Vidyasaarathi Scholarship Portal, Applications

If you are curious to know everything about the Vidyasaarathi scholarship portal and application process, then stay with me as I curate it here.

Whenever you want to apply for a scholarship, there are numerous things to consider, some of which are place of residence, requirements, eligibility, amount of scholarship, and purpose of the scholarship. Scholarships exist for different purposes and different categories of people.

 These scholarships are provided by private non-profit organizations like the Zakat Scholarship and Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship or by the government of a country like the Aikyashree Scholarship. These scholarships can either be annual scholarships like the Voyager scholarship or have a specific period of application.

These organizations that provide different scholarships relieve their applicants of the burden of financial incapacity through partial or full funding. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at another scholarship, which is the Vidyasaarathi scholarship. Let’s delve in and know all about it.

Vidyasaarathi Scholarship

About Vidyasaarathi Scholarship Portal

Vidyasaarathi is a technology-enabled initiative by Protean eGov Technologies Limited (formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited). Vidyasaarathi enables underprivileged students to receive financial assistance via corporate-funded scholarships. It aims to bridge the gap in education finance in the country through an online platform.

Students can search and apply to various education finance schemes they are qualified for. Fund providers, industries, and corporates can promote skill development by designing education finance schemes provided on merit by fund providers, industries, and corporates.

Ever since its inception, Vidyasaarathi has received tremendous responses from the student community. More than 10 lakh students have registered on the Vidyasaarathi portal and many leading names from the Indian corporate sector have disbursed scholarships through the platform.

Vidyasaarathi does not charge any fees to applicants in any way to apply for scholarships and it is a leading scholarship platform in India.

How to Create a Vidyasaarathi Scholarship Account

To create a Vidyasaarathi scholarship account, sign up first and fill in the required details. To create an account, you need to do the following;

  • Fill in  your full applicant name which should be the same at all places in your scholarship application
  • Enter a valid mobile number. Applicant can provide mobile number of parent/guardian
  • Enter a valid email ID. Email ID will not be allowed to change. All necessary communications will be sent on this email ID.
  • Put in your password and confirm the password
  • Enter the captcha letters that will be provided and submit the form

Click Here to create an account and register

How to apply for scholarships on vidyasaarathi

To apply for the Vidyasaarathi scholarship, you need to take the following three steps

Step 1- Sign Up

Step 2 – Complete your profile

Step 3 – Search for the specific scholarship and apply

The different scholarships provided by the Vidyasaarathi scholarship program offer different amounts depending on the one you are applying for.

Apply Now

Vidyasaarathi scholarship login

If you are already a registered applicant, all you need to do is put in your email ID and password as well as the Captcha letters provided and click on login. To log in to your scholarship account, Click Here

Vidyasaarathi scholarship result

The scholarship results are arranged according to the financial years. All you need to do is click on the scholarship results icon, select the financial year and the results will be shown on the dashboard.

Click Here to check the results

Vidyasaarathi scholarship eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying for the Vidyasaarathi scholarship are;

  • You must be a resident of India.
  • It would be best if you belonged to the Economically Weaker Section of the society.
  • The course must be available for scholarship.
  • For enrollment, students must score at least 50% in their 10th and 12th for a diploma for UG, BE/BTech and other courses.
  • For ITI courses, you must score at least 35% marks in 10th to avail the benefits.
  • It would be best if you belonged to the backward category.
  • The family’s income must not be above 3 LPA.

This scheme does not apply to NSDL e-Gov employees and their Children.


Having seen all the relevant information you need about this scholarship, if you are a resident of India and eligible to apply, then apply now for this scholarship and enjoy the benefits.