10 Badminton Scholarships In Canada

Are you a high school student with a love for badminton? Do you wish to continue playing badminton in college? Then seize the opportunity and apply for badminton scholarships in Canada that will cover the educational cost of your college degree while you train with professional badminton coaches and participate in top national competitions that will take your career to the next level.

Badminton is a popular sport in Canada with various opportunities in place to promote the sport in and out of the country through competitions and recruiting young talented athletes with a passion for the sport. As a high school badminton player in Canada, you must be preparing yourself to graduate with good grades so that you can get into one of the top colleges in the country with a competitive badminton team where you will continue playing whilst studying for your degree.

Well, if you have not thought about that, you are welcome and yes, it is 100% possible. And for the icing on the cake? You could receive a badminton scholarship that will cover part of all of your college costs depending on the level of your athletic ability/performance and academic record/achievement.

Actually, this is not a new thing in Canada as well as in some other parts of the world like the US, Australia, and the UK. There is no doubt that you must have heard about sports scholarships, badminton scholarships in Canada are one of them. Of course, there are others like soccer scholarships in Canada and volleyball scholarships in Canada.

Outside Canada, you will find basketball scholarships in Australia and a wide range of swimming scholarships in the UK. This is to show you that aside from the typical merit and need-based financial aid that exists, sports scholarships equally exist and as a student-athlete, they should be your major focus. And you are still not exempted from applying for regular scholarships or qualifying for entrance scholarships awarded by most Canadian institutions.

So, if you play badminton in your current high school and wish to keep the passion burning but still want to get a college degree, that is absolutely possible, and getting a badminton scholarship will help you strike a balance between studying for your degree and participating in badminton training and competitions.

Then when you graduate college, you are left with two amazing success-guaranteed opportunities to explore. The first is a world-class degree with the option of diving into the business world with that degree, and the second is the chance to become a professional badminton player, join the national team, and compete at national and international levels because you were trained in the sport as a college student.

Many professional players we know of today followed this same path to achieve their dream and you too can be one of them.

I have curated a list of badminton scholarships in Canada to enable you to find them easily as it can be a daunting task gathering the information on your own on the World Wide Web. Also, you may miss out on a badminton scholarship because you didn’t realize that you could also apply for the scholarship as a badminton student-athlete in Canada.

This blog post will direct you to the right and clear path devoid of confusion. Let’s dive in already.

badminton scholarships in Canada

Badminton Scholarships in Canada

  • The Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship
  • Sembo Badminton Scholarship
  • Badminton BC Scholarship
  • BC School Sports Zone Scholarships
  • Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
  • Character Athlete Award
  • The University of King’s College Athletic Scholarships
  • Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Grants & Bursaries
  • The University of Toronto Varsity Blues Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • The University of Manitoba Athletic Awards

1.     The Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship

This scholarship is offered every year the previous year it was offered to six high school seniors who wanted to go to college and still play badminton. All six recipients of the scholarship were from different secondary schools but they were all outstanding badminton athletes, not just on the field but also in the classroom.

And this is the criteria used to award the Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship which is you must be in good academic standing and still perform excellently on the badminton court. In addition, applicants must have leadership potential and participate in community involvement. The scholarship is awarded to six students and the value is $1,000 per student.

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2.     Sembo Badminton Scholarship

The Sembo Badminton Scholarship Award was established in 2007 as a way of recognizing and encouraging students to play competitive badminton whilst maintaining good grades in high school. Just like the above award, the Sembo Badminton Scholarship is also offered annually but it is to one single winner.

To be eligible, you must be in grade 12 at the time of application, played competitive badminton and made an outstanding achievement in tournaments, provide a letter of recommendation from your coach, write and submit a 500-word essay on how badminton has impacted you through high school, and maintain a minimum of 70% overall in grades 11 and 12. The scholarship value is $2,000.

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3.     Badminton BC Scholarship

Here is another amazing badminton scholarship in Canada for residents of British Columbia (BC) who must be members of Badminton BC to receive the scholarship. The organization provides this scholarship as part of its mission to provide clear leadership and assist and support the developmental advancement of the sport.

As a member of Badminton BC, various scholarships are open for you to apply for. Each of these scholarships has its respective requirements, criteria, and application deadline. You would love to see them all, wouldn’t you? Follow the link below.

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4.     BC School Sports Zone Scholarships

The BCSS Zone Scholarship is not specifically a badminton scholarship, it is a general sports scholarship but as a badminton student-athlete in good academic standing and exceptional athletic ability, you could be one of the recipients of the awards. It is awarded annually to 16 student-athletes who plan to attend a higher institution.

In addition to the requirement, applicants must have demonstrated outstanding service and leadership in school and/or community. Each selected applicant will receive a scholarship worth $750.

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5.     Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship

 Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship is one of the sports scholarships in Canada offered in memory of Brian Maxwell, as the name of the scholarship says. It is a scholarship that is awarded annually to 6 student-athletes (3 males and 3 females) who will continue their higher education at a university or college in Canada. The scholarship value is $5,000 per student.

Now, as a badminton player who wants to continue in a higher institution, you also qualify for this award. Students themselves will not be applying for the scholarship, rather they will be selected by their coach if they meet the criteria. Preference shall be given to a student whose character is reflective of qualities that Brian Maxwell demonstrated in his life: honesty, integrity, compassion, and an unwavering quest to accomplish the best they can, academically and athletically, while supporting his fellow team members.

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6.     Character Athlete Award

Badminton student-athletes can take advantage of the Character Athlete Award and receive a $500 grant among other perks. The award is given annually to two males and two females who embody OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect, and sportsmanship.

There are no applicants, rather, there are nominees who are nominated by their teachers or coaches. Nominations must be for student-athletes who competed in an individual or team high school sport. You can show this to your coach or teacher and they may nominate you if you live up to the criteria.

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7.     The University of King’s College Athletic Scholarships

Every year, the University of King’s College offers 56 renewable scholarships valued at $5,000 for students who demonstrate excellence in academic and athletic activities. As a badminton student-athlete, you can take advantage of this award apply to the university, and try out for the badminton team. Your performance from there on out on the court and in the classroom will determine if you will receive an athletic scholarship.

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8.     Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Grants & Bursaries

Whichever sport you play in Canada, whether basketball or badminton, you can win bursaries and grants from the Canadian Sport Institute. Annually, the organization provides a host of grants and bursaries to athletes irrespective of the sports they play. So, this is an opportunity for badminton student-athletes whether in secondary or postsecondary institutions to get financial assistance.

Note that the Institute offers different grants and bursaries which are provided by organizations and individuals so their eligibility criteria are different and they all have different application forms.

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9.     The University of Toronto Varsity Blues Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Toronto is one of the best higher institutions in Canada and his home to the Varsity Blues, the sports team of the institution. Athletes of this prestigious institution are eligible to receive free funding across all sports to support the cost of their studies. And since the institution has a badminton team, this means you can come here to study, play badminton, and receive a scholarship.

There are 5 different athletic awards offered to incoming and current student-athletes who meet the specific requirements to win the awards. Some of them are presented only to a male and only to a female and some are presented to both male and female. The athletic awards are offered annually and do not exceed $4,500 per student per academic year as per the regulation from U Sport and OUA.

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10.  The University of Manitoba Athletic Awards

As an active team member of the University of Manitoba Badminton Club, you may be eligible for an athletic award. The athletic award cut across all teams in the varsity sports which also includes badminton and you can win a scholarship of up to $4,500 if you meet the requirements.

The scholarship does not require an application, if you are interested, speak with your coach and you will be nominated for the scholarship. The criteria to be nominated is that you must register for and complete at least 60% of a full course load per term whilst competing in badminton competitions.

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As Canada continues to produce world-class badminton players, scholarships are becoming more and more competitive. However, for those who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication, there are many opportunities available. The excitement and challenges of pursuing a career in badminton in Canada are matched only by the rewards. So, if you have a love for the sport and the drive to succeed, don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams!

The scholarships available for badminton student-athletes in Canada are just one aspect of the journey. It’s important to remember that the friendships, experiences, and personal growth that come with pursuing a badminton career are just as valuable. The support of family, friends, and teammates is essential, and the lessons learned on and off the court will stay with you for a lifetime. So, even if you don’t end up becoming a professional player, the rewards of playing badminton are priceless.