10 Boarding School Scholarships In UK

The cost of boarding school in the UK can be costly for some parents who wish to send their child there but there is good news. There are boarding school scholarships in UK, curated in this blog post, that are awarded every year to students who demonstrate excellence in academics or a particular activity, this is an opportunity for parents to send their child to school on a cost-effective means.

Many parents wish to send their child to a boarding school but cannot do so due to the cost. Boarding schools are generally expensive compared to day schools. In day schools, students go home after the day’s activities but at boarding schools, students retire to the dormitories which are in the school premises.

Boarding school students live on the school premises and only go home at the end of the semester, although some boarding school packages allow students to go home on the weekends. Since these students live on the school premises, they pay more for housing and feeding which is the major reason why it is more costly than day schools.

But as you may already know, there are private or independent boarding schools and there are also public boarding schools in the UK. From general knowledge, you also know that private boarding schools are more expensive than their public counterparts. For independent boarding schools in the UK, you will be charged for tuition and boarding but for state boarding schools tuition is free of charge however you still need to pay for boarding.

How Much is Boarding School in the UK?

The cost of a state (public) boarding school in the UK ranges from £10,000 – £19,000 per year while independent boarding school in the UK can be as high as £40,000 per year for a single child. I am putting this out there so that it will aid you as a parent in making a decision on where to send your child based on your budget.

If you are wondering why families, even those with low income, still want to send or already sent their child or children to a UK boarding school even with the expensive tuition, the boarding schools in the UK offer outstanding education and help develop essential life skill in students that prepares them for the next phase of their life.

In as much as boarding schools in the UK are expensive, they still try to make it as affordable as possible for everyone by offering scholarships and bursaries. Many independent boarding schools in the UK offer scholarships to students with excellent academic performance or good performance in other activities such as music, art & design, sport, or performing arts.

How Much are Boarding School Scholarships in UK?

Boarding school scholarships in the UK can cover from 5% to 100% of annual school fees depending on the student’s performance in an exam, audition, or interview. The boarding school scholarships in UK are not meant for UK citizens alone, international students and permanent residents can also be eligible for them.

Aside from scholarships, UK boarding schools also offer bursaries which are offered to students from low-income families. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need while scholarship is awarded based on merit in academics, athletic performance, or other activities. Private schools in the UK award bursaries more than scholarships.

boarding school scholarships in UK

Boarding School Scholarships In UK

  • The Worthgate School Scholarship of Excellence
  • The American School in England (TASIS) Scholarships & Financial Assistance
  • Lancaster Royal Grammar School Sixth Form Boarding Scholarship
  • Rossall Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Claremont Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Westbourne School Scholarships
  • Strathallan Scholarships
  • Cobham Hall Scholarships
  • Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation Scholarships
  • DLD College London Scholarships

1.     The Worthgate School Scholarship of Excellence

The Worthgate School has been in existence for over 70 years inspiring and empowering its students to achieve greatness. It is a boarding school that dates back to the early 20th century but the buildings and boarding houses have been renovated to suit current educational demands.

Every year, Worthgate School offers a limited number of scholarships to students with excellent academic performance irrespective of their nationality, which means, it is available to UK and international students. Winners of this scholarship will be reimbursed with the last two years of their tuition and accommodation fees provided they gain entry into the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.

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2.     The American School in England (TASIS) Scholarships & Financial Assistance

TASIS England is a co-ed day and boarding school with a diverse student community of over 60 nationalities. The boarding option is only for students aged 13—18. Education at this school is expensive, especially for boarders but the school offers a range of financial aid to assist families.

The means-tested financial aid offered by TASIS England is available to any qualifying students who meet the academic requirements. The qualifying students include day or boarding students, and local or international students. The financial assistance covers between 5% to 25% of the tuition fees.

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3.     Lancaster Royal Grammar School Sixth Form Boarding Scholarship

Lancaster Royal Grammar School is a co-ed day and boarding school with more than 1,200 students. To recognize students’ academic ability and talents, Lancaster Royal Grammar School offers three scholarships annually to internal students progressing from Year 11 to the Sixth Form and to external students applying for Lower Sixth.

