College Is Power Scholarship Application

If you are looking for additional scholarships to apply for college you can apply for the College Is Power scholarship. This blog presents information on CIP scholarship with a link to apply immediately.

As a college-bound student, applying for scholarships should come naturally to you. As you are searching through colleges to apply for, you are also searching for scholarships to apply for as well. There are thousands of scholarships out there but finding them can be a daunting task which is why Scholarships to Study Abroad is here to take that stress off you.

All you need to do is simply go through our scholarship categories and take your time to find the scholarships that are suitable for you. There are scholarships offered by colleges like the Nanyang Polytechnic Scholarships, associations like the National Restaurant Association Scholarships and the National Rifle Association Scholarship, from NGOs like the Jackie Robinson Scholarship and Ge Reagan Foundation Scholarship, and private corporations like the GoTranscript Scholarship and the Stuck at Prom Scholarship.

And now, we are adding the College Is Power scholarship in addition to the host of scholarship articles on our platform to keep helping students find scholarships to help them offset the cost of college.

This blog provides exhaustive detail on CIP scholarship with a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the scholarship but before we go into it, let me quickly guide you through three (3) steps on how to find scholarships on your own aside from using our platform.

3 Steps on How to Find Scholarships

Below is a guide that every student, whether college-bound or current students across any study level, should use to find scholarships. These three crucial steps when followed diligently offer an 85% success rate.

Step 1: Contact the Financial Aid Office of your Prospective or Current Post-Secondary Institution

The post-secondary institution you want to attend to currently attending should always be the first place you should look for scholarships. All colleges, universities, trade schools, or vocational institutions have a financial aid office. This is the department that is responsible for assessing scholarship applications, providing information on scholarships, and disbursing scholarships to successful students/applicants.

Contact this financial aid office through email, telephone, or in-person visit to inquire about all available scholarships and you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to progress. From here, you will know whether you can qualify for automatic entrance scholarships, in-course scholarships, or university-wide scholarships based on the eligibility criteria of the scholarships.

The financial aid office will even provide you with information on available external scholarships that you may qualify for and use the funds to study at that school. If you are not given the information, request it. Looking for scholarships at your prospective or current institution is the most convenient place to look for scholarships that you qualify for.

Step Two: Speak to your High School Counsellor

This step is ideal for high school seniors who want to pursue post-secondary education after high school. A very important person to speak with in your school concerning your future ambitions is your guidance counselor.

Inquire about scholarships from your guidance counselor, they usually have information on these financial aid matters, and if they don’t have it at the moment, they have the right source to get the information from and provide it to you. So, ask about the various scholarships available in your school district and high school community and how you need to shape up yourself to be eligible for the awards.

Step Three: Explore Local & National Foundations, Religious Organizations, Businesses, Civic Groups, Clubs, and Community Organizations.

Just so you know, universities and colleges are not the only institutions offering scholarships. Other sources of scholarships are businesses, NGOs, charity foundations, individuals, private corporations, communities, religious groups, and professional and social associations.

These other sources of scholarships I have mentioned above are also very important places to look for scholarships, and you will be surprised just how many scholarships you will find from these sources. From the place you work and the charities you admire to the companies where you shop and restaurants where you go to eat, ask them about scholarships.

Also, look for scholarships in organizations or companies that relate to the field of interest you want to study like a professional association, or organization based around your ethnicity and/or your religion, and your employer or parent’s employers.

There are even more scholarships here because they are not well advertised and therefore go unclaimed year after year, you could win them.

Now, let’s go back to the main topic.

college is power scholarship

About College Is Power Scholarship Application

College Is Power Scholarship or CIP Scholarship is made available to students who are aged 17 years or older and are enrolled in college or about to start college within the next 12 months. With the funding from the CIP Scholarship, students can pay for tuition, books, room and board, computers, or anything else related to their studies.

The scholarship value is $1,000 which will be paid directly to your host institution, that is, the school you are enrolled in.

Is College Is Power Scholarship Legit?

Yes, College is Power Scholarship is legit and you can win a thousand dollars to use for tuition or anything related to your studies.

How to Apply for College is Power Scholarship

College Is Power Scholarship is open to high school seniors starting college in the next academic year, college freshmen, college sophomores, college juniors, college seniors, graduate school students, and adult/non-traditional students.

To apply for CIP scholarship, you have to complete the online application form. Click here to go to the application form. In the application, you will begin by selecting your student type, then your details including your email address and phone number, and select your GPA range from 2.8 to 4.0 or higher.

Next, you will select the field that best describes your primary career goal for going to school, and select your degree type whether it is a bachelor’s, PhD, master’s, or associate’s degree. Finally, just before you apply, you will write a short statement of no more than 150 words answering the question “What is your primary goal for going to school?”.

After filling out the form, double-check your entries to ensure there are no errors then submit your application.

Note that if multiple applications are received, only the most recent will be used as the applicant’s official application. A judging committee will review all valid entries. Based primarily on the submitted short essay, one winner will be selected. The decision of the judging committee is final.


That is all there is to know about the CIP scholarship. the application process is easy, and no documents are required to apply which is the best part. You can complete your scholarship application in 30 minutes or less.

Good luck with your application.