11 Fishing Scholarships for College 

Not so many people consider a fishing school nor fishing scholarships for college, even organizations never thought of providing financial aid to fishery students until recently. They have focused their interests on fashion scholarships, scholarships for medical students, pilot training scholarships, etc.

But does that mean studying fishery is not worth it?

It’s absolutely worth it, especially seeing that the world is now taking new measures to take care of our water and the Aquatic being living in it. In fact, the UN finally named March 22 World Water Day, which encourages us to think about water waste and how to protect it.

A degree in Fishery and Aquaculture opens a lot of career doors that people usually overlook such as Aquaculture Entrepreneur, Fishery Farm Manager, Lecturer, Consultant, Scientist, etc.

So, in this article, we’ll be listing some of the fishery scholarships for undergraduate and graduate college students that can help you reduce your financial burden.

fishing scholarships for college
Fishing Scholarships for College

Fishing Scholarships for College

1. Central Coast Women for Fisheries – Fishing Heritage Scholarship

Central Coast Women for Fisheries represents families that have a small-scale, family-operated fish business. Since its inception, the Fishing Heritage Scholarship has been awarded to 90 students, and almost all of these students have renewed yearly up to the limit of 4 times. 

CCWF has awarded $282, 467 to these students who have attended community and state colleges, universities, and various trade schools or courses for certifications.

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2. Fish Florida Scholarship Program

This is among the fishing scholarships for college that support aquatic science students working to improve their understanding of Florida’s waters. The organisation believes that for Floridians to act as effective environmental stewards and to promote cooperation essential to protecting and restoring Florida’s aquatic habitats, they need quality research. 

The Scholarships are available to students from the University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and the University of Miami.

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3. Cal Poly Humboldt – Department of Fisheries Biology Scholarships

Students currently enrolled in the Fisheries Biology program are eligible to apply for scholarships offered through the department. Some of the fishery scholarships for college students include;

  • The Michael G. Scott Award
  • San Jose Flycasters
  • Tyee Club of San Francisco
  • James Joseph Award
  • Granite Bay Flycasters Scholarship
  • Peter F. Lopes Memorial Scholarship

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4. Stockton University – Father’s Love of Fishing Inspired Career, Scholarship

Grguric, an associate professor of marine science at Stockton University is honouring his father, and sharing his love of fishing, through a newly endowed $200,000 Silba Distinguished Scholarship. This scholarship will subsidize students who are doing research in marine science. 

The scholarship will award two $3,500 grants per year.

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5. Bass Fishing Hall of Fame -Fishery Management Scholarship

Bass Fishing Hall of Fame understands that as many of the state and federal natural resource managers near retirement, there is a need to fill vacant positions with qualified individuals who understand and have a passion for sport fishing. 

For this reason, they are offering over $15,000 in college scholarships for students seeking a degree in a natural resource field with a career goal of becoming a practising fishery manager with a state, federal or provincial agency. 

Applicants can be enrolled as high school seniors, college undergraduate or graduate students (MS or PhD), and must be U.S. or Canadian citizens.

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6. Colorado Women Flyfishers – Karen Williams Memorial Scholarship

The Karen Williams Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Karen Williams who was the first to lend a helping hand to ladies just learning to fish, but Cancer unfortunately took her life quickly. The scholarship is worth $500, and it’s meant to educate women about the sport and ethics of fly fishing.

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7. Mississippi State University – College of Forest Resources Scholarships

Mississippi State University provides several fishing scholarships for college students, and you only need to apply to any of them with just one application. Some of the scholarships include;

  • Avery Wood Memorial Scholarship
  • Delta Pride Catfish Scholarship
  • Dale H. Arner Memorial Scholarship in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
  • James C. Kennedy Scholarship in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation
  • Leopold Wildlife Ecology and Management Scholarship
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Scholarship

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8. NSU Scholarship Fishing Tournament

This is another fishing scholarship for high-achieving graduate students at NSU’s (Nova Southeastern University) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. All recipients are engaged in active research related to marine organisms, ecosystems, health, and conservation.

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9. UConn’s Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Scholarships

UConn doesn’t just provide fishery scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, they also provide quality education to their students. This has made them globally recognised, and one of them is being ranked among the Top 25 public universities in the nation according to 2022’s U.S. News & World Report.

Some of the scholarships include exclusively for fishery students;

  • Robert S. Malloy Scholarship
  • James V. Spignesi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Whitworth Ichthyology Award

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10. University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Science Scholarships

The University of Washington has been in the business of providing the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences to students for over 100 years, so they are also well experienced in providing the right education to match their scholarships.

SAFS provides several categories of Scholarships, they include;

  • Scholarships for Prospective SAFS Majors: annual amounts typically range from $1,000 to $6,000
  • Scholarships For Continuing SAFS Majors
  • SAFS Travel Scholarships

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11. New Mexico State University: Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology Scholarships

New Mexico State University provides a lot of scholarships but Undergraduate scholarships available through the Department must be applied for through ScholarDollar$ using your MyNMSU login information. Some of their scholarships include;

  • Charles Harlan Graham Memorial
  • Claude Waner Memorial
  • Ocie Gray Memorial
  • Anthony J. Juliana Memorial
  • Carol Gordon Memorial
  • Willis M. (Dub) Bird, Jr. Scholarship

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In summary, you’ll realize that the free monies to be won from these fishing scholarships for college are not big, in fact, none of them is a full-tuition scholarship. This is major because these scholarships just started manifesting, and we believe as time goes on, there will be more with greater funds.

Anyway, this doesn’t stop you from applying for other scholarships, if you see anyone that offers bigger funds and you’re eligible don’t hesitate to apply.

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