25+ Best 4-week Certificate Programs Online

The rise of online courses made more sense during and after the pandemic, lots of schools, and organizations that never imagined transitioning to e-classes are now creating different simulations to make their education smooth. 

Speaking of the fast pace of the 21st Century, where lots of people want to learn skills within a short period, which is totally fine. This gave rise to these 4-week certificate programs online, and the interesting part of them is that they can help you to totally decide if the program you have always dreamt of pursuing is really worth it in the long run.

There are still other programs that can add skills to your already growing career, and another beauty of these courses is that they are provided by top Industrial schools or organizations, so will be receiving a top-notch education. These courses can also help you to decide whether to enroll in a master’s program in Canada or even enroll in one of the free online high school diplomas if you are a little bit older.

We would also advise you to get an affordable book from websites related to your course to help you understand better.

Without much ado, let’s get straight ahead to listing them.

4-week certificate programs online

4-week Certificate Programs Online

1. Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

This is among the certificate online programs you can finish within 4 weeks, or approximately 33 hours that have a lot of potentials now and in the future. This course is offered by DeepLearning.AI – an education technology company that is empowering the global workforce to build an AI-powered future through world-class education – through Coursera.

Also, the course is for beginners, and what you need to be successful in it is basic knowledge of coding and just high school-level math.

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2. AI For Everyone

This is another 4-week certificate program online provided by DeepLearning.AI through Coursera and is also another beginner’s class. The program starts with the proper definition of AI in the first week, then the second week will teach you how to build some AI projects, then in the final week, which is the 4th week, you’ll learn more about AI and society.

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3. Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce

This is one of the 4-week certificate programs online offered by Google, and you know Google always does its best to provide well-quality products, including courses. And it’s the first of the seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Specialization. 

The program is also another beginners class, in which you’ll be learning Introduction to Foundations of digital marketing and E-commerce in your first week and how digital marketers and e-commerce specialists use data to assess and improve performance in your last week.

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4. Marketing in a Digital World

This 4-week course is provided by Penn Foster University of Illinois and you’ll be basically learning how new digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are reforming and revolutionizing the world of marketing by changing the roles and practices of both firms and consumers.

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5. Global Business

It is one thing to run a successful business in your home country, it is another story to extend that business to your neighboring country, and it’s a different game to even extend it to another continent, that’s why this course is important. It was created by Harvard Business School Online and you’ll explore the economic, political, and social factors driving change, and learn how decisions affect global markets—and your business, within 4 weeks or 1 month.

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6. Hacking – The Business and Criminological Frames

This is one of the online certificate programs that can be completed within 4 weeks or a month that is provided by La Trobe University. The rate of cyber attacks especially within the growth of technology is alarming, that’s why this course will teach you important knowledge in specific areas of IT, cybersecurity, and digital protection, no matter where you are in your career.

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7. Communication in the 21st Century Workplace

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized, especially in our 21st century where regardless of how beautiful and well-meaning your thoughts are, if you’re unable to properly communicate them, you’ll be left out immediately. So what this 4-week course provided by the University of California will do for you, it will teach you to identify and adapt your own communication style to not only increase team productivity but also build bridges with colleagues from all backgrounds.

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8. Corporate Strategy

This is one of the 4-week certificate programs online that teaches you how to compete across multiple businesses through making good corporate strategy decisions. So, the course will be dealing with corporate strategy decisions like diversification, divestiture, corporate advantage, etc.

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9. Data Security and Information Controls

This is another 4-week certificate online program provided by La Trobe University, and you’ll be making use of some of the latest simulation tools to analyze data security threats and implement data privacy and cryptography controls. 

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10. Cyber and Data Security

La Trobe University also provides another online 4-week course known as Cyber and Data Security. The program will start with fundamentals of technology, then advance to more specialized cybersecurity subjects.

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11. Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction to Python Programming is provided by TU Berlin and will give you a complete understanding of structured Python programming and advanced Python modules.

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12. Agile Project Management

This is another course provided by Google and the fifth course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. The course will start in the first week by teaching you the fundamentals of Agile, then end it with applying Agile in the organization.

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13. Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

Product management game is quickly changing especially when your product is digital, because you’ll be dealing with a lot of updates in just a day. There are lots of decisions to make with the numerous data you have, that’s what makes this course essential.

Because, you’ll be learning how to create the actionable focus to successfully manage your product, how to focus your work using modern product management methods, etc.

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14. Fashion Design

Parsons School of Design is providing this short course on Fashion Design. Though short, they will go deep to teach you the fashion design process, and how surface pattern design has reverberated through the fashion of the last century and into this millennium.

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15. Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

This course is beneficial for both those that are just beginning to work with the cloud and those who already have cloud experience. The program will introduce you to Microsoft Azure fundamentals, Concepts & Architectural Components, you’ll also learn Microsoft Azure Database, Analytics, & Compute Services.

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16. Graphic design

Lots of companies including big brands realize that effective visual communication is the key to attracting an audience, building a relationship, and closing a sale. This makes this one of the top 4-week certificate programs online that you should consider.

The course starts with a simple introduction to graphic design and then ends with how to be confident but still open to criticism.

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17. Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

Sometimes written words can be so boring, we see that often in academic writing, but learning how to bring in style, metaphor, imagery, and putting pressure on written language, can make a dizzy work, become a working art of god. That’s exactly what this 4 weeks course is all about.

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18. Introduction to Financial Accounting

For those that love accounting but aren’t sure if they would love to go deep into it as a career or those that want to improve their business account and maybe don’t have all the finances to employ an accountant, then this is for you. And coming from the University of Pennsylvania means it’s worth your time.

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19. Bookkeeping Basics

Every business that has made it to the top has realized the importance and this course – which is the first course in the series of 4 – will introduce you to the role of a bookkeeper and learn what bookkeeping professionals do every day.

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20. Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting

This is among the 4-week online certificate programs that are offered by IESE Business School, and just like Financial Accounting is often called the language of business, it means you’ll be learning the language managers use to communicate the firm’s financial and economic information to external parties such as shareholders and creditors. 

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21. Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance is the study of “heuristics” behaviors and dozens of other financial decision-making errors that can be avoided if we are familiar with the biases that cause them. So this course will help you to make better financial choices, plans, and decisions.

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22. Understanding Financial Markets

This is one of the 4-week certificate programs online that will teach you what the main financial markets and their characteristics are as well as how they are linked to the economy.

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23. Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career

This is an amazing course provided by HubSpot, and you and I know by now how much salespeople can earn whether by commission or royalties. This course might not give you all you need to know about closing, but sure it will be a good start.

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24. Business Writing

It is a strong skill to put your idea into writing, especially when it has to do with business because a lot of research has to be put in place. This course will teach you how to apply the top ten principles of good business writing to your work, and many more topics.

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25. Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order

In this 4-week course provided by the University of Michigan, you’ll be learning how to use your written words to become more persuasive. You’ll learn creative ways to use syntax, effective techniques for telling stories, and a clever method for arranging a complex series of information.

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26. Building Web Applications in Django

This course will teach you the Object-Oriented (OO) pattern in Python, basic Structured Query Language (SQL), and database modeling, including one-to-many and many-to-many relationships and how they work in both the SQL and Django models.

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You’ll notice in this list of 4-week certificate programs online that most of these courses will teach you either basics or fundamental topics, so if you find the course interesting, we would advise you to take more specializations in them.

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