existence. So, take the tip and speak with your current coach concerning your desire to study in the US on a sports scholarship.

Also, contact the head coach of universities in the US that you would like to attend and tell them of your intent to join their team on a scholarship they will provide you with all the necessary information to make the process seamless for you.