Zakat Scholarship Application

This blog post has tons of information to share on the Zakat scholarship application process. So, if you have been nursing the idea of applying for this scholarship, stay glued to this article and get the information you need.

It is becoming a norm for people to give up on their dreams especially when it comes to career achievement. This can be caused by many things but most times, financial incapability takes the lead. However, instead of opting out due to financial issues, it is good to know that there are many financial aid options where you can study freely without paying the tuition fee yourself.

These financial aid options come in the form of scholarships or grants which are offered by either the government of a country or by a non-profit organization that takes it upon themselves to relieve individuals from the financial burden of education. In special cases, you can even be lucky to get a fully-funded scholarship where your tuition fee is not only paid but accompanied by other allowances such as travel allowances, insurance allowances, accommodation, etc.

The Zakat scholarship is one of such financial aid options that is provided. Apart from this scholarship, there are other available scholarships too for individuals who are qualified to apply for them like the Zombie Apocalypse scholarship and the Zell Miller scholarship. One can apply for other categories of scholarships, depending on the career of choice. There are scholarships for criminal justice majors, aeronautical engineering, accounting, and agriculture. Individuals interested in sports and athletics also have scholarships they can apply for. They can go for bowling scholarships, swimming scholarships, cricket scholarships, and other athletic scholarships that are available.

Zakat scholarship just as this article will be focusing on is a type of scholarship that is provided by the Zakat Foundation of America. The Zakat Foundation of America is an organization that helps Muslims carry out their Zakat duties easily and correctly and deliver these obligatory alms and voluntary sadaqah charity from all caring people diligently, effectually, and with dignity to the poor, the stricken, the war-ravaged, and the bereaved of all the world. The organization collects Zakat payments and voluntary Sadaqah (charity) and distributes them to the divinely decreed eight categories of its direly needful and deserving recipients:

  • The poor, hungry, and thirsty
  • The sick, the wounded, the plague-struck; expecting and postpartum mothers, and newborns
  • The refugee, internally displaced, and the forced migrant
  • The besieged, the subjugated, the victims of violence, and the persecuted
  • The debt-ridden, and children, women, and men in need of inclusive, quality education and empowering vocational training
  • The ones inclined to advocacy of peace, tranquility, and the elimination of violence
  • Those striving to establish human rights, sustainable communities, food resilience, clean water and sanitation, and responsible consumption and production
  • Those who work to make this possible

The Zakat Foundation of America’s mission is to;

  • Provide both immediate and sustained relief to the disaster-stricken
  • Build and underwrite orphanages, health clinics, and schools
  • Feed millions of the world’s hungry
  • Hand-deliver millions of pounds of fresh, Islamically correct, humane Udhiyah Qurbani sacrifices and ‘Aqiqah meat to entire, needful communities on five continents
  • Serve as a trusted, transparent, independently audited, top-ranked Zakat and charity resource
  • Stand as a four-star, trustworthy, secure, and connected charitable resource for donors with irreproachable vetted and scrutinized practices and policies for humanitarian relief and assistance
  • Minimize every expense of its Zakat administration
  • Maximize and multiply the effect of its charitable collections through monitored strategic partnerships and elimination of middle agencies

This organization sure has a lot on its hands to provide for in areas like; Water, Food Security, Emergency Relief, Orphan Care, Health & well-being, Refugee Empowerment, Livelihoods, Seasonal Islamic Giving, Signature Projects, and Scholarships are also added to the list. Since we are here to find out all about the Zakat scholarship, let’s delve right into it without further ado.

Zakat Scholarship

What Is Zakat Scholarship?

Zakat scholarship is a type of scholarship that is provided by the Zakat Foundation of America. The organization believes that charity (also known as zakat or sadaqah) purifies wealth and exponentially increases the blessings that wealth can bring. So, through this scholarship program, they can support and celebrate outstanding applicants and future professionals on their journey to uplifting their communities through charity and service.

How Much Is The Zakat Scholarship Worth?

The Zakat Foundation of America offers $30,000 in scholarships to those most dedicated to community service.

Full Requirements Of Zakat Scholarship

To be eligible to apply for the Zakat scholarship, you must be:

  • A high school senior graduating that is entering a 2- or 4-year college
  • A resident of CA, DE, MD VA, FL, IL, NC, NJ, NY, PA, TX, MI GA OH
  • Must have completed high school in your respective state
  • Must have been heavily involved in community service throughout high school
  • US Citizens/Residents Only

How To Apply For The Zakat Scholarship?

To apply for the Zakat scholarship, applicants need to follow three simple steps which are;

Step 1 – Apply – To apply, you need to fill out their application. Click here to fill out the form and apply

Step 2 – Write – You have to write a 500-word essay about the following prompt:

“Community Service takes on many forms. Tell us about your relationship with your community and how it has affected your current and future involvements in community service.”

Step 3 – Share – Once you are done, you share the link with your references and have them complete your letter of recommendation. Click here for references

For Scholarship Eligibility – To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must meet all the general scholarship eligibility.

For Zakat Foundation of America Volunteer – Applicant must meet all general Scholarship Eligibility and must have volunteered a minimum of 30 hours with Zakat Foundation of America in the past 12 months.

The deadline for application is May 15th, 2024

To find out more about the Zakat scholarship, Click Here


Now that you have gotten all the information you need about this scholarship, get serious with community services if you are eligible for this scholarship and start applying before the deadline.