8 Best Rugby Scholarships in Scotland – A Guide for Talented Young Players

Even though the popularity of Rugby is reducing in the UK and Scotland, with a slight decrease in participation in rugby union from roughly 260 thousand in 2016 to 195 thousand in 2020, playing at least twice a month according to Statista. Rugby still remains one of the most popular Sports in Scotland, even the Scottish Rugby Union, was founded in 1873, making it the oldest rugby union in the world.

It’s worth noting that Scotland has been producing some of the best rugby players in the world who are regular customers of the Six Nations tournament and the Rugby World Cup. 

The best part is, that you can fasten your career through these Rugby scholarships in Scotland, and they can even help you to pursue a professional Rugby career. The same is applicable to other Rugby scholarships in the UK or even some of these scholarships for international students.

Unlike some Rugby scholarships in the U.S., you’ll notice as you go through these financial assistance that their monetary value is not much. So, it’s advisable to apply for other academic scholarships provided by these schools and universities.

Note that most of these scholarships also give students access to great coaching and training facilities. However, applying for Rugby or any other sports scholarship is very competitive, and you need to prove you’re competent both academically and in Rugby.

Before we list these scholarships, let’s first list some ways you can get ready to stand a chance of winning them.

How to Win Rugby Scholarships in Scotland

Here are some of the tips to win any of these scholarships.

Start Early

The importance of early application and early competence cannot be overemphasized. First of all, most recruiters focus on athletes who have been nurtured from a young age, and this early preparedness will help you to perform at your peak level at the right time.

Secondly, the early application helps to reduce competition, because most of these schools and organizations consider these applications first and it also helps you to prepare a strong application without rushing.

Participate in Local Rugby Club

This is also very important as it will help you nurture your skill and experience, and it also opens doors for coaches and scouts to notice your performance.

Have Good Grades

Please don’t assume because it is a sports scholarship that your academic performance will be swept under the rug. See it this way, your athletic performance advertises you, then your academic prowess gets you closer to winning the scholarship.

Most of these schools have a minimum requirement for grades, try to have a little bit above the required grade just to stand out from the competition.

Video Yourself

Sometimes, coaches and scouts don’t get to see student-athletes physically perform, with a highlighted video of your performance will tell a brilliant story of how good you are. And contact the coaches or admission staff directly through email.

With all these said, let’s now list these scholarships.

Rugby scholarships in Scotland

Rugby Scholarships in Scotland

Applying for these scholarships means you’re prepared both in your studies and in the sport of Rugby, it also means that you’re ready to be committed to excellence when you’re awarded the scholarship. These scholarships can help cover the cost of scholars’ tuition, accommodation, other support packages, and other expenses.

1. University of Stirling (UK)

The University of Stirling is partnering with the Stirling County Fosroc Super6 rugby franchise to provide scholarships to their student-athletes. This is one of the colleges that offer Rugby scholarships and also give their students the opportunity to enroll in other additional Scholarships.

That means you can take advantage of both athletic scholarships and academic scholarships.

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2. University of Edinburgh – The Bedell-Sivright Scholarship Fund

This is among the Rugby scholarships in Scotland that are named after one of EURFC’s most illustrious alumni, David Bedell-Sivright. The scholarship was created to attract 4 to 5 best young talents to study and play rugby for The University of Edinburgh.

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3. RUK Undergraduate Performance Sport Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the University of Strathclyde’s Business School and provides academic flexibility (where feasible), World-Class sports science and medical support, and financial assistance towards training and competition costs. The scholarship plus other advantages adds up to a cash equivalent of up to £6,250 per year.

Applicants need to be competing in a Scotland-recognised sport, and priority will be given to students competing in a BUCS sport.

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4. University of Strathclyde Performance Sport Scholarship

This is among the sports and Rugby scholarships in Scotland provided by the University of Strathclyde awarded to talented student-athletes who always compete at the International level. Combining their scholarship plus other support packages scholars will receive a cash equivalent worth up to £4,750 annually.

Another interesting thing regarding this scholarship is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or Postgraduate Programme, as long as you’re found eligible, you stand a chance of winning the award.

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5. Merchiston Sports Scholarships

Scholarships provided by Merchiston including Rugby scholarships are awarded for the duration of your son’s career – Merchiston is an all-boys school. Their scholarships are awarded at two main entry points: Sixth Form Scholarship (16+) and Senior School Scholarship (13+).

For your son to be considered for a Sports’ Scholarship, he must be entering S2 (Y9) or S5 (Y12) and offer at least two sports for practical assessment, one of which must be one of Merchiston’s key sports – rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis, golf or hockey.

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6. Strathallan Sports Scholarships

Strathallan Sports Scholarships are available for boys and girls who demonstrate outstanding sporting ability, talent, and potential to contribute strongly to sport at Strathallan and beyond. Applicants may select at least 2 sporting activities – Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, and Tennis.

The school is interested in candidates that have outstanding natural sporting ability, have strong achievement in their chosen sport(s) Potential, have good leadership potential, have the ability to inspire peers to higher levels of performance, and many more requirements. Their Scholarships are awarded to students entering S2 (Y9) or S5 (Y12).

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7. University of St. Andrews Sports Scholarships

Just like every other Rugby scholarships in Scotland on our list, the University of St. Andrew created its Athletic scholarships for the purpose of attracting and then financially supporting exceptional students who wish to continue their sport at a high level whilst furthering their education at St Andrews.

The school provides both Saints Rugby Performance Scholarships, and St Leonard’s Masters Scholarship for men’s Rugby.

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8. Loughborough Sports Scholarship

Loughborough University provides up to £5,000 worth of scholarships to their student-athletes competing in sporting activities including Rugby. The scholarship is open to both UK and International Students pursuing their Master’s and Research degrees.

Besides the monetary value, scholars will also receive free membership of Powerbase – one of the country’s largest strength and conditioning gyms –

free Athletic Union club membership, and campus parking permit.

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Rugby scholarships help talented young players to combine both their academic and athletic growth, and thanks to a handful of schools and universities that provide these scholarships in Scotland. The downside is that the monetary value for most of these scholarship are low, especially when compared to Rugby scholarships provided in the United States, or even academic scholarships provided in Scotland.

That said, it’s worth noting that you can also apply for these academic scholarships, most schools allow you to apply for both rugby and academic scholarships.

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