Winners are selected based on academic performance or outstanding performance in an extracurricular activity. Each of the scholarships has a value of £1,500 per year. Applicants are also required to submit certain documents for the Sixth Form Boarding Scholarship application. These documents are a copy of your passport, a 400-word letter outlining your academic interests, achievements, and ambitions, a copy of your latest school report, and your predicted GCSE grades for all subjects.

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4.     Rossall Scholarships and Bursaries

Rossall School is an independent co-ed school that accepts pupils from all nationalities from ages 0 – 18 years old. Here at Rossall, you can become a boarder from age 7 to 18 and be provided with the best care like you never left home. Current and new pupils of Rossall enjoy annual scholarships and means-tested bursaries to support the cost of their education.

As for the scholarships, they are awarded based on merit to pupils entering Years 7, 9, and 12 with outstanding talent in the areas of academics, sport, music, or art.

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5.     Claremont Scholarships and Bursaries

Claremont Independent School is another co-ed school with full boarding and weekly boarding options to suit the needs of students. Here at Claremont, you can become a boarder between ages 10 and 18 years old and receive access to high-standard care and educational support.

Students between Years 7 and 12 are eligible for scholarships and bursaries to assist with the cost of their education. Recipients are selected based on outstanding potential in academics, sports, creative and performing arts, and equestrian.

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6.     Westbourne School Scholarships

Westbourne School is offering one the best boarding school scholarships in the UK as it covers prep school, senior school, and sixth form students. This school offers a diverse environment as accept application from all parts of the world. You can only become a boarder from 11 years onwards.

Academic scholarships are offered to talented students from prep to senior school. Pre-students are assessed with two CEM tests, one math quiz, and one reading quiz before meeting with the head of the prep school for an interview. For senior students to receive the academic scholarship, they will sit for an online CEM test, an English entrance paper, and a math scholarship paper in addition to meeting with the principal.

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7.     Strathallan Scholarships

Strathallan School is a co-ed day and boarding school for UK citizens and international students to receive a quality education. There are 7 boarding houses at Strathallan for boys and girls, each with its unique feel and traditions.

Every year, Strathallan School offers several scholarships to outstanding students to cover between 10% and 20% of their tuition to nurture talent and promote achievement.

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8.     Cobham Hall Scholarships

Cobham Hall School was an all-girls school for girls between 11 and 18 years old but it now accepts both day and boarding students as well as boys. Cobham offers a dynamic boarding environment that encourages pupils to live their lives to the full. The school also has a culturally diverse environment with students from more than 30 nationalities also receiving quality education and boarding services.

Scholarships are available for day and boarding students in Years 7 and 10 who demonstrate exceptional ability, potential, and commitment. Students entering Year 12 can also apply for scholarships by writing directly to the headmistress and being ready to sit for a scholarship paper in a subject they intend to study. Candidates who pass the above stages will be interviewed by the headmistress and another senior member of staff.

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9.     Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation Scholarships

Durham Cathedral School Foundation is an independent, co-ed day and boarding school for students from 3 to 18 years old. There are three boarding houses at DCSF situated within easy reach of the main campus. Boarders are encouraged to take full advantage of everything that the school has to offer. The school offers full boarding, weekly boarding, and occasional boarding options for students ages 11—18.

DCSF offers several generous scholarships annually most of which cover 100% of a student’s tuition for an entire year. The scholarships have their specific requirements and you must satisfy them to be eligible for the award.

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10.  DLD College London Scholarships

DLD College London is an independent co-ed day and boarding school for pupils ages 14 to 19. The college is set in the heart of London and is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to offer students an all-around holistic education. The college offers a wide range of programs and courses including A Level, BTEC, GCSEs, and International Foundation Programmes.

 DLD offers scholarships that cover up to 40% of full tuition fees to students who show talent and potential in a subject area of their choice and must be between the ages of 15 to 17. The scholarships at DLD are only for UK-based students who hold a British passport or are British citizens.

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UK boarding schools offer generous scholarships to UK citizens and international students with outstanding performance in academics, athletics, or other extracurricular activities. The scholarship covers part of tuition and you will still have to complete the remaining payment.

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