9 Best Government Nursing Scholarships

Nursing scholarships are funded by different sources like colleges and universities, nursing foundations, organizations and societies, hospitals, and the government. In this blog post, I have gathered a list of government nursing scholarships that prospective and current nursing students can apply for and get financial assistance to pursue their nursing journey without financial drawbacks.

If you are considering going to nursing school and becoming a nurse, I’d advise that you pursue that goal because nursing is currently one of the most in-demand professions. Nurses are needed across every healthcare facility from research centers to clinics which are in nearly every community in countries across the world and they are well paid too.

The average salary for nurses is $46,050 and it can go as high as $100,000 depending on experience and specialty.

If you are also passionate about helping others get well but don’t want to go to med school and spend so much time and money then I suppose nursing is your calling. Earning a nursing degree is a great choice and often comes with opportunities to travel and work in another country which can contribute tremendously to your experience and annual income.

As much as nursing seems like an amazing degree to earn oftentimes many cannot pursue this dream due to financial constraints. Tuition for nursing schools is expensive ranging from $40,000 to $120,000 and is skyrocketing every year and even though the institutions may not be able to do much to reduce cost, you can. There are scholarships, grants, and other financial aid that you can apply for to offset the cost of your nursing education.

These financial aids come from different sources like colleges and universities, individuals, nursing organizations, charities, hospitals, and government. However, the focus of this blog post is on the government nursing scholarships with further details on their requirements and how you can apply for them.

Federal and state governments are among the biggest providers of scholarships and grants to support the cost of college education, in most cases they offer these generous financial aids to attract students from other countries and it works. If you go through our previous post on nursing scholarships for international students, you will understand better.

The government nursing scholarships are from different countries but the Australian Government tops the list as the highest providers of government nursing financial aid. The requirements and eligibility criteria for the scholarships curated here vary so review them carefully.

government nursing scholarships

Top Government Nursing Scholarships

The following are nursing scholarships provided by governments from different countries states:

  • Nurse Corps Scholarship Program
  • Undergraduate (entry-to-practice) Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships
  • Australian Government Nursing and Allied Health Scholarships
  • IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship Program
  • NSW Government Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships and Financial Assistance
  • ACT Government Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships
  • Virginia Nursing Scholarship Programs
  • HRSA Nursing Grant
  • Kentucky Board of Nursing Scholarship Fund

1.     Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is one of the best government nursing scholarships out there. It is offered every year and covers tuition, fees, monthly stipends, and other educational costs. To be eligible, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US, enrolled in an accredited nursing program in the US, and have no federal judgmental liens.

Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate financial need. Recipients of the scholarship will work at a Critical Shortage Facility when they graduate.

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2.     Undergraduate (entry-to-practice) Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

The Department of Health under the Victorian Government offers 10,000 scholarships to domestic nursing and midwifery students as part of its initiative to train and upskill the next generation of RNs and midwives. The scholarship is for Victorian and eligible border community residents to complete a BSN or ADN degree.

10,000 students will receive scholarships of up to $16,500 to sponsor their education as nurses or midwives. When applying for the scholarship, you will be asked to undertake employment as a registered nurse or midwife within a Victorian Public Health Service when you graduate.

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3.     Australian Government Nursing and Allied Health Scholarships

The Department of Health and Aged Care of the Australian Government offers a range of scholarship opportunities to students enrolled in nursing, midwifery, and aged care undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Australian College of Nursing. Preference is given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants.

This is one of the government nursing scholarships for Australian citizens who want to pursue a nursing career but cannot afford the cost. By receiving this award, they can pursue their passion at one of the top universities in the nation without any financial drawbacks.

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4.     IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship ProgramThe

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) which is a sector within the Illinois State Government is offering scholarships to its residents who want to undertake nursing programs. The scholarship program aims to increase the number of nurses available for employment in Illinois by providing scholarships to overcome the financial burden of education. This is similar to nursing scholarships for minorities that are offered to increase minority ethnic groups in the nursing profession.

To be eligible for the IDPH Nursing Education Scholarship Program, you must be a resident of Illinois and a lawful citizen of the US, demonstrate financial need through the Student Aid Report, be enrolled or accepted into an accredited nursing program in Illinois, and agree to the nurse employment obligation. Your Illinois driver’s license or state-issued ID card, recent official transcript, and a copy of your enrollment into the nursing school will be required as part of the scholarship application.

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5.     NSW Government Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Government of New South Wales through its health department offers scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance to its citizens who want to undertake a nursing program in the country. The scholarships are divided into four namely;

·       Aboriginal Cadetships and Scholarships

Set aside for aboriginal students enrolled in nursing or midwifery programs. There are 4 different scholarships under this program.

·       Undergraduate Scholarships and Grants

This is set aside for students enrolled in either a Diploma of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, or a Bachelor of Midwifery program. There are two other scholarships under this program.

·       Postgraduate and Career Development Scholarships

This is a financial assistant for RNs and midwives to drive innovation and excellence in care through postgraduate study. There are 4 different scholarships under this program.

·       Re-entry to Nursing or Midwifery Scholarships

This program offers financial support to previously registered nurses or midwives to re-enter the NSW health system. There are two scholarships under this program

Follow the link below to apply for the scholarship whose category you fall into.

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6.     ACT Government Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

Here is another government nursing scholarship for Australian citizens who want to undertake a nursing program at one of the nursing schools in Australia. ACT Health of the ACT Government provides nursing and midwifery scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing students, postgraduate nursing and midwifery, the University of Canberra Graduate Certificate, and professional development.

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7.     Virginia Nursing Scholarship Programs

Virginia Department of Health launched a nursing scholarship program to attract high school graduates to pursue a nursing degree and sponsor their education. The scholarship is provided annually, just like the others on this list, and is for LPN, RN, and CNA nursing.

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8.     HRSA Nursing Grant

The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) offers a wide range of grants for allied health professionals including nursing. There are over 10 different nursing grants offered to different individuals to support their nursing education. Each of the grants has its separate eligibility criteria and requirements which you have to review carefully before applying.

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9.     Kentucky Board of Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Kentucky Board of Nursing offers government nursing scholarships every year to residents of Kentucky enrolled or accepted into a nursing program leading to LPN, RN, BSN, or graduate or certificate program. The fund is directed to assist students in any nursing program in an accredited nursing school in Kentucky. Applicants must also be residents of Kentucky to be eligible to apply.

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These are the best nursing scholarships offered by different governments from around the world. There are probably others that may not be online you can enquire through the local council of your state or community whether there are scholarships for nurses. You may also ask your teachers about it.

Also, do not limit your scholarship search here. There are so many scholarships out there that you can qualify for and direct the funding towards your nursing education.