13 Best Christian Scholarships for High School Students

ACE (Alliance for Choice in Education) came up with a shocking research, that 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year, which is one student every 26 seconds. And another shocking report that more than two-thirds of inmates are high school dropouts.

And, no one would doubt that the major cause of these dropouts is financial issues, the question is now, what shall we do regarding this? Happily, lots of organizations, and schools are providing financial aid, grants, and Christian scholarships for high school students, especially those found competent in both academics and leadership, to further their education. Some of these scholarships are for students in prep schools, or for those that intend to enroll in private school, or even for students skillful in a particular sport like basketball, soccer, track & field, etc.

We tried our best to compile as many as we can to make your out-of-pocket expenses on your kids’ education less burdensome.

Christian scholarships for high school students

Christian Scholarships for High School Students

1. Ambrose University – Christian High School Scholarship

We decided to list this first because it is the only university offering scholarships to Christian high school students to join their college on our list. So if you or your kid is not a high school senior, then you should check other scholarships on our list of Christian scholarships for high school students.

Ambrose University is offering $3,000 worth of scholarships to the top two students in their 12 grade nominated by Guidance Counsellors from different Christian High Schools. These students need to be excellent in their academics, have good Christian character, and have brilliant leadership skills.

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2. Open Door Christian Schools Tuition Scholarships

ODCS provides different kinds of grants and scholarships for private Christian high schools such as;

  • The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice): was created to help students from underperforming public schools Navigate to private schools. The program provides up to 60,000 EdChoice scholarships to eligible students in Ohio who are entering grades K-12.
  • EdChoice Expansion Scholarship
  • Church Matching Grant

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3. Heritage Christian School Scholarships

HCS is partnering with ACE (Alliance for Choice in Education), an organization that seeks to have an impact on the lives of children by providing scholarships to the private school of their choice, to provide funds to outstanding students. And, thanks to ACE scholarships, more than 90% of their scholars graduate from high school each year, and they also graduate from college at a rate nearly double that of their peers.

Candidates need to apply for FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which is the Portal used for all scholarships.

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4. Dayton Christian School Scholarships

DCS provides different Christian scholarships for high school students which aligns with their commitment to making Christian education accessible to every child. These scholarships include;

  • Rulane Legacy Academic Scholarship: worth 50% of annual tuition and it’s renewable, and it’s for current students entering Grades 9-12
  • Rulane Legacy Extracurricular Grant: also worth 50% of annual tuition and for current students entering Grades 10-12 with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Jon Peterson Scholarship: for students in Grades K-12
  • Education Choice Scholarship

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5. Bellevue Christian School Scholarships

BCS scholarships are awarded based on the generous help of members of the school’s community in memory of former BCS friends, students and family, faculty, and staff. Annually, the amount awarded varies to students that qualify, and families need to apply yearly because the scholarships are not automatically renewed.

Some of these scholarships include:

  • Floyd and Pearl Barnes Memorial Scholarship: Grade 1-12
  • Dewey & Pat Fredricks Memorial Scholarship: Grade 1-12
  • Joni Hanna Memorial Scholarship: Grade 1-12
  • Lloyd D. Adler Scholarship: Grade 1-12
  • Scott Bioren Scholarship: for Grades 9-12

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6. Peoria Christian School Scholarships, Grants, Discounts & Aid

You can see that PCS doesn’t only offer Christian scholarships for high school students, due to their desire to make good education affordable to outstanding kids, they also provide 20 to 50% discount plus other aid. Well, the discount comes when there is more than one kid from a family in the school, so the more siblings the more the discount.

Also, children of full-time working pastors get a 40% tuition discount. Speaking of scholarships provides a “Young Charger Scholarship,” where students grades K-8 will be given 50% off first-year tuition.

They also provide legacy Scholarships where children or grandchildren of Peoria Christian School alumni will get a one-time $1,000. Plus other ways to reduce costs.

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7. Prince Avenue Christian School Scholarships

Just like BCS, scholarships awarded by Prince Avenue Christian School couldn’t have been a total success without the generous contribution of friends and alumni. Note that most scholarships might require you to submit additional information such as an essay or tax return information.

These scholarships include;

  • Gail McCall Reading Scholarship: worth $1,000 to students in Grades k-5
  • Candace Coles Todd “Climb Every Mountain” Scholarship: worth $1,000 to students in grades K-12
  • Asher Foundation Scholarship: worth $2,000 to students in grades 1-12
  • Jon Desso Scholarship: worth 50% of tuition and awarded to outstanding students in grades 9-12
  • Dr. John Science and Research Scholarship: worth $1,000 awarded to outstanding students in grades 11-12.
  • Megan Twist Memorial Scholarship: worth $10,000 awarded to an outstanding student in grade 12.

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8. Tree of Life Christian Schools Financial Assistance

TOLCS provides three kinds of financial aid and Christian scholarships for high school students which are;

  • Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program: This is a private school voucher program for every K-12 student provided by the State of Ohio.
  • OCEN (Ohio Christian Education Network) SGO Scholarship: funded by the generous gifts of members of the school’s community.
  • Tree of Life Financial Assistance

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9. Central Wisconsin Christian Scholarships

Central Wisconsin Christian uses a different approach to provide scholarships to their students, they partner with several organizations to do this. Some of these scholarships include;

  • Go Transcript Academic Scholarship (Year around applications)
  • Wisconsin Elks Most Valuable Student Association Scholarship
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  • SmartRain Fall Scholarship

And many others.

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10. Norfolk Christian Scholarships

Our list of Christian scholarships for high school students wouldn’t have been complete without listing these scholarships from Norfolk Christian Schools. Which include

  • The Grace Mutzabaugh Memorial Scholarship: worth $1,500 and awarded to students in their senior year
  • The Mark Rodriguez Memorial Worship Scholarship: worth $1,000 and awarded to rising NCS Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors
  • The Barb Thierry Scholarship: worth $1,500 and eligible to seniors at NCS

And many others.

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11. Rockford Christian Schools Tuition Assistance Program and Scholarships

RCS also provides different kinds of scholarships to kids that intend to study in their school, these scholarships include;

  • Empower Illinois “Invest in Kids Act”: which can cover 50 to 100% of the tuition of eligible candidates
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Edward Sharp Scholarship
  • Diane Bertrand Memorial Scholarship
  • In God We Trust Scholarship

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12. Brush Arbor Christian School Scholarships

First of all, you should note that for your kids to qualify for any kind of scholarship from the school, registration and curriculum fees must be paid before the school year begins and accounts must be kept up to date. Brush Arbor Christian School provides an early registration scholarship; Second & Third Child Scholarships; a 10% Full Payment Discount; and Step Up  For Students Scholarships.

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13. Georgia Christian School

The bill passed in 2008, enable the establishment of Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs) which use the contributions made by taxpayers to award scholarships to students from K-12 public schools so that they can attend the private schools chosen by their parents. 

For your kid to be eligible for the scholarship, it’s important that you completely fill out the scholarship application, especially the written explanation portion.

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You can see that there are lots of high school Christian scholarships, and most schools are either partnering with an organization or receiving funds from generous friends and alumni.

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