Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship Application

College comes with lots of experiences, as a freshman you’re given a very high level of independence – which can be misused if not properly guided – most of the decisions are now left up to you. You decide to study harder (no one is there to push you again), you decide to go to the gym, to worship, to party, to eat healthily, or lots of junk.

As all of these are going on in college most of the time we fail to prioritize our health. In fact, IVC (Interventional Vascular & Vein Center), the provider of the Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship noted that “70% of college students gain weight by graduation.”

The scholarship was established to help students speak more about healthy habits during their college years, and that will continue to benefit you in your lifetime.

Moreover, if you’re enrolled (or intend to enroll) in the medical or dental field and don’t mind serving in the military, you can take advantage of the Health Professions Scholarship Program where you’ll be awarded a scholarship from your second year till your finals. Also, there are other scholarships for minorities in healthcare or even financial assistance for high school seniors intending to join the healthcare field.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about this scholarship, and even spice it up with some effective tips to stand out from other students.

Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship

About the Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship

The Interventional Vascular & Vein Center (IVC), one of the reputable organizations in preventing and treating vein disease, is the provider of this scholarship. The scholarship was established because IVC has seen the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the demanding college years.

The scholarship is worth $5,000 and is awarded annually, with $2,500 scholarships given to two deserving students each semester. Recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship once. 

This scholarship is more than the monetary value you’ll gain, participating helps you to see more on the importance of developing healthy living even in college. And if you eventually win, it will speak a lot in your academic resume.

Eligibility Requirements for the Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must;

  • Be enrolled in an accredited US college or university
  • Be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduate students, 9 credit hours for graduate students)
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7
  • Must submit an unofficial or official transcript. Make sure your name and your institution’s name are clearly visible on the document.
  • Medical school students may provide proof of their pass/ fail classes.

How to Apply

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you now have to apply. You should follow these procedures to apply;

  • Write an essay of 800 to 1000 words, promoting a practical approach to a healthy lifestyle during college years and how these habits can be sustained over a lifetime. (We’ll soon show you how to write this essay effectively).
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of health and wellness and discuss why healthy living is a lifetime endeavor based on your personal experiences.
  • Your essay should be in a Word document or similar (PDF, Google Doc) file type with your first and last name in the document title.
  • Forward their completed essay, documentation of GPA, and full-time enrollment status to scholarship@iVein.com  with “iVein Scholarship” in the subject line on or before the listed deadline.

You can see that, unlike scholarships like MyMozaic scholarship, Do-Over Scholarship, or even the Make Me Laugh Scholarship, you don’t need to register before you can apply. You just need to send your details to the email provided.

Tips to Winning the Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship

In the multitude of several applications, it’s best to learn how to stand out from what every other person is doing. We’ll be guiding you on how to craft a winning essay in this section.

  • First of all, it’s good to properly read the instructions for this scholarship. In this case, you need to know that your wording is directed at telling the judges about practical approaches to health during college and how these habits can be sustained long-term.
  • As you’re writing ensure to grab the scholarship committee’s attention from your introduction, you need to set the stage for your essay like a pro. It can be a short anecdote, a real-life statistic, some thoughtful questions, or even a movie series.
  • Don’t just tell them how healthy you are or how important it is to be healthy, you need to be more specific and describe to them how you have developed healthy habits, how to make a healthy decision on campus, etc.
  •  In your essay, you should throw in some tips on what current students can do to make their current lifestyle and diet healthier and sustainable in the future. You can describe how embarking on all-night reading without proper dinner can likely negatively affect the exam the next day.
  • Also, if you had some challenges in maintaining healthy eating whether as a freshman or sophomore, you can share it in your Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship essay. Also, show them how you came out of it 
  • Don’t forget to meticulously proofread your essay to ensure there are no typos and grammatical errors which will reduce the professionalism of your work.

Pro Tip: since we all know that college life can be demanding, you can share some strategies you have tried to maintain healthy habits. Whether it’s time management or even affordable healthy meals on campus.

Bonus Tip: Even though it’s wrong to replicate the essays of other winners, you should read them to understand why the judges chose an essay out of a pool of others. 

Above all, you need to be yourself, don’t try to please them by doing exactly what others did, or trying to sound like a robot.

That said, you can apply for some scholarships that don’t require any essay such as the SmartOwl Scholarship, Bold “No Essay” Scholarship, or even Niche No Essay Scholarship.

Key Takeaway 

You can see that participating in this Ivein Health and Wellness Scholarship won’t only open the door to winning a $2,500 college scholarship but it also helps you to reflect more on healthy living. If you eventually win the scholarship, your advice will be read by many (because IVC will publish it along with other previous winners) and there is this self-satisfaction it brings knowing that your essay is impacting some people’s lives.

